Maiden Naked Experience – Part II

Hello friends, I am continuing my fantasy of Maiden Naked Experience, Please read that part before getting in to this.

I started running naked towards the building; it was a cool breeze making me go crazy even at that high tension period. My ass wants me to push it back to feel the curve by myself. I approached the gate and there was a light in the cellar. It was 1 am in the night and I can see somebody sleeping on the floor in the cellar. I am totally afraid now as he was facing towards the gate. The gate was bolted and had to open the gate. It certainly is going to make some noise. A vehicle is coming on the lane, oh no, this is becoming more risky; I ran behind the tree and ducked in there to avoid any seeing. The lights have just passed by me and left the lane.

Ahhhhhhhh, I am naked on the road, am feeling the heat in my body, its making me go crazy. I want to lie on the floor and spread my ass for somebody, my love is inside the building but am unable to wait for him, I want to masturbate, cum out on the road, my heart beat is building up its pace. Oh somebody come and touch me and make me their slave.

I slowly walked towards the gate, ohhhhhhh, I am touching my penis and the balls are fully loaded. This is the first time I am feeling this. The watchman is sleeping and I have to get inside opening the gate. I slowly walked to the gate and opened it. Oh, the iron is making noise, opened it without any disturbance and slowly pushed it. Ah I am relieved, there was no much sound, I left the gate for itself and started searching for stairs. The watchman is sleeping facing me, this is making me crazy, I started rubbing my penis and the balls are fully loaded that it may cum out any time.

Sssshhhhhhh… I left the gate for itself and it started falling and banged into the other half of gate and made huge noise. Shit………… the watchman woke up and I ran beside a car parked in the cellar and sat down in the shitting pose. I do not know where the stairs are? otherwise I would have run onto them. But now the watchman is woken and is shouting “hey who’s there?” who opened the gate and started roaming around.. oh shit, am I going to get caught, the watchman is a young person, should be between 30-35. He went around the cellar in search of the intruder.

Meanwhile the pose in which I am sitting has opened my love hole to the cold breeze of the night. I going weak and also afraid, what if I am caught? What if he doesn’t like me naked? Will he wake up everybody? All these questions are running in my mind while my body is becoming weaker and weaker. The watchman has locked the gate and this time with a lock. I have no escape to go out, I only have to find stairs and go up. The watchman is settling down, he started lighting a cigarette. This man is not moving, I am wishing him to sleep, I don’t think he will ever do it early. I felt I am safe for a while and started looking at my penis and its semi erect and I can feel the pre-cum on it. I felt my curvy ass and its curves are improving. Just remembered how the medical shop fellas saw me and admired me. I should be thankful to swagat, oh what an experience!

As I was feeling my round ass, a shadow approached me and I shivered as the person asked.

Who are you?

I though it’s over for me, I was shivering and told him that I have to go up, I told him covering my penis with my hands.Stand up, he said and I slowly stood up covering my penis. “What happened to your clothes?” he asked. I said, it’s a game and I had to come here naked.Watchman: whose house are you visiting?

Me: I cant tell you that. It’s a game. I should not discloseWatchman (WM): I had to inform the police if you don’t tell, you are a thief.Me: no I am not, please don’t do that.

He is speaking in a vulgar language in telugu..WM: turn around and let me see your back.

WM: wow, I think somebody called you to fuck you, right.

I was feeling shy and down listening to such words from a watchman, he would have saluted me if I come in day time wearing something, but now, I am at his mercy. He adored my ass. “Such a curvy ass” he said. I was wearing a waist thread; he caught it and pulled it so that I would fall on him. I was totally dumbstruck, don’t know what to do. I asked him to leave me. “Please don’t do anything to me” I requested. But he did not stop. I started running towards the gate,, but soon realized that the gate is locked. I came back to him and looked at him and said “please leave me, I have to go.” He was not ready to leave me.

WM: are you a Virgin?Me: YesWm: how did you dare to come here like this?Me: I don’t know. I just came.WM: come on; tell me, you can’t come here without something.I was completely silent; I could not answer his questions. He slowly turned me around and started pinching my nipples.WM: tell me bitch, are you feeling hot? Do you want to feel like a woman?

I don’t how he discovered my feelings but what he was saying was true. He took me to the other side where nobody could see us. I was sure he is going to be my husband for tonight and is going to take my virginity. I am feeling very sorry for Swagath who is supposed to be my husband and was the one who deserves my virginity. I was standing with my back towards him and cannot do anything but give in myself. I was so hot by his words.

He slowly started rubbing between my thighs and my ass. Ohhh, this is a different feeling, I am becoming hot and I don’t know all my shyness is lost and slowly I am feeling like I want to give in myself to him. Is this the way a woman feels when she is tempted and rubbed on her thighs? I don’t know, but I am feeling the same. I am slowly pushing my ass towards him and showing my consent. I don’t what I am doing. He caught hold of my ass and said, “You are a slut, I can see you are a slut, even my wife is not having the curves that you have, any man would like to fuck you.”

These words made me even hornier and I am submitting myself to him slowly. He asked me to walk around the cellar for a while so that he can have a look at my ass. Wowwwwwww.. This is the first time I am doing this in front of somebody. I am being seen totally and completely, my curves are explored. I was touching my penis with my thighs while walking as I was feeling shame to touch it with hand infront of him. I am breathing heavily, and walked around the cellar, seen myself naked in a car glass and getting excited and came back to him. The stairs were right behind where we stood and I got them. But I don’t want to go upstairs now. I loved this feeling of submission. As I approached him I couldn’t look at him as I was feeling shy. I can guess he is looking at my penis for sure. I wanted him to touch my penis, squeeze it. My pre-cum is glistening under the tube light.

He slowly turned me around and started rubbing me around the penis without touching it. Ohhh my …. I was moaning. Couldn’t believe myself, I was moaning like a lady. I was moving my body so that my penis could touch his hand. “hmmmmmmmmmmmm… you need it, you require a big bang. Look at you, you are behaving like my wife and you are more seducing me than my wife. Your ass is a wonder.” He said. He took his hands to ass and starting groping the circumference of my ass. I slowly started moving my ass so that he will know my intentions i.e. wanting him inside my love hole.

WM: you are responding like a woman. I did not expect this from you. I want to fuck you now. Come with me.

He took me to a place between two cars. I started walking with him as if I was a slave. I want him to touch all my body parts but he is very sensuous. I wondered how a watchman is so expert in seducing a person. I am going to lose my virginity to a watchman. He asked me bend in a doggy style and held my ass completely for the first time. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… I was moaning and pleading him not to fuck me. I don’t know suddenly I felt like that. I like to plead him. He took out his pant and underwear. Goosebumps for me, this is the time, this is it. I am getting fucked, loosing my virginity by a watchman. I spread my ass for him and started pleading him again.Suddenly there was a voice shouting “Kumar”, “Where are you?”

It’s a lady’s voice. I was shocked. The watchman responded and asked me to run onto the stairs and go. I ran holding my dick onto the stairs and sat on the stairs of the first floor. Just remembering how I lost a chance to lose my virginity and thanking my stars for not letting me to do so. I am going to lose it today night anyway by swagath. However, the watchman made me so hot, so hot that now I am ready to get fucked by anybody on the way to the swagath’s house. However its just climbing one floor to reach him and quench my thirst. I started rubbing my penis for a while and then started climbing stairs like a dog so that the next building will not be able to see me.Sorry guys and gals to say that I am stopping my fantasy (how swagath is going to treat me and make me his slut) here and will be continuing in the next episode. Until then keep mailing me on [email protected]. All your comments are welcome. Thank you.

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