Made Yoga Teacher My Sex Slave

Hi, guys, my name is Rohit, I work as a real estate agent in Ahmedabad . My height is 6ft and have an athletic build. My age is 23.

Coming to the story …

It was the month of march. I was sitting in the office and doing some work. When a couple ( ankeeta the yoga teacher and punit her husband ) entered in. They were from bangalore and wanted to rent a flat here as rent in bangalore was too high and cost education for thier daughter was also high in bangalore. They considered ahemdabad a good option. Soon we discussed all the details and finalized the deal.

In whole meeting I was looking a ankeeta, she had a perfect body, nice curves, ass, and boobs. Her voice is very seductive. Her age is 32.

Next week they took possession of flat and had organized a small pooja followed by dinner. Not many guests were there. After the pooja , we went for dinner and started talking. Ankeeta asked if she could start yoga class in the flat, to which I gave permission. Asked her if she could teach me yoga and she said yes. Punit was working an it engineers with an mnc in bangalore and would return for only 1 week to ahemdabad every 2 months due to his job.

After some days punit took off to Bangalore and yoga classes started.As I was the only student of her, we used to do some yoga and then have some small chats. I tried different ways to get near her but she never gave any response. To which I knew that I will not be to fuck her if I went the straight way.

I could not make a move which could hamper my credibility in society as it is needed most in real estate line.

3 months passed and I had no luck.One day I got a call from punit that he has lost his job and will not be able to pay rent of this month and clear dues as soon as he gets the job.

Now, the devil inside me was awake. I made a plan.

I have a cousin who works as senior hr in a reputable firm in Bangalore. I called him and asked whether he could hire an it engineer to which he agreed as they had a vacancy.

Next day I went to ankeeta’s flat for yoga class. She was very sad. We decided not to do yoga that day and I consoled her that everything will be all right.

I told her that I have a friend in Bangalore who could get your husband a job.

Ankeeta : – that would be so nice of you.

Me : – yes, but it comes with certain conditions which you cannot tell anyone, not even punit.

Ankeeta : – okay, but what are the conditions.

Me : – you will have to be my sex slave.

( she was shocked to hear this )

Ankeeta : – no way! I am not going to do that.

Me : – well it’s your choice but let me remind you that you have not paid the rent of this month and I can easily throw you out, you need to pay school fees of your daughter this month failing to which she will be removed from school and her 1 year will be wasted. You can decide what you want .

( hearing this, tears rolled down her eyes )

Ankeeta : – I’ll do what ever you say just please get my husband the job.

( I quickly call my cousin in Bangalore and send him punit’s resume )

Me : – I have done my part, now it’s your turn.

Ankeeta : – what do you want?

Me : – lock the door and undress in front of me.

She was frightened as hell. She locked the door and slowly started to undress. Seeing her fair skin, luscious thighs, I was on cloud 9.

I got up and hugged her tight and kissed her on her lips. She was resisting for few minutes but then she gave in.

I took her to the bedroom. Positioned myself over her and started kissing her. She was not very responsive which made me angry so I reminded her that if did not enjoy punit could lose his job. After that it was perfect.

Meanwhile, I removed her bra and started sucking her boobs and in between, I bit her on the nipple and she moaned loudly.

Then I removed her panty and saw the heaven. It was great. I started fingering her but after some time I was not able to control my urge and inserted my rock hard 7-inch dick in her pussy and started thrusting in and out and after few minutes we both cummed together.

We laid down for a few minutes. Meanwhile, she started wearing clothes back to which I said its not over yet, we have not yet started properly.

Told her to give me blowjob . She said she had never given a blowjob to anyone and doesn’t know how to do it . I showed her some clips from a porn video and told her to do it same way . She went down and started giving bj but she not able to take my 7 inch rod fully inside her mouth so I forced it in by pushing her head . She was resisting so forced her head with my hands and after sometime I cummed in her mouth . She made a very awkward face and tried to spit it out but I told her to swallow it , to which she said I will not . I reminded that she my sex slave and will face consequences if she did not adhere to my demands and then she swallowed it .

It was time and she had to pick her daughter from school and I also had some work so I left.

Next day onwards to we used to fuck every day and she had started enjoying it. I used to fuck her in many different positions. Even tried fifty shades of gray thing.It had made her ass plump red.

I fucked her whenever I wanted even when she was resistant, I used to force her and fucked her even hard and eventually, she used to give in. Even rode her in anal.She was not able to walk that day hahaha.

She had a flexible body thanks to yoga due to which we tried my difficult positions from Kamasutra.

I was truly enjoying my life.

In future comes a twist which will be the second part of this story.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this story.

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I have not elaborated sex positions as it’s one and the same from many different stories out here.

Thanks . Second part coming soon.

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