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Hi am Sundhar age 20 from Chennai and myself am a great fan of this site, now I would like to share my experience with my aunt and now let me describe about her and she is 35 years old but looks like 28 only and she is my mom’s brother’s wife.

She has no children and she got married before 15 years and my uncle was 35 at that time of marriage. and now my uncle is 50. during my childhood I used to be with my aunt only her name is Malika, she will be looking like Kelly Madison and pure as milk but little big is size, now her size is 36K-32-36.

She has the biggest tits and huge ass from my childhood itself I used to be with her and she used to treat me like her own son due to my uncle’s age itself she got not get pregnant at all. She was the most caring and sexy aunt in the world! Her height is 5.6″ inches and now am 5.8.

And my penis is 8 inches long and 3.5″ thick and now let us go to the story, during very long back day after her marriage and I was staying with and my uncle is very busy man and he used to go outing for business and during my vacation I used to stay with Malika.

She used to wash me and feed me and doing all needful for me and at home I used to roam naked and she used to lift me and keep in her hips and do the work, at that time and I was very small and she likes me a lot and me too. If I felt sleepy, I used to play with her navel.

She used to wear saree only at home and she wears below her navel only then while sleeping I used to bite her nipples and sleep but she won’t tell anything due to my childhood! Now the story begins and this happened before 2 years only after my school if had 2 months of vacation.

I went to her home to see her and I saw her last 10 years back only. I watched her and she found me correctly and hugged me. I asked how you found me!! Then she told how can I forget you beta! Then I told you had putted some weight but you look so beautiful.

She replied Thanks and greeted me in and I asked for uncle and he came! He got shocked seeing my visit because I became big and then we had a small chat and he went to do his work and I went to kitchen to help her!

Malika: so beta how is you and how are your studies going?

Me: athai (I used to call her athai) am good and I had finished my 12th grade now going to do fashion technology.Malika: beta you will be tired so go and take rest and we can chat later.Me: sure athai!

I went to take bath and after that I slept due to tiredness and after an hour and I woke up and saw she was sitting beside me and was watching TV. I asked for uncle and she told he had gone for chatting with his friends! I asked about her and she replied

Malika: I’m fine beta my life is going somewhat okay! Whenever you come here only and I used to happy.Me: don’t worry Athai I will be always near to you!

She planted kiss on my fore head and went to kitchen and brought some snacks and tea and then we were chatting something and was enjoying!!! and I was simply admiring her beauty and then uncle came and after some time they started to fight and I was watching them and suddenly he called me in!

Me: what happened uncle!Uncle: beta I have an important deal so want to go to Goa! For some days!Me: Okay! But why are you shouting at Athai

Malika: beta you go!Uncle: beta come with me and drops me at the airport! And bring your Athai also!Me: Okay uncle!

We took the car and I was driving the car to airport and at airport all group for uncles standing and waiting for the flight! He instructed me to take care of Athai and I will return in 10 days sorry for the trouble beta!

Me: no problem uncle I will take careUncle: if you want any money ask my office and take the amount and go some outing with your Athai in nearby place!

Me: uncle you don’t worry I will take care of my Athai! Then he left to Goa and while coming back to home she was crying a lot and I asked why?

Malika: beta your uncle is not going for business trip, he is going to enjoy with liquor and girls!Me: Athai what are you saying!

Malika: ya beta he doesn’t like me at all so he used to go out all the time! Telling frankly he had slept with me last 5 years back! Sorry beta is making your mind bad!

Me: Athai don’t worry! Okay for 10 days you forget about uncle we will go back to my childhood days!! So doesn’t cry forget everything for these 10 days

I will be with you Athai! And I want my old Athai back whom I used to love and play a lot!!Malika: Okay beta!

Then she wiped her tears and then i hugged her and it became night and we had our dinner outside and we reached our home and I went to my bed and slept and after some time she came inside my room and she removed my shirt and was trying to remove my pant also but she could not and I woke up and asked.

Me: What happen Athai!Malika: beta removes your dress and sleep free!Me: am so tired Athai!

Malika: just raise your hip! I will remove your pants!Me: take it.Malika: beta shall I sleep with you it’s so lonely there?Me: ya athai come no problem!

Then she came to bed but while sleeping I was seeing her huge breast only it was very huge but I controlled and was trying to sleep!!Malika: beta when you are small you used to be very playful and very naughty! I used to run here and there to catch you and make you eat and dressed!

Me: Is it but am sorry Athai!Malika: hay no!! But I used to like you a lot and I used to like your naughty plays! And while sleeping you used to sleep in my hands and you used to play with my navel.

Me: Do you like me now also Athai?Malika: ya beta I love you a lot! And you are still a baby to me!Me: tanks Athai!

Then she took my hand and kept on her navel and she gave a kiss on my head and hugged me tightly and told me to sleep!! She smell super and sexy!

Me: Athai you are so good but you had putted some weight!Malika: Is it? Okay from tomorrow i will do some exercise! Now you sleep beta!Me: Okay Athai!

Then she hugged me so much tight and slept after some time only I slept, I was playing with her navel all long. Then at morning she came to me and waked up! I was in deep sleep but she wake up hard and told beta its almost 10 wake up and take bath we can go somewhere out!

Me: Athai am very sleepy!

Malika: beta come on just get up I will make you bath!Me: don’t want Athai I will do myself!Malika: hay I’m your aunt and you are my child so shut up and come!

Then I went inside the bathroom and started to take bath and she came inside and told to sit down!Me: athai am bathing what you want!

Malika: Beta I will wash you! You are so dirty!Me: But Athai!Malika: No buts just sit down!

She was caring me a lot but at the same time she was scolding me and then she removed her saree and kept aside, she did not even wore any bra inside and the blouse was not able to cover her huge breast! I was looking at her and suddenly I was hard.

Malika: what are you looking at?Me: sorry Athai!Malika: it’s okay! Close your eyes!

I closed my eyes and she was washing me well sometimes her huge breast will hit my face and I was about to sleep! That time she called me!Malika: beta removes your undergarment I want to wash you!Me: no athai I will wash myself!

Malika: beta no problem you are a small boy I had washed you many times and I am seeing you from small suddenly she removed my undergarment and I shouted at her and I was trying to hide it with my hand but she took my hand and made me to sit!

Malika: see you naughty child when you are small also you used escape away from bathing! Now close your mouth and sit down and remove your hand! I removed my hand and she saw my penis and when she touched it. I got a current shock and it rises to 8″inches big in seconds!

Malika: Oh my god!! What is this? Is this real what I’m seeing? Your uncle’s is only half a size of yours!Me: Athai don’t look at me like that I feel very shy!Malika: if you feel shy means close your eyes!

Then she was washing me well and she was suddenly giving a hand job to me after 5 minutes and I could not hold and splashed all my hot cum on her!

It was my biggest shot ever that made all her face and dress spoiled she got angry and slapped me!Malika: What have you done you beta! You have spoiled me! Now I also want to take bath!! You naughty!

Then she told me to take bath soon and go out I will bath and come!Me: Athai you have started now you only have to finish and you take bath I will wash your back!

Malika: how beta? This is wrong!Me: No Athai you can show your back and take bath!Malika: Okay beta but promise me that you won’t tell this to any one and come fast and I will make you clean!

I promised her and she washed me and was standing in front of me and started to remove her cloths!! She was not wearing any under garments and reveal her whole body she has the biggest tits but she could not cover that full and her ass was huge!

All were perfect to her and I saw her pussy which was clean shaved! She gave me the dress and she saw my hard on and again her eyes was becoming big!

Then she turned back and was bathing and I came near to her and I was scrubbing her back! Slowly I went to her ass and came up and caught her huge tits in my hand she got scared and angry!!

Malika: Beta what are you doing? You are becoming very naughty!Me: but athai i was trying to wash only! I am just a small boy only!Malika: Hmm!! Sorry beta but this is wrong am your aunt!!Me: it’s Okay Athai I will sit here you come fast am very hungry!

Malika: what you want to eat?Me: anything but you should feed me and athai you are so beautiful! uncle is very lucky to have a wife like you!Malika: thanks beta your uncle never praise me but don’t tell this to anyone!

Then she washed her completely and took me out! She just wrapped a towel around her and came out and she asked me to wear something and come to eat and then I wore only shorts and was lying in couch so to be continued any girls and mostly aunts can reply me [email protected]

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