Mailed By Bangalore ISS Reader And Nailer Her

Hi ISS readers, I am Aryan from Bangalore and I am 21 years old, 5.8, athletic. Mail me at [email protected]. I am a student who plays basketball football etc etc. Like to have encounters with elder females

This story happened a few days ago. As I keep sharing my stories I regularly receive comments from readers. So this is one lady who mailed me and let her name be Sakshi. So sakshi sent a mail, hey Aryan I loved your story helped me leak very this we had a chat as follows-

Me: Thanks, good to know. So do you want to chat?

Sakshi: chatting okay. Later help me get leaked

So we had sex chats and sex calling in the afternoons when she was home alone

Sakshi:how much do you charge for a massage?

Me: Firstly I need it to be confidential and I charge 2.5k

Sakshi: I want to see your photos

Me: sure and I sent a picture and asked for a pic of her

Sakshi: so next week Im alone so I want you Ill pay you depending on how much you satisfy me.

I guess her figure was 32-28-32

Before that we went for a movie where we kissed each other and had been for coffee and a car drive in her Honda city. We went near airport and I wanted to drive so I was driving she liked my driving and she liked my decency and the way I presented my self she even asked me if I had girlfriend or ex and spoke about her student life

And she even sent me her pic. She was looking very hot in the pic wearing a black Saree sleeveless blouse red lipstick amazing color. Her curves and more importantly she was quite slim which was very good to see.

So we tested casually and the day had come when I went to her place with some whiskey and cigarettes as she had told me that she drinks.

Went to her flat and looking at the building I could make out that she was very rich and I went to her place.

I rang the doorbell, then she opened the door and she was wearing a red Saree and a red blouse as I had asked her to look traditionally hot. So she was looking very hot.Her living room was so beautiful with a 3d tv and Bose sound system.

I went in and I wanted everything to happen slowly so we sat down and I took out whiskey and we had some pegs with ice and smoked some cigarettes and started talking a bit about personal life and she told me about her hubby his business and it made her lonely and it made her starve for sex due to which she wanted me to help her. This is very important for every mail to fulfil his female sexually or else it leads to complications and you have to fulfil her properly.

Slowly we got close and she looked at me putting her hand on my chest and I put my hand on her bare waist and we started kissing and we enjoyed it. She was pretty amazing at it. Then she took me to her room and there age we started kissing and my hands were on her buttocks squeezing them gently and she was taking off my shirt buttons.

Then she slowly kissed my neck then went down to chest kissing and then made me sit on my bed and opened my belt and took out my penis she gave me an amazing blow job for around 15minutes so fucking amazing.

Probably the best of my life and then I took her up as I was completely turned on I started kissing and sliding my tongue on her neck and and pulled one of her blouse side and bit slowly over her black bra strap kissed her over her cleavage and boobs squeezing them and now she was completely turned on due to which she was continuously kissing over my head.

Then I took her Saree and blouse off she was on her black bra and panties I was nude I like spanking so I started spanking her ass from slow speed to a pretty hard spank and she choked at every spank and asked me for more after some time I put my finger on her pussy sliding my finger gently and then slowly inserted it took it to a great pace and she was biting me over my body and scratches she was completely into it. Now I went down rolling my tongue from her neck to boobs to nipples to navel to her pussy and licked her pussy which was so so damp.

After sometime I came up and inserted my dick in her pussy and second position was doggy style where I fucked her and spanked her simultaneously and we had total intercourse of 25-30 mins which was so erotic and the way she was moaning was pleasureful to be heard and then I ejaculated then we fell asleep she slept on my chest.

Next morning I gave her some good massage on back shoulders. It was amazing next day got some good breakfast with two love bites on neck and scratches on my back of previous night and received 5k and it was amazing. I loved it. And we had another encounter in the shower while we were bathing the next more cold climate hot shower and sex you can imagine.

After that she has given me a future date so waiting for more of her body. Im really lucky that I got her and I thank her for letting me write this story. Thank you Sakshi. You have been lovely through out and I loved the breakfast

This was what happened with an Iss reader if you want me mail me at [email protected]

Thanks fellas and no guy is going to get her contact please dont ask for it Im really sorry nor any female will get her details.Waiting for your reviews.

There is one more story when I was in college I had a new cousin after my brothers marriage who was elder to me and she sent me a friend request and I convinced her to get fucked by me that will be my next story keep waiting fellas cya soon.

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