Making Love with Rohit – Part 3

Thank you, readers, who have read my previous stories am really thankful for the friends I have earned (if you could say it that way). I thought about stopping the writing bit of the wonderful moments I have had with Rohit, our first meeting back in October last year. Since then it’s been some more beautiful moments that we have spent together and the bond just continues to grow stronger. Not often would you see a 40-year-old and a 28-year-old getting together and making moments memorable but with Rohit even a phone call makes me feel so much better.

Okay, let me stop boasting of my prized possession and come back to my fans. Astounded by many must admit, their levels of energy even though I don’t respond have to say you make me feel special and wanted by you. Hence I am writing to you guys again. Have to mention one crazy fan who asked me to mention me his level of uniqueness as a fan by naming him. So anish joshi if you ever read this feel happy that I like your bubbly spirited nature and be so and hope you find some time one day to have the courage to talk to me in manner that normal people talk and don’t fumble like you do speak to a lady.

Will come back then to that night and stop bothering the readers who are so eager to read the tale of love making. To be honest to you it was really a moment of greatness when I felt his manhood right inside me for the benefit of readers will give you a flow of things from the last piece which I had posted for those who are reading for the first time here are the links


I broke the lock on his manhood and started coughing badly. I left him then and started to find water, my eyes were filled with tears because I choked. Rohit immediately from a state of ecstasy became concerned that is what is magical about him. He cares for me for women I believe. He went for the bottle at the table and made me drink slowly helping me regain my breath. He made me lie on the couch and came over me kissing me on my lips and slowly that transformed into a wild smooch as our tongues embraced into a fight that they love so much now.

I felt his manhood rubbing me as his hip movements were dry humping me. I gave in .. I did it ..I stretched my legs wide across his hips giving him the green signal that now is the time and boy did he oblige. As he pushed his manhood inside me every memory of mine was wiped out. Like a knife melting thru hot butter … the pleasure was unexplainable the pain was unbearable .. Waited so many years for this feeling and finally it was there. My eyes closed my stranglehold on his tongue broke as every second passed by I started submitting myself to him. Simply serene a feeling of fulfillment a feeling of accomplishment of having your man with you. That is what Rohit gave me.

Yes it was something special .. Overawed was I, the way he savored his every moment inside me, the pleasure he was seeking with every movement and after years and years of no one being inside me I finally had a man much younger to me fulfilling my desire of feeling special again. I was on my back on the couch , my eyes closed my breasts heaving with his every stroke. My legs did not want him to go away, I knew he wouldn’t but my legs were an assurance to rohit I was relishing his every bit inside me.

Every part of my body was conspiring against me to keep rohit engulfed inside my love hole. My breasts its humongous as you know and when heaving was enticing rohit to come and embrace me in a hug. He slowly started falling over with his every push inside me and fell on my big boobs to lay his face on. Yes rohit loves to relax by keeping his face on my boobs as he felt the softness of my breasts and relaxed his face on them. Even now when we meet he casually puts his face on my breasts and give me a hug and so was the scene then as he embraced me from below my shoulders and his face dug deep in my breasts. My body cocooned with his body thrust. My hands which were trying to act as a medium to balance our not so comfortable position suddenly gave way with the thrust of his manhood deep inside me. It felt like our bodies had decided to be one, our hearts and mind were already one.

My hands now embraced his head, his every thrust of his manhood and his deep love for my breasts with his face I had no other option but keep my hands on his head because I was loving every moment of being together with him. I always want him to be as close to myself maybe a fear he might walk away from me but strangely he never does. He still loves me till date like I am depicting to you all now. His energy levels always is the same as before like a kid who loves to love people. I know he has quite a few friends with whom he indulges but he always has his way to surprise me.

Like he did just then, as he pounded me with heavy strokes and I was taking all of it just because of the sheer love I had for him and my prowess as woman who loves making love I took it all. I could feel his bites on my breast and grinned my teeth, could feel my back giving way but took his every stroke just to make him feel that he is what I wanted to feel inside me. Knowing I was struggling my moans though were of pleasure it did have elements which suggested I was struggling, he turned over and we both fell on the floor. I shrieked in fear as I thought about the impact it could have on both our bodies, but he just conspired the fall in such a way that he fell on his back and his embrace was so strong that our entwined bodies were still like it was, his manhood deep inside me and I was scared that he would be hurt as I fell on his chest.

After a couple of seconds of silence and muted groans he folded his knees upwards, my tired legs obliged and rohit applying some pressure with the palm of his feet pushed his hips inside me. I jolted back and surprised by his strength as his manhood started driving me I realized his potential of making love was second to none (of all I have experienced). He brought about the best in me too, still shaky because of the fall I got up and sat on his body his manhood still trying to hump my heavy mass, I managed to sit on my knees by his side. My chest still on his, my boobs still being crushed on his chest. I kissed his small petite nipples which were erect like mine were, the amount of sexual tension made it mandatory for it to be so. I grazed my hands on his chin and got up and kissed his chin and neck slowly dragging my hands down his body as I started to sit on his manhood.

With a flick of my head, my hair which was on my face after the fall and covering my boobs now moved back, giving him a full view of my boobs and my face which was relishing every flavor of love making that we were having, my lips wide and breathing heavily as my boobs were heaving too, I slowly started the grind with my hips on his manhood. I took his hands and covered my boobs and kept my hands on top of his letting him know that they were his and I loved every moment he fondled my boobs. His thrusts never seemed to die down and was pulling me apart from within. I did not want to be left behind kissing his hands occasionally and making his hand go all over my body as I kept on grinding my hips on his marvelous tool which I was and will always remain in awe of. The pulsations deepened within me as I was so close to another convulsing orgasm where for a moment I lost my senses left his hands and reached out for his nipples wanted to give him the same seismographic feeling my body was feeling from his deep long awakening strokes. I twisted his nipples as I came another time.

A huge orgasm as my entire body shook from his my eyes closed my moans grew into screams. I lost my senses only to realize moment later I was on his chest still breathing like crazy, his nipples being bitten by me still and rohit’s screams reaching the sky, had never seen him scream like this as he came inside me. What a feeling it was .. To see rohit so pleased was a feeling I want to keep with me always. It was a moment to savor for me being a 40 year old women who hadn’t had sex for some time now and to make a hunk like rohit to moan and scream to another orgasm was a moment to savour.

Could feel his warm liquid in me his manhood still engulfed inside me, streams of his and mine liquid flowing out of my love hole. The sounds changed as his movements were still going on inside me probably because of the momentum with which was driving his tool inside me. The atmosphere was completely different to what I have ever witnessed in my life till date. Slowly the panting became a smile on our faces as his manhood popped out of my love hole moistened with our love juices eclipsing the pain we both had taken. Streams of his cum were still sticking into my love hole as he withdrew himself and I fell of from his chest just by his side looking once at his amazing manhood and then his face. Our smiles changed into grin as we both were now happy and pleased to make each other feel so good. His motioned his arm up which was still under my head as if to invite me for a smooch.

I obliged as I kept my arm on his chest and with other elbow I pushed my body up to make our lips meet. Both our bodies moistened with cum sweat saliva we kissed again. Our tongues were seeking each other gracing themselves in small fights. As he dominated the little battle of our tongues I used my hand which was on his chest to slowly graze his body and go down on his limp moistened manhood and pressed it hard to hurt him and boy did he not scream. I took my tongue out and kissed his lips and he was grinning like crazy and pressed my boobs hard. Both of us laughing enjoying the moment together we decided to rest ourselves for a long long night. We got up still laughing still staring at each other and kissed again. Finally rohit asked for food for the first time after he came inside me house.

Its been some time since we have been making love and boy was I not relishing it. He didn’t allow me to wear as I went into the room to wear a nighty he followed me as I picked up to dress he held my hand and kissed me and shaking his head signaling a “No don’t wear anything tonight” I let the nighty go and held is hand and pulled him close to me to kiss him again.

Guys if you want me to continue let me know. Have written very less this time so deciding to stop it here as the night I am talking about is very close to me which I have told you, readers, too. Must admit all of you have been very cooperative with your thoughts keeping aside the norm of how to treat a lady. I respect your thoughts and only if you wish to see me writing about that night do let me know. My email id is [email protected] let me know your thoughts.


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