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About me , am 25 years old , 5.7 feet tall , very fair , with well built body which many girls in my college went mad for ( may send you my pics or can have video chat if you suspect ) graduated from a top college in tamilnadu and now in decent job… Am from a reputed family from madurai so will maintain top secrecy for the sake of both ! Being expert in licking I had made girls squirting juices into face and made them moaning the fuck out of their brain ! Now coming into the story about my sex with my virgin gf . Send me email for highly confidential private chats or quality time spending @ [email protected]

Coming to story ..Her name is archana ( changed ) from velammal engineering college..Both her parents were working .So we have much time alone in her home.I met after 3 months gap due to exams.. So both hugged and I kissed her cheeks and forehead and she too. Then had some snacks.

Again I pulled towards me and she sat on my lap and my palm is at her waist and kissed her lips. She is very good color, having size of 34-28-36 structure. That day she wore chudithar and due long lip lock it’s tempted both and I started suck her lips and played well with her tongue.Then she opened my shirt button and started rub my hairy chest and bite my ear slowly.

Then I removed her duppatta, neck chain and kissed her neck full, during that she rubbed my feet by her foot. So both got tempted a lot and I lifted her in my hand and took to her bed room.

Then she removed my shirt, baniyan and kissed all my chest and stomach. Then she removed my waist belt and unlocked my jeans button. So held her and hugged tightly then removed her pant knot slowly and pulled out from her legs. Then started kiss her from toes, beautiful thighs, and started lift her top and kissed her navel and licked by my tongue. So she was very much tempted and bites my shoulder hardly. Then I removed her top & 1st time I saw her in semi nude wearing black bra & black panty.

I made her sleep over bed and removed her bra and saw beautiful breast with small pink nipples, so fully aroused and kissed both breasts and started pressing one hardly and another one in my mouth, so she started to moan slowly as amma hamm mmm and whispered in my ear press gently it’s not balloon!! That are my breasts harish….!!!!

After that I turned her to back n kissed her back and inserted my finger to her panty elastic and teased her bit and removed panty. Then massaged and pressed her hips of good size of 36 the turned her facing me.

So due to shy she closed her eyes and covers her pussy by palm. So removed my jeans and removed my jockey then asked her to see me so she opened 1 eye and saw my fully erected penis of 6inch length and thick of 3inch and shocked harish its too big and I never imagined this much big it and it will make me die pls. So is said don’t worry archu and then removed her palm from her pussy ..During our chats she told she removes pubic hairs frequently and yes its smooth and glistening.. Then I kissed her pussy ..Its 1st time experience for me so its with bit her urinal smell and some juices flowing from her pussy.But with time I started liking the smell and the taste of her juice . So I took her panty and cleaned and I opened her pussy lips and saw its full pink, and her juice is coming out slowly.

Then I started to lick her pussy and I suck her clit so she got uncontrolled and pressed my head to her pussy and telling harishhh amma mamamam something is happening inside pls I can’t harishhh mmm huh pls and she got orgasms and her thighs were shivering…It enhanced my heat of lust and I was licking her hard poking my tongue inside her pussy hole.. And she covered my head with her thighs for few minutes, then she released and she was enjoying each minute closed her eyes with mouths open moaning.. I too slept beside her and kissed her face and massaged her lower abdomen.

Then she kissed me and wake up and kissed my chest and hold my penis and kissed few times but not sucked. I hugged her tight while massaging her kundi (butts) and back …She was all inside my arms totally surrendered…Then I widened her thighs n held my penis and confused where to insert or not and asked her. She held my penis thinking for a while and I was rubbing my penis tip against her pussy lips and clitoris …A moment of shivering in her …Then she directed my penis into her hole pundai and told me… Insert here she placed at her oval shape vagina opening ,then pushed slowly so both struggling because both are virgin.

So again I pushed bit inside so it went half and she was in pain so I kissed her lips and stopped her sound and I pulled my penis bit back and pushed hard so her hymen broken n her blood is coming from vagina. I carefully balanced myself above her…Started to stroke gently while licking her ears neck and cleavage…After some time she started moaning with pleasure…And there cums my precum…

So I started again with foreplay…I kissed her from top to bottom and licked her butt…I took extra care to lick and circle her nipples(mulai kambu) she loved it much…Then circled my tongue in her thoppul (umblicus) then to hips and thighs…I teased her by licking around pussy…She lifted here butt so that her pussy touches my tongue…I licked her pussy and she cummed several timws into my face…I was actually enjoying the taste and smell of juices from the steaming hot pussy…Then started massaging her moving my hards over her shoulders then neck then cheeks then breast then abdomen the sides of abdomen her hips and thighs….She then turned back…And I was massaging her butt back and thighs while licking them in between…She seemed to be totally surrendered to me …..

I opened my mobile’s internetvand played sex videos from xnxx.Com we both were seeing it tightly hugging and caressing…Man..Justtry this stuff…Its really hot to watch porn in such exotic moods.. We then went into 69 position as it came in that porn video…When she was kissing and trying to suck my penis( sunni ) I was licking her pussy…This went for minutes…An awesome experience it was…We both cummed in some time…Then we watched time…Man we were having sex for 3 hours…Then we both took bath at same time…I was applying soap to her and she to me…

Then we hugged and caressed like snakes do and interchanged soap in our body..After a final hug and kiss .I wore my dress…And started home since her parents may return in some time. This happened some 3 years before….She is married now ..Currently in Coimbatore….But we do have fun sessions even now whenever she comes to madurai to her mother’s home..Nowadays we even try different modes of pleasure like pouring honey in pussy and licking…Drinking wine while fucking….Oil massages…Kitchen fucking…Sofa fucking…Using vibrators etc…I do surf internet about various modes of pleasure making and implement it practically to have a kick…

My dear tamil girls if you want to have a confidential secret relationship either phone chat /video chat / fun sessions with me jus mail me at [email protected]

And I too will proceed further only after various cross checks…Because I too have some social reputations to maintain..And final words ” if it is a single life to enjoy and cherish our soul why should we be hesitant to be naughty

“Be naughty and enjoy life…

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