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Hello folks!! Jagrukh here. This is my second story in this awesome seducing website. To describe myself, I am 28 years old, 5 ft 7, athletic and wheatish. The story that I am going to pen down is about a sex escapade about myself in Mumbai, few months ago. As you all know, Mumbai is a place where nobody has time for anybody. All kinds of business flourish here, no matter how demeaning it might sound. Bored with the mundane life, and being in a hardcore engineering company, where the female population is very restricted, the chances of hooking up or having flings is a distant possibility.

One of my friends had planned to hit a gym close by and also advised me to attend the same. As advised, I joined the gym which was in Kharghar Navi Mumbai. I went there and saw many sexy cougars wearing sweatpants and tight shirt running on the treadmill. But this didn’t excite me even a bit, as I was looking for some girl who is near my age group. Well as the saying goes, ” everything come to those who wait” turned out to be true, a girl around 23 years old, fair, athletic built and with an awesome ass which all guys would want to squeeze ,joined the gym.

I used to wait for her to run on the treadmill, she used to wear tight trackpant and t-shirt which revealed her devouring body. The way her assets used to jiggle when she used to run and the smell of her body when she walks passed me , kept me captivated for days. I was longing for an opportunity to get into her pants. I went up to her and broke the ice, introduced myself and within some days we became friends. However, as I said, my main intention was to get into her pants, I was always looking for an opportunity to bang her. One day she rang me in the night and told that her landlord needed the house which she was staying for some days and she had to move out. She didn’t know of anybody except me.

I told her, since I had my own house in Mumbai, she can stay with me if she chose to. She thought for a while and accepted my proposal. I like a gentleman escorted her to my house,it was a weird situation for both of us, as we belong to opposite sex and had to stay together under one roof. Days went by, I used to close my door and masturbate thinking about her. The fact that she is sleeping next door used to turn me on. Whenever I catch a glimpse of her in towel coming from bathroom, completely drenched or the sight of her lingerie lying all over her room, used to excite me a lot. But I couldn’t muster the courage to make any sort of advances on her.

I returned one day late from office and was sleeping , thinking about her and shagging my dick. Suddenly I heard a tap on my door. I was a bit taken aback as my dick was erect and it would show but nevertheless, I opened the door. She said she was not feeling sleepy and was getting bored. In order to relieve the boredom, I made her sit on the sofa and we were watching some random English movie, I didn’t realize when I dozed off. Morning when I woke up, I saw the beautiful lady sleeping on my lap and her face was close to my dick. It gave me an instant turn on, I examined her clothes, she was wearing shorts and loose t-shirt. I started rubbing her back, there was no response from her slowly, I pressed her boobs, then also no response, I grabbed her ass and was squeezing it..

She woke up suddenly and said “what are you doing?” ,I said I am sry and went to my room and closed the door. After half and hour she came and tapped on the door, I opened it and retorted” wht do u want?” she said ” you” I was dumbstruck, she kissed my lips and her hand was resting on my dick. Only a moron would have let go this opportunity , I lifted her and threw her on the bed. I smooched her deep and started pressing her boobs, squeezing it. She removed her t-shirt slowly allowing me to see the contours of her milky white boobs covered in a jet black bra. I unhooked the straps slowly to unleash the perfect mounds I have ever seen… topped with pink cherries, I licked it ,

Bit it and squeezed it.. she kept on moaning .. I slowly went down her bellybutton and started licking it.. She pushed my head between her legs,wanting me to remove her shorts and fuck her brains out.. I slowly removed her shorts and smelled her black panty. I don’t know whether you guys like or not but I have a fetish of smelling the panty. The most beautiful thing that covers the path to heaven.. I smelled it for some time.. It did annoy her as her juice were flowing and she wanted me inside . I conceded to her requests reluctantly and licked her clit, this made her mad and I could realize she was reaching her orgasm.. She was crying and begging me to insert her dick.

I loved to see her cry and beg and, slowly removed my dick. She pounced on it and licked it like a pro and guided it inside “the path to heaven” as my strokes got harder her moaning decibels reached its peak. Since I liked her ass, I wanted to stuck it from behind (doggy style). I smelled her ass, spanked it and drilled her from behind and pulled her hair. I could see from her eyes that she was loving it. I cummed on her ass and collapsed, with her on top. We slept naked the whole day, refusing to let her fade away from my eyes. She left the next day and in a month to U.S. I lost in touch with her but after the sex , I felt deep down inside me that I loved her and it was not the animalistic sex that we had. Instead, we actually made love. Friends,

I do realize now that woman are the most beautiful creature created by god and not merely a sex object as some may portray. Love women, respect them and you never know you will be showered with lots of love making. Will be back folks with another story, until then its jagrukh signing of. Folks you can also pen down your comments/criticism on my email id viz [email protected] Love, Jagrukh

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