Married My Slutty Mother-In-Law – Part I

Hi readers I am james and this is my first story for you guys, specially married men..I started reading ISS since 2010, but the story I am going to tell you is happened in 2008. Before telling the story I have to explain the characters to you. In this story main characters are me. James , 30 years at that time, well build and had a 8 inch cock thanks to modern and ayurvedic medicines. The next is my wife, 23 and pregnant. The last one is my slutty MIL, superb structure and a sex bomb, 42 at that time.Let me start the story.

It is the end of 2008. My wife was getting ready for her first delivery. I was busy taking care of her and my business work. So we decided to call my MIL who is living in her village with her two sister. She is widowed in her age 32 and she sacrificed her rest of life to her daughter, my wife. My wife called her and told her to come. After my marriage this is the first time I see her. She never came to my place and neither me. On the day she coming me and my wife went to railway station to receive her.

There I stunned to see her. She is totally changed, My wife hugged her and welcomed her and I just told a hi to welcome her. On the way home my wife and MIL talked a lot of things but I kept quite enjoying my MILs beauty. She is in her 42, but she is a sex bomb. She had a 36D boobs but it is well covered and she had a great ass like a porn star. She is also cute with nice firm hands and juicy lips. My prick erected at once seeing her. We went to home and I had arranged a business trip to china for a week by two days.

But in the second day of her arrival my wife got delivery pain and we admitted her to a near by nursing home and we spend our time there until we certify my wife is fine. Me and my MIL went home and I was buzy informing my client in china about my situation, After completing my work I went to kitchen to make me a cup of coffee, to my surprise I heard my MILs voice from behind.

MIL-Do u want anything james?

Me-No I just wanna make a coffee.

MIL-Let me make it.

I gave her space and went to living room to watch tv. I just watching but all my concentration was on her. I badly need my dick in her cunt. I was thinking a way to seduce her. In few minutes she came near me with a cup of coffee. I decided to make the first move.

Me-U have changed a lot.

MIL-Ya thats because I am going to be a grandma nah (giggling)

Me-No not like that.U look so young than the last time I saw u.

MIL-Really?? (giggling) Thats because of the yoga session I am following.

Me-Ur doing yoga??(Surprised)

MIL-Ya my younger sis teaches me.

I looked her surprisingly. She continued her giggling, I went near her and gathered some courage and kept my palm on her shoulder. She was shocked and asked me what I am doing.

Me-How long a man touched you?

MIL- I think this conversation is going little bad. Um tired. I want to go to bed.

Me-Not now honey. We both are going at the same time ti same bed.

MIL-What are you talking about, Um your….mmmmmm

I kissed her in her lips and locked it for 10 minutes. She tried to get out from me but I held her very tight. Her boobs are pressing my chest and I am caring her lovely back and untied her blouse. Slowly she began to enjoy it. I removed he saree and petticoat and made her nude in front of me. Then I took my mobile and took some snaps of her nude body for my security.

Then I licked her breasts and chew her nipples. She was morning like hell and the sound filled the living room. She is begging me to stop but I grabbed her boobs and push her to the coach. Then I raised her legs and put it on my shoulders and started to lick her pussy. She was morning and I loved it. I continued licking for 15 minuted and she cummed two times.

Then it is my turn to show what I got. I took my cock out and she stunned to see my 8 inch pet. But she continued her begging to stop. I took my cock and blushed on her pussy to tease her. She looked bit tamed by that action. Then I entered into her but my cock looked bit big for her unused cunt. By some effort I entered he but 2 inch still inside. I start riding her like a piston for about 15 minutes and she cummed again. I continued and felt like going to cum. She begged not to cum inside her but with a evil smile I did exactly opposite what she told.

Then I took her to bed room and fucked again and again. I fucked her till 1 am and slept. In the next day morning she came near my bed with a cup of coffee. She is bathed and dressed well and the smell of the perfume drove me crazy. She remind me that we have to go to hospital and we shall continue the fucking session that night.

In the next part I will narrate how I married my MIL and guys and girls dont foget to send ur feedbacks to [email protected], Any ladies can contact me for a good fucking session.

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