Making Barkha aunty cum hard in the bus

Hello, dear ISS fans. Ronak here, and I’m back with the concluding part of my story. Those who haven’t read the first part can read it first to enhance the fun.

“I want to ge fucked!” was written all over her face. No normal man could resist this sinful temptation, and nor could I.

She was lying on my left. I leaned over her and kissed her lips again. At the same time, my right hand started caressing her stomach around the navel area. I put my finger in her navel and rotated around it. She seemed to enjoy the attention I paid to her navel.

After a while, we parted, and I started exploring downward with my tongue. I licked and sucked the areas under her chin. I moved down to her throat and stopped at the beginning of her cleavage. A strong bodily fragrance emanated from the valley between the two mounds due to a mixture of deo and sweat.

I put my left hand under her body. I pushed her up a little, pressing my face further into her cleavage. I can’t describe that heavenly feeling of resting my face between two soft but tight mounds. At the same time, I moved my right hand further up inside her top.

I explored the area just below her tits. She moved her right hand on my head and pressed my face even deeper between her cleavage. Her left hand moved up and down on my back inside my T-shirt. She was scratching my back with her nails with her movement. Feeling her hand on my bare skin was exhilarating.

I traced the path to her lips with my tongue licking through her cleavage, throat and chin. I again kissed her mouth and entered my tongue into her mouth. At the same time, I took my right hand further up and cupped her left breast over her bra. She kissed me back wildly.

She dug her nails into my back out of sheer excitement. Maybe she was yearning for this pleasure for years. If it hadn’t been for my kiss, she would have woken up all the passengers with her moans. I gave a light press on her breast and felt the strong rebound effect when I released the pressure.

I could feel her erect nipple through the fabric of her bra, as it was not padded. I spotted her nipple and rolled it between my thumb and the forefinger. At the same time, cupping and pressing her breast with my palm and remaining fingers. Both her hands moved fervently on my body, reflecting her excitement.

We continued like that for another 10 minutes or so. I also explored her right breast over the bra and gave the same treatment to her right nipple. She could no longer remain a passive participant and got into action. She got up without breaking the kiss, put me down on my back and got on top of me in one motion.

She rode me by putting both her thighs on either side of me. My left hand freely explored her back while my right hand continued pleasuring her breast with pressing treatment. She was kissing and licking my entire face wildly. Her crotch was exactly on my crotch.

I’m sure she must have felt my hardwood through the layers of cloth. The thought of getting her pussy fucked by my rock-hard tool must have taken her to another level. After a few minutes, she straightened. She sat on my crotch, raising her hands as high and back as possible to stretch in that confined place.

Her pussy area was directly pressed over my cock, and she started moving her ass slowly in a ‘to and fro’ motion. I brought my left hand to the front and now freely mauled her tits, rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Her lips were tightly pressed as she struggled not to moan out of the pleasure.

I could feel the wetness on my underwear due to the precum flowing from my cock. She again bent and moved ever so slowly to start another deep kiss. Her huge melons were almost spilling out of her top and bra. While we engaged in another french kiss, I lowered her bra straps from over the shoulders.

She moved her hands out of them. In that peak summer heat, her tits needed some fresh air. I obliged them further by inserting my left hand at the back inside her top and opening the hook of her bra. I inserted my right hand inside the front of her top and took out the bra without removing her top.

She loved the trick. She demonstrated it by straightening up and pushing her top upwards to reveal her naked breasts to me for the first time. She again bent on me so that her boobs dangled directly over my mouth. She moved away a little as I raised myself to take them in my mouth.

She would bend again and move her tits all over my face. But she would pull back as I tried to touch them with my lips. I could not take any longer, so I sat up with her sitting on my lap in a straddling position. I held her roughly from behind and pulled her towards me.

This led to my face getting buried between her melons. I brought my right hand to the front and held her left boob while I kissed the nipple of her right boob. The combined effect of the love shown to her twin assets sent ripples of pleasure through her body.

Movements of her ass over my crotch became more vigorous with each passing second. It was impossible for her to resist. Finally, she brought her hand down between the two bodies. She felt my fully erect cock for the first time over my track and underwear.

I felt her ass with my left hand inside her skirt. She gauged the length and girth of my tool by moving her up and down. I shifted my mouth to her left breast and started sucking the nipple first. I then tried to take as much of her breast as possible in my mouth.

This suction effect pushed her into a frenzy of pleasure, and she responded by inserting her hand inside my track and underwear and holding my tool in her hand. She started stroking my cock up and down inside my underwear. I would cum quickly if she continued.

But she was aware of that, so she just pulled her hand out in time. She pushed me back on the berth and sat upright. She slid back a little and shifted herself just above my knees. She slid down my track and underwear together. There it was. My cock sprang up in full glory.

But I doubt she could see it properly in that semi-darkness. She again took it in her hand and pulled back the foreskin. She gave some strokes before returning to her original position over my crotch. She stood on her knees and raised her skirt to her waist. She didn’t bother to remove her panties.

She just pulled the fabric of her panty, which covered the crotch area. With her left hand while holding my erect tool upright in the right. Then she lowered herself ever so slowly on my cock. I could feel the wetness of her pussy as the tip of my cock came in contact with her pussy lips.

She lowered herself further, and the mushroom head entered her pussy with some difficulty. The sensation was heavenly. I lay there motionless, just enjoying the feeling. It must have been long since her pussy got penetrated last. The tightness of her pussy was such that I felt like I was entering a virgin.

She raised herself a little and lowered again. This time a little more. Her tight hold got acquainted with its new intruder. She bent forward and started kissing with fresh vigour. As we kissed with renewed fervour, she pushed her ass further on my cock. It was halfway inside her now.

One last push, I thought. She again raised her ass. As she started her downward push, I also pushed my ass from below. It went inside full, and our crotches were touching each other. Finally, the copulation got completed. She savoured the sensation of a full-grown hard cock inside her pussy after such a long time.

Tears of joy started flowing from her eyes. For me also, it was a new experience. Hers was the only pussy my cock had entered apart from my wife’s. Waves of pleasure were flowing through both our bodies. We started fucking slowly. She broke the kiss and sat upright again to gain maximum penetration.

She started moving her ass. I also aligned my movements with hers. In no time, we were moving in perfect rhythm. I moved my left hand between her thighs, stimulating pleasure points around her crotch area. While roughly marauding her upper assets with my right hand.

We picked up speed while being careful not to produce any sound of the impact of our bodies colliding. I pressed her big ass with both my hands now. She put the forefinger of her right hand in my mouth and started moving it in and out in fucking motion.

The sensation of my mouth being fucked by her finger was a new experience, and I loved it. I could not lay there passively. So I sat up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist behind my back. I again started sucking her boobs one by one. This posture stimulated her further, and she started fucking even faster.

It seemed that she was on the verge of cumming. So I just paused for a second and broke our coupling. Then I lay her on her back and pulled down her panties. I spread her legs as wide as possible within the confines of the upper berth of a sleeper bus. Then I mounted her in a missionary position.

We kissed again while building up the tempo. At the same time, I wetted the fingers of my right hand with my saliva and started rolling her nipples with them. The combined effect of all three – powerful kiss, breast play and hardcore fuck proved too much for her.

Her dam finally burst. Her juices were flowing, and she was crying in ecstasy. It was difficult for both of us to contain our moans. In no time, I also felt that moment had arrived from me as well. I increased my speed further and drilled deep inside her love hole.

And then, with one final push, my cock erupted. It must have felt like lava erupting out of a volcano to her. That was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced. Spurts of cum kept coming out of my cock one after another. Finally, the waves of pleasure subsided, and we lay there panting.

I rested my head over her boobs while supporting my body on my elbows on both sides of hers. My cock was still buried deep inside her. She was caressing my head with love and affection. No words were spoken, and none were required.

After five minutes, my limp penis slipped out of her cunt. Then I rolled back on my side and lay there on my back. She slid in, resting her head on my left shoulder and moving her left hand on my chest. I wrapped my left hand around her, pulling her further into me. Never realized when we dozed off to sleep.

This concludes the first episode of this newfound relationship with my aunt. I look forward to narrating further adventures with my aunt. Don’t forget to write back. The mail id is [email protected].

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