Massage Client Wanted More From Me

Hello, all, this is Abhi and I am back with one more sex story of a steaming hot massage story. Any girls or ladies wanting massage or other additional services please contact me at [email protected]

After a hot steamy massage and sex with Bhavana, she had promised to make me famous and make me have fun whenever I felt like. I thought she will let me play with her body everytime I felt like and would let me have her everywhere but she had a different plan in her mind. However, she said she is traveling for official purpose and will be out for 20 days and she assured to contact me on her return.

A week passed, I tried calling her but there was no response from her and I thought, it was a one night stand and I thought I will move on. But fate was different. I got a call from another lady. She introduced herself as Sanjana and she got my number from Bhavana. She works in the same office and told me she is looking for massage as she has back problem. I said ok will meet u over the weekend and with her voice, I thought this is yet another boring massage session without fun.

The same night of talking, she sent me a massage in WhatsApp saying hi, I checked her DP to see how she looks and to my bad luck there were 5 women in the DP and all looked at least 45 plus. I lost hopes and decided to deny the massage and replied her with a hi. She said Bhavana has told her everything about the massage we had last week and she said she knows what happened after the massage as well. I was shocked to hear that but politely said oh, it was just a massage session.

Immediately she sent me a wink and said yes, it was but with additional benefits of private parts massage with white fluids lol. I realized she is aware of everything and said yes we had a massage and had steamy sex after massage. She sent me another wink and said, let’s have a massage tonight if u are not too busy. I said, can I see ur pic before that? She denied and said meet me in half hour and see me for urself. I was kinda ok and asked for her address. She sent it immediately and I reached in 20 mins.

I rang the bell and there she was. I was awe struck seeing her. She was around 27 or 28 and had a very curvy structure. She welcomed me and gave me a cup of hot coffee and said I will prepare for massage.

After 10 mins, she called me into the room and I went and saw that she was standing in a white robe tied tightly around her body. I smiled and said u are all set for the play? She immediately said, unlike Bhavana, I am looking for some pain relaxation and let’s do that. I lost all the hopes of having fun and it was visible on my face. She handed me an envelope which had 5k in it and said that for the massage. I felt little happy and said fine, let’s start. She immediately removed her robe and slept on the cot facing down.

Wow, what a sight it was, a perfectly round ass and bare back with a tiny line of her bra strap. My jaws dropped and I immediately started rubbing her back with my hands and was feeling her skin. Guess she also liked it and let out a small moan. But she quickly realized and said aren’t u forgetting to use oil? Even I realized and said, just wanted to feel ur skin. She looked back and said, I know how u are feeling its already poking my ass. I politely said sorry and moved a step back and continued massaging her. I took some oil and asked her where is the pain, she pointed to her lower back and said start from here. I started pouring some oil and started the massage.

I have unique techniques for pain relief and within a few mins she felt relieved and started enjoying. She was moving her body in the rhythm of massage, I felt this is my chance and started going down on her body and now I was massaging near her panty line. I intentionally pushed my hands I side her panty a couple of times and she let off a moan. I took it as a green signal and slid my hands completely inside her panty and started pressing her ass cheeks strongly. She started liking it and started moaning loudly. I slowly pulled down her panty and started playing with those round ass.

I was very hard inside my pants and playing with her ass and slowly started rubbing her pussy. She gave a sudden jerk and she turned around. I looked at her face and it was full of lust. I slowly placed my hand on her boobs and gave a gentle press. It was 36 with a c cup and perfect. I like big boobs and started playing with it. She slowly got up and started kissing me. I lost control and got involved in the action. I removed her bra and she was completely naked in front of me. I made her lie down again and started massaging her again and I slid a finger into her pussy. Shee started shivering and moaning loudly. I continued to finger her for some time.

I inserted two fingers into her pussy and started shaking it. She lost herself completely and was moaning and shivering. She started to hold her pussy tight and I realized that she was about to cum and yes she came all over my finger. I licked her juice on my finger and went for her lips. We kissed for some time and she moved her hand over my pants and felt my already hard dick. She quickly opens my pants and lowered my undies and took my 7-inch dick in her hand and started stroking it. I lost control of myself and got on the cot. She immediately took my dick in her mouth and started blowing me.

It was the best blowjob I had and I came in her mouth. She drank it all and slept hugging me. After about 5 mins she wanted more and started stroking me again. My dick got hard instantly with her touch and I took her down and entered her in missionary style. I started thrusting her fast and she was moving her hips in sync with my humping.

We did that for some time and she came on me and started riding me in cowgirl style. I lost track of time enjoying this bombshell and was in heaving fucking her. We changed to dog style and missionary and so on and had sex in different style. After about some time I was about to cum and she wanted me to cum deep inside her and I started with missionary style and came inside her. We relaxed for some time and the had shower together and cleaned. She gave me another envelope and said this is for ur additional services. I saw it, it had 10k.

We kissed each other and bid goodbye. She said she will call me again and as promised she did, she called me the very next evening and we had sex for 3 nights consecutively.

Any girls or ladies, interested I massage or sex email me at [email protected].

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