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Hi readers how are you. I am a fan of ISS for about a year and I decided to pen down my real time experience. My name is John. Am from Cochin Kerala GODS OWN COUNTRY India. Any mallus ladies aunts who all are interested can contact me here [email protected] .Here am goes with my real life experience with my class mate mallu beauty asha.

I studied at a reputed Engineering college at Cochin. I got admission in government quota. And classes started as regularly and after one month she joined my heroine Asha. She was a sex goddess. With perfect shape size 32 34 28.She had a beautiful pair of eyes, with a steely glance and thin sensual lips. Her most attractive part is boobs. I put an eye on her and days passed and workshop class stared usually 5 persons in one group for a workshop for luck she was in my group and we came friends and got closer. Slowly she began to get close to me, started telling me things that happen at her home. She also began to tell me her likes and dislikes and so on. She would sit with me on the same chair. One day she took my left hand and started caressing my palms .It was a nice feeling. We started to chat in net, sms; late nite calls slowly adult jokes and double meaning talks. But not to a sex chat

Our first tour fixed and it was to pondichery and Chennai. So we started and we were a group of 7 friends and we were roaming at pondichery and all. I bought an ornaments and all to her. And a small doll with love in hand. And we enjoyed the tour and we are returning from there. A film was playing and it got finished. All the lights were switched off and it was too dark. Every time when Bus turned we made a contact to each other body since there was hardly any gap between us. Her touch was making me crazy; I slowly tried to touch her ass but very scared at same time. Nice song is playing after some time she gives a kiss to me. I was surprised.

J: what happened?

A: I felt so gave

J: Can u give 1 more

A: Ummmaaahhhaa

I got the green signal. So I kept my hands on her thighs

A: hey what you doing

J: Nothing .I just rubbed my hands on her thighs. She kept head on my shoulders.

Couldn’t control myself and hugged her from one hand.

I gave a kiss on her forehead.

She kept her knee on front seat so I can touch easily and gave access to her heaven. I felt her puore (pussy) over her dress. It was hot there. I rubbed there.

A moan came from her and she hugged me.

I slowly moved my hand to her umbaye(boobs).and started to press right one it was soft like what to say no words and it was a nice feeling its first time am experiencing that. Slowly she started to bite me in my hands. Her nipples get harden and it’s feeling in my hands. Suddenly heard a noise and we separated. After sometime I again put hands on her mula (boobs) and started to feel her. Slowly I put hands inside her churidhar and felt her belly and belly button and slid the top up… I found a cute little belly button… I felt her skin which was soft as silk…I pressed her belly I can hear her moans and breathing heavily. I cupped both hands on each breast and gently massaged it… I wanted to rip it open and suck on her tits… I kissed her slowly on her neck n slowly moved my lips to hers n I placed my lips on her lips.

She responded to my kiss n opened her mouth and n she gave me a big n a long kiss. My right hand was on her boobs. They were really big n I could feel her hard nipples over her bra. In a split second I was sucking her breasts giving her love bites in between the sucking. Nipples were already hard n sticking out. Her nipples are her real asset. They can drive any man crazy. I took it in my mouth n kept sucking it n giving lovely bites off n on. I love to kiss n bite the area just below the nipples, i.e… The bottom part of breasts. I sucked between her breasts n then moved from left to right one after another.

I went on and on and I could feel that she is moaning harder. Her breath was getting heavier. Her fingers were rubbing over my head and she was pulling my hairs. And pushing more to her umbayee (boob) after few sucking and pressing she got loosed and she got her first orgasm. I slowly kissed over her cleavage then her neck then to her HOT LIPS.I put my right hand on her belly and started to feel her belly button slowly I put my hands inside her bottom and I just goes inside over her panty I can feel hot and wet there, I just rubbed there and felt her narrow channel opening. I just rubbed there. She was kissing biting my tongues lips and rubbing my hair and pushing me closer. I rubbed faster and she got her next orgasm slowly took my hands and started to massage her mulas. She loosened her bottom so that I can access her pussy easily and kept my hand there. I just put hands inside her panty and feels jungle there.

She wasn’t clean shaven, her love juices were flowing out of her pooure (pussy).Its hot there and sticky. I slowly rubbed my fingers there and felt her hot pooure (pussy) and slowly started to feel there. And slowly open her pooure (pussy) lips and felt Her kanthe (clirots).Slowly I started to put my finger. She stopped me and said she is virgin and it pains her. I Kissed her And slowly inserted finger inside and started to stroke she is breathing heavily and I inserted 2 fingers and finger fucked her She got her orgasm.

We were tiered and she got dressed and slept for some time. I woke up again after some time and she was sleeping on my shoulder Hugging me. Seeing her I got hard again and I started to squeeze her mula (boobs).

She woke up and I kissed her. I opened my pants zip and took dick out and kept her hands. she took my dick in her hand and she said it’s hot, and she loves holding it. She held my dick in her hand n she started playing with my dick. I was enjoying it.

I asked uumbitharamo… (Blowjob)She was not familiar with that word and asked what that. I asked if she would like to take my dick in her mouth…She told she don know and she don like that I didn’t compel her as it’s her first time. I asked her to stroke hard and I cummed in seconds. She wiped it with her shall.

I kissed her lips n then slowly moved down her neck and took her breasts in my mouth. I played with her breasts for some 3 or 4 minutes. Again I slid my hands inside and opened the top. I moved her breasts to either sides and kissed between her breasts. Then I went on to the bottom part of her boobs n I bit her breasts. This time harder. She was stroking my dick hard and squeezing it. And we cumed at same time. I kissed her on her lips n calmed her down…It’s around 5 O Clock .So we dressed and slept.

This was our first experience. More to come, experiences at her home and all after receiving your emails. Any mallus or ladies or aunty want to chat or friendship or secret relation then mail to me [email protected] will maintain secrecy

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