Making Love To Lakshmi Chandrasekaron

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This is Simon from Chennai writing a real experience which happened few months ago with my Colleague .To say about myself I am normal built towards the slim side aged 30 and normal size junior if you know what I mean.About her , her name is Lakshmi Chandrasekoran aged 27 ,was a little plump before but reduced to a super structure in few months . It all started when she our common friend introduced to each other but we didnt speak much since there was nothing in common in our work.

In few months Lakshmi got transferred to my department and we started speaking more . As days passed by she got more sexier with routine makeups and bleaches . Her hip size did get reduced but her boobs remained same which made her all the more sexier . She used to come to office with wet hair making guys turn and ogle at her . One day during a casual conversation I hinted that she was looking very good and she complimented me back .

One day her boyfriend could not drop her to home and she was upset .I asked her what was the matter and she explained the situation . I asked if she is ok to go with me and after little thought she agreed. The bike ride was uneventful though i could feel her heat in my body a few times . I dropped her home and spoke to her for a while since she was upset . I asked why she is so upset for a small thing she said its her B’day . I understood and I left her home . Went to a shop near by and got her a cake and a Salwar set . Lakshmi thought I had left home and when I went back she was kind of surprised .

She let me in and I asked her what were the plans for the b’day night and she said nothing since her boyfriend was going to native for some work. I asked her to make some tea if she doesnt mind and when she came back I had arranged cake and candles . She was very much surprised and i could see her happiness . She cut the cake and we were only two of us so she gave the first piece to me and I made her eat cake as well .

I asked if I can put the cake on her face and she said ok but very little . I started putting cream on her face and her face was amazingly smooth so I kept caressing her cheeks and she started kind of running away . I had to corner her and put more and i touched her lips my accident and she closed her eyes.I realised I had gone a bit too much so i moved away but i licked the cream from my finger and she noticed that.It was an uneasy situation so we came back to hall and I gave her dress as the present Lakshmi was very happy and I said I will be very happy if she wears them for me . She readily accepted and came back in new dress . The dress was matching for her but a bit tight . She was shy and I asked what the matter was . She sad the hook is not easy to put .

I asked if we should go and change it in the shop to which she said no since I got her with care on her b’day and she doesn’t want to change it . I went near her and asked to turn around and said I will put the hook . She nervously said ok .

Her hair was on back so I asked if i can touch her hair to move … and she said there’s no need to ask permission or be so formal .I moved her hair and godd it was so smooth and smelling so good may be since she took head bath for her b’day .My junior was getting erect and i moved in a little closer and started moving her hair slowly from back to front and in the process was caressing them . She was not showing any resistance and in the final movement i caressed her neck … Since no words were spoken i moved in more closer and now my body was touching her back and more of my bulge was in her ass . I touched her neck and tried to put the hook but I knew that if I put the hook the game will be over which I didnt want to be over 🙂

I whispered in her ears that there’s no way to put the hook unless I try to bring the zip and little down . Since the zip was not letting my fingers inside .Lakshmi simply said mmmm and I knew that she was enjoying it the same way as I am . I brought her zip slowly and got it completely down. I could now see her white back with only the black bra . I moved my hands over her back towards the hook .Lakshmi by now had closed her eyes and my bulge was poking her ass crack hard.

I opened her back and moved both hands on her back to see if she says stop . No response . One hand started to move on her hip towards her stomach and suddenly she held my hand . I thought that’s it and started taking my hand and whispered in her ear sorry I lost my control ,to which she replied it tickles no need to be sorry …Is there a better green signal ? I moved my hands again inside her top from back and touched her navel and made circles there .

At the same time planed a kiss on her neck and started slowly sucking her neck . Other hand started to move up and cupped her bra .She left a small moan and we could not hold it more . I turned her around and kissed her fore head , eyes cheeks and finally her big lips . Within few mins we had moved on from gentle kiss to a passionate kiss and we were playing with each other tongue . I removed her hair clip and was sucking her saliva and tongue .We broker the kiss for breathing and I said I need you Lakshmi fully and she blushed in shyness

With that response I slowly lifted her top and she was in her black bra.I removed her ear rings her bangle and her chain and started kissing her neck and cupped her breasts. Those were the softest things I have ever touched and I could feel her hard nipples in her bra . Removed her straps with my teeth and finally took her bra off …I lifted my hand and she removed my shirt and inner ..When I hugged her the body heat was flowing from one to another and we were in a diff world .made her lie down and removed her pants and panties . There she was b’day girl in her b’day dress waiting for me to devour and eat fully 🙂 She had hair in her pussy and arm pits – just the way I like it .

I wanted to go from bottom so kissed and sucked her toes and her ankles then her thighs , inner thighs and finally her love bush . She was wet and the smell was making me crazy .. inserted my tongue as deep as I could and bite her pussy lips with my lips .She was out of control and kept playing with my hair .

The next on target was her navel . Exact size it was I couldn’t control and i bite her and she jumped with a jerk .Moved my hands on her breasts and started licking her arm pits . Her sweat and the deo were making me crazy and I made her lie on me .She moved her hands on my junior and the touch of a woman can make the junior to become senior 😉 It was already paining since I was erect for a long while so I made her lie down in 69 position . I think she hesitated for a min but the moment I inserted my tongue in her pussy she took me in her mouth and gave a bite . She used her hands to massage my balls and lick my tip . I realised that I could not hold no longer so made her lie down in normal position..

Lakshmi was dripping wet and I guess she had cum already so it was easy for me to push my junior inside .Though I inserted slow I started hitting her pussy wall much harder . She was moaning to a great extent and i was sucking her nipples like there is no tomorrow ..She put her legs on my butt and locked them strong so I can go more deep ..After 15 mins of this I removed mine and asked her to turn around.. Her ass was big so it was bit difficult to get in from behind . Made her spread her ass and then inserted her pussy from behind . We both got ecstatic and I was pulling her hair in one hand and groping her breast and pinching her nipple in another . I could sense my balls swelling up after long fuck and I removed them again …

She had cumm many times by now but I was waiting to explode …She said she will make me cumm and we didnt want to end up cummin in her pussy and have tensions later . She said she will do a blow job but I had other ideas . I made her lie down and started mouth fucking her . She would say stop when I hit her throat and I was sensing my balls bulging again . I asked her to bite me and she was also in her high sense since I was finger fucking her . Both came together and her mouth was almost full with my cumm and remaining i put in her breasts …After 40 mins of love making we were really tired..

It was 10.30 in night and I had to go home . I wanted a bath , lakshmi showed me the bath room and I pulled her in and turned on the shower made her suck me to make me hard and fucked her in doggy again .Before I left at 01:00 Am we had made love 4 times that day and my penis was paining and she could not walk with sore pussy the next day in office .

We did not do it again since both of us didnt want to spoile each others personal life …feedback : [email protected]

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