Massage Helped Injured Aunty Pooja

Hi, guys… My name is Sahil Kumar and I live in Chennai with my mom and dad. I am working at a reputed call center in Chennai. I m 33yrs of age and 5″10 in height. My part time hobby is massage. I know some massage technics by means of which I can make anyone relax. I stay in an apartment where there is this aunty name Pooja who looks damn sexy and mother of 2 kids. She must be around the age 40. I don’t know her stats but she has got an amazing figure to die for and this is my sex story.

So coming to the sex story…. I have tried my massage technics with my ex-girlfriend and some of my office female colleagues and also on my house maid which has finally made them all horny and led them to have sex with me. So this January as we have Pongal holidays here in Chennai my mom and dad had planned for a vacation for a week to Jaipur and I had stayed back because of my office project. When my mom and dad left Chennai I went to office as it is a Friday. Next day I had an off but I had some appointment with my colleague Neeta for a massage in the afternoon. She came in and my house is located in such a way that if someone climbs the stairs to go the terrace they can see what is going on in my house. I started with my massage on Neeta and she knew from the other colleague what this massage will end up in sex. So she was just in her bra and panty and I just closed the outer door and forgot to close the inner door.

As I was busy with giving massage to Neeta I heard someone coming up but I was in no mood to see who it was as I thought the door is closed. Pooja aunty was going to terrace and saw in my house and was shocked to see me giving massage to some female. She just watched me give her massage and the whole seen. After I just finished with Neeta I went to the restroom and saw my door open as soon as I went to close it there I saw Pooja aunty coming down from the terrace and saw me and smiled and said u r doing a good massage. I said sorry aunty and she said can I get your number and I was on cloud nine and we exchanged the number.

Nothing happened for a week next Friday night I got a call from pooja stating that she has some problem with her back which is aching a lot and she needs a massage tomorrow in the afternoon. I was happy that I am going to touch my sexy aunty. I was waiting the whole night and next day she came to my house at 2 pm. We exchanged smiles and I said hi to her. I asked her about her kids and she said they are sleeping and the maid is taking care of them. I told her to change and without my saying she just went in came out wrapping a towel and slept on the bed with her stomach down. In the meanwhile, I made some oil a little warm and went near her and removed the towel. I was shocked to see her in just black bra and panty. I just dropped some oil on her legs and started massaging her legs. She started relaxing and I was getting horny. After a while, she started slow moaning which I could hear and as I was going higher and massaging her thighs the moaning became a little louder like hmm…. ish…. nice…… in between she was saying your hands and really making me relax.

Then I went to her back and as I was massaging her back I told her to just unhook the bra strap as it is coming in between. She just removed it and let it free. By this time I was really hard and I started touching her side boobs which were amazing and so soft. Her moaning had increased and she was feeling tempting. I went and stood right next to her head and was massaging her neck and shoulders and her face was close very close to my fully erect dick. I could really feel her hot breath on my dick which wanted to come out of my track pants. I could feel sometimes as if she was touching my dick with her lips. She has noticed my bulge and was tempting me by making her moaning loud like hmm…… yes….. aah ahh….. nice…… finally I finished with my back massage and now it was time for the front side. I was now totally hot that now I wanna fuck her big time.

I asked her to turn front and told her we will take a break for 5 mins. She was okay with it and told me that now she knows why girls prefer taking massage from me. After getting a break she slept straight facing the roof. And I started with her legs again and this time thought of seducing her to the extent that she should ask me to fuck her. So as I was getting higher I touched her thighs and now I slowly spread-ed her legs and was just massaging her inner thighs and time to time I was touching her pussy. Each time I touch her pussy she uses to jerk which makes me touch her pussy more. Then I just went behind her head and massaged her hands and then started to lean forward and massage her belly and upper chest. I was feeling a little uncomfortable because of her bra. As I was leaning in front my dick use to brush her face. My dick is 7″ which and was hitting her face. As I was massaging her upper chest my hands were going inside her bra which was loose as the hooks were open. I was now trying to massage her boobs and I heard her saying “u can remove it if it is disturbing u ” and I in one go removed it and started to massage her boobs and she went crazy and started moaning hmmm….. yes………… aah ahh…… your hands are doing magic…… and all of a sudden she pulled my pants down and took my dick in her mouth…. and I started squeezing her boobs and after 10 mins I came in her mouth.

Then I went in front and pulled her panties down and started licking her pussy. Her pussy was smelling sexy and in no time came on my face. Then I pulled her a little down and we were kissing each other for 15 mins and then I told her that I going to fuck u and inserted my dick in her pussy and slowly started stroking her. As I increased my pace her moans became louder which filled the house with hmm…… ahh…uuuuhhhhhhhhhh…… fuck me hard………. make me your bitch………. uuummmmm……and after 15 mins of fucking she said yyyeeeessssss…………. plz faster I am coming and I saw her tighten her legs around my waist and she came. But I was not over so I made her turn around applied some oil on her ass and fucked her ass hole and she was totally exhausted and in 5 mins I came. I had put my cum on her ass and then fell on her and we both were relaxing for 10 mins while relaxing her maid called her on mobile that the kids have woke up so she had to rush back home. And then we went to have a shower and finally, we took shower and dressed and while leaving home she kissed me like there is no time and said she will never forget this day and will keep contacting me for a massage whenever I am free.

Any ladies who would like to have a private massage can mail me on my email id which is [email protected]. our conversation will be kept totally secret and will guarantee a best relaxing massage hope u understand and enjoyed my sex story…….

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