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Hello my dear ISS friend!!!

It’s surely a long time since I shared something new. Well here I am again to tickle your brain and stimulate your obvious member ;). In this story I am going to share the incident which happened between me and my new maid.

My pen-name is Rustychanged and I am from Ranchi (Dhoni’s hometown). I would like to thank all the readers specially who gave their feedbacks and appreciated my stories; Thanks to the Ladies out there who responded excitedly and also a big thanks to them for their TRUST on me! ; Thanks to them who wanted some help/suggestion and are now happy as well as enjoying.

My email/hangout id is [email protected]; just feel free to connect with me to get free suggestions/help/tips; discreet relationships and doing secretly “Naughty Naughty” for Women having age group –> till you feel for Sex. All personal information will be kept in my Vault of Secrets, non to be disclosed!

Let’s now move on to the story…

One month ago, my mom was looking for a new maid as Rakhi, our previous maid, had to leave due to personal reasons. I was missing Rakhi as we both had such great sexual adventures. But I was helpless and was left with only one option which was to shag thinking about Rakhi and my other sexual encounters. Nevertheless I was very hopeful and just started imagining that surely our new maid would be much more wild and horny who would compliment me ;). Finally mom got a young local (adivasi) girl who was willing to work, her name was Phoolmati. The salary was fixed to rs.1000 p/m and she started to come from the next day. Through mom I got to know that her mom was ill and due to that she had to leave school and start working so that she can buy her meds.

At first I didn’t had such interest on her but as the days passed she started to wear loose tshirts, skirts (mostly) and at times leggings. Let me tell you something, I just get real crazy and horny whenever I see any female wearing leggings as I believe that it helps to portrait out the inner beauty of their legs, thighs and ass. I believe that you are getting the feeling which I want you to feel. So when I used to come back from jogging I used to go to my room, onto the bed and go through the newspaper.

So one such fine day I was reading the newspaper and Phoolmati came to my room to sweep, she was wearing loose broad deep neck old tshirt and skirt. I kept looking without making her realize that I was eyeing her. What I saw thereafter changed my mind drastically, she was bent and was sweeping the floor and her 30-32 sized perfectly round braless boobs caught my eyes. I was like, “waoh…she has a nice pair of boobs!!”

She went out sweeping and my mind was saying to me to again take a peep but I controlled it saying, “The time will come again”. She came again in to mop the floor and was sitting and mopping but her skirt was way too up her knees and all of a sudden I was taken by amazement when I saw her little fading pink coloured panty. I was like, oh fuck! ; Her swollen pussy outline was visible and little hairs were coming out from the sides of her panty. She was totally unaware of her naughty act which she just showcased.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as what I just saw and was thinking that my thoughts which I sowed in my heart and mind were shaping into reality, waoh! I pledged that very time that I would do any possible thing to fuck her as my cock was real thirsty. But for that I needed a foolproof plan. I thought to myself that there are two different opportunities amongst which I could manipulate anyone for my benefit or both.

So I took a pen and paper and wrote down the “two different opportunities”. First one was, her mother was ill and she had to earn extra money and I could manipulate this and help her earn extra easy money with enjoyment and the second one was to secretly make video of her cleavage and hanging boobs and her pussy outlined panty and later show her and bargain a deal with her. I was giving these two immense thoughts my thinking for the next few days and in those few days I noticed that mostly she unknowingly used to show me her cleavages, boobs and pussy outlined panty and this was where I thought that I gotta take this risk and film her unknowingly and later show her to final a deal.

So I planned out my strategy and in it the first step was to download a secret camera and video recording app from Play Store which would be the main “hathiyaar”. Second was to practice taking her pics and videos so that I could get an idea as to from which angle I would be taking her videos and pics.

I got myself pretty ready from those tiring practices for the ULTIMATE TEST. Meanwhile, I also started to implement the last step of my strategic planning and that was to get my dick erect and let it form a tent on my pant whenever Phoolmati comes to either sweep or mop my room so she could notice that. I never wear underwear at home so this added an extra flavour to it.

All these strategies took a month to get implemented properly and slowly I was getting the desired response. What I noticed was that, Phoolmati used to steal a glance of my erect dick forming a tent and would smile and do her work. I knew from that moment that I was able to successfully break the invisible “line of distance” between us. I was now confident that if I continued this show further then I will be successful but I didn’t wanted to wait any longer so I started secretly to shoot her every “unknown naughty” actions and also captured images of her so that later if I needed I could influence her with.

Now whenever she used to steal a glance over my tent forming dick I too used to give her a naughty smile back. All these took away one more month and I too was getting bold enough to approach her and she too would look at me a bit differently.

2 months passed and now I was thinking that I gotta approach her and have to do something which would help me to initiate a conversation with her.

So I came up with a plan that while she comes to sweep my room I would play her recorded video on my laptop and would just sit and watch the video myself and also monitor her reaction. So as planned I transferred her videos over laptop from my phone and when she came to sweep my room in the morning I played it and suddenly she saw her panty in the video and came near me and asked me in surprise and fear, “when did you record all these videos of mine? I was totally unaware of it. Please don’t upload it on the internet.”

To this I comforted her by saying, “don’t worry, I didn’t record it to upload it on the internet but for my own pleasure I did. You see, you unknowingly showed me you inner beauties and as I am an Appreciator of Women beauty so I couldn’t hold myself back from recording you.” She blushed and shyly said to me, “What will you do with these videos of mine? Won’t you delete these?” I proudly as well as sadly said, “I am so lucky to see such a beauty as you and these videos of your would give me partial satisfaction but what to do I don’t have any other option.” She looked at me in amazement and softly said, “I will come and talk to you as soon as my work gets over.” Oh God! I was having butterflies flying inside my stomach and was too anxious to know as what would she talk to me and I could clearly remember that those 20 mins of wait seemed to be like forever wait.

My parents had left for the hospital and we both were alone so there was no such worry. She after finishing her work came to my room as for me it was like finally my “forever wait” was over. She sat beside me and boldly asked me, “Do want to have sex with me? Because I have noticed your dick hardens whenever I come to your room for sweeping or mopping and you continuously touch it” I felt a bit ashamed by the way she asked me.

I gathered up my courage and thought that it’s now or never and I should tell her my heart’s desire. I too boldly said her, “I am very much attracted towards you and I want to feel and see your beauty in its full glory in front of me so that I can get full satisfaction as well as you and I want to suck your boobs and bite your neck and lick and suck your pussy. There, I said it all” She was in a shock mode and was looking at me with her mouth open and eyes widened. I got afraid thinking as what she would do now, will she complain to my mom? Or will she bring her family members and beat me up? I was afraid as Hell! But to my surprise she started to laugh out loudly and I got confused by her sudden unexpected reaction. She after few minutes calmed down and after clearing her throat said me, “See babu, I am poor and I am working to gather money for my ill mother for her treatment.

Truly saying, I also after seeing your dick got those naughty feelings for you but was afraid to approach you and was also confused whether you projected the same feelings or not but now as I know that our feelings are same so I want to say you something” and saying this she became silent. I was so eager to hear what she next had to say so I signalled her to continue. She added, “Babu, I will willingly do sex with you but please help me with some extra money. Don’t think that I am that kind of girl but I hope you are understanding.” I got her message and I held her by her arms and brought her towards me and gave her a tight hug and she too hugged me tightly. At last, I was about to get what I was longing to get and was super excited and suddenly one question popped inside my head as whether she was a virgin or not?

Two three days passed with just mere touching and ass grabbing and she touching my dick. I came to know that my parents again needed to revisit the hospital and so I planned that that day would be the D-day. I informed Phoolmati about my plan and asked her to be ready.

Finally the D-day arrived. Finally these 2months hard work were to be paid off. The feeling was something which was so immense that I couldn’t control myself anymore that day. As usual she came and I was alone, she gave me a naughty smile and I grabbed her by her waist immediately and hugged her from back and at the same time poked my erect dick on her ass. She was like, “choriye na! avi kaam karne dijiye fir lijiyega” I asked her if she would mind taking her clothes off totally and roam and do the works naked and along with her I too would be totally naked. She was a bit shy and asked me to proceed first with undoing my clothes.

I slowly slowly opened my sando gangi along with my pant. My dick sprang out just like a ragging tiger to hunt down its prey. She was shocked to see it and held it with her one hand and was caressing it. My precum started to ooze out and she pulled my dick’s foreskin down and revealed my dick in full glory. Then slowly I went to her back side and spanked her ass several times and she with every spank gave out a moan aahh … I started to rub her ass over her skirt and kiss and bite her neck and her earlobes and she was losing control of herself and was moaning continuously.

I pulled her skirt up revealing her panty while kissing her neck and earlobes and shoulders. I pulled her panty half down her thighs and my dick was rubbing and grinding over her sweet tight ass and its crack. Oh hell, we were so moaning together sexily…aaaahhh … “kitni tight maal ho tum… ufff… aj toh tumko dum bhar chodenge” I slowly took my hand from the front towards her heaven’s area and to my surprise she was profusely leaking her love juices. As soon as I touched her love hole she turned around and started kissing me vigorously. We were on the floor and she was on top of me and we were kissing like mad dogs. She didn’t said much apart from moaning but her one line which she said made me go more crazy and while kissing she said, “aj mera bur ko chod k fadd dena aur aisa chodna ki main chal na pao” This was now high time.

Slowly I opened her tshirt and revealed her tight and firm boobs and erected small nipples and without much delay I started sucking her boobs and nipples…oh what a feeling we were having together. I with the tip of my tongue used to flick her nipples and bit them and even I would circle my tongue around her areolas. She was getting super horny and hot and she was scratching my back and my bare ass with her nail with immense pleasure…we were so uncontrollable at that moment and her moaning grew louder and I pressed her mouth and started to kiss and lick her tummy area and specially her navel area with the tip of my tongue.

She was pulling my hairs and her aaaahhh aaahhhs and uffff uufffs were continuously coming out. I got up and took her legs and started to lick her toes and while licking went up towards her knees and then towards her thighs where I bit her soft thighs and licked her near her pussy area and she by that time leaked a much considerable amount of love juice on the floor. She continuously was saying, “ab bardast nai hota, please ghusao na aur mereko bhar do…ahhhh … aaahhhh …jaldi karo na kutte…main teri rakhial hu…jaldi daal kanime..”

I widened her legs and licked her pussy from down towards up and waoh she had a big clitoris! It was a great surprise for me. I started to lick off her love juices and cleaned her dripping pussy and later started to flick her clitoris with the tip of my tongue and played with it with my fingers, I even pinched it hard and there she had her very first orgasm as her legs and body trembled and a gush of pure love juice came out of her love hole…ooooo…she was in heaven. I kept licking her and biting her and sucking her around the pussy area. Now I opened her pussy lips and it was time to give her my signature pussy licking which I call “tongue tornado”.

I started to lick her love hole in circular motion and some other licking techniques and she was so aroused and horny and hot that she held my head by my hairs and pushed me towards her pussy deep. Fuck…It was so steamy and we were sweating like anything. And with my final licking and biting she again oozed out her second orgasm. She was now literally begging me to fuck her up and I was now ready to give her the real pleasure.

After two back to back orgasms Phoolmati was quite tired but she being an adivasi girl had felt few last shots of stamina left inside her. Now I was about to find out whether she was virgin or not and I spat on her pussy hole and took her saliva and put on the tip of my dick and placed over her pussy hole and started to rub and massage her pussy with my dick and then I asked her if she was ready and with a deep kiss on her lips I slowly pushed inside and I was like what! She is too tight and she screamed with pain and I again pushed but this time a bit more forcefully and I was one third in and blood came out her pussy and I took out my dick and as she was faintly crying in sweet pain so I calm her with my kiss on her pussy lips and on her upper lips.

Again with force I pushed inside her my dick and I was quite more in her and kept my dick inside her and started to kiss her and suck her boobs and then slowly started to fuck her in missionary style and after 10 mins I was unable to control my ejaculation due to tightness of her pussy so I took my dick out and started to caress her and suck her nipples and again then I made her come in doggy position and from back side I pushed my dick inside and she screamed loudly and this time I was totally deep inside her rubbing her G-spot and started to press her boobs and pinch her nipples. I was fucking her now with much more speed and she was fully enjoying the fuck and we both were moaning with pleasure and suddenly I could feel her pussy walls contracting and her legs were trembling and with a shout she cummed over my dick and I continued fucking her and the juices rolled down her legs and my dick forming foam near her pussy area.

Finally I was now on the verge of ejaculation and I asked her where should I cum to which she said she wanted to feel my cum inside her so I vigorously started to fuck her and within minutes I cummed deep inside her and filled her pussy. We got up from the floor and hugged tightly and well the floor got real messy with cum mixed blood and love juices. We went to my bed and laid there naked hugging each other. She after few minutes got up cleansed herself and got dressed and kissed on my lips and started her regular work.

I was so relaxed now but my hunger got much more increased rather getting less…what the hell… hahaha hahaha … well when she finished her work she came to my room and I kissed her and gave her rs.200 and said her to use it for her mother. After this first sex we continued our fucking sessions and our madness grew more and I also helped her with money at times.

I can imagine you really enjoyed my steamy hot encounter with my maid. Feel free to connect with me for tips/help/suggestions/feedbacks. Females of any age group can get in touch for any kind of discreet secret relationships.


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