Massage To A Friend Turned Into Sex

Hi, this is Irfan from Pune age 27 married having a child. I am good qualified professional but girls/aunties give me more kick. This is my 1st sex story here. I am good massager having very nice experience of massage.

Let me start real incidence happened with me in Jan 2015. Then heroin of this story in my friend name Nisha (name changed) age 29. She is hot and is fair in looks and chubby girl. Her vital stats are 34-30-36. I hope you are able to imagine. She is living in paying the guest house. This sex story I am writing with her permission as that was our private time so I need to take her permission in my view and she was happy to share our moments with u all guys.

That was a month of Jan and my wife had gone to her parent’s place for delivery so I was very hungry for sex. So as a friend me and Nisha were chatting on Whatsapp much time late night and u boys must be known in a late night chat how our mind works. So I was trying to flirt with her but was having a bit fear to ask her openly. She is having a beauty parlor.

One day she said me that she had called a lady in her room for body massage as she was feeling much pain in body and our conversation goes like this

Me – whether that lady give an open massageshe – no she keeps bra and panty on the body and give a massageme -I am too expert in massage and have experience of massage and I am doing it professionallyshe – have u massaged a ladyme – noshe – ooh

I did not want to miss this chance.

Me – if u don’t mind I will give u a good massage that too free of cost as u r my friendShe – (hesitation) no I am fineMe – just try once and we will keep it secretShe – (more hesitation) if u r insisting so much then we will do some other dayMe – next week my parents are going out of station for some family function so we will plan (I was not going as I had given appointment of my clients in office)She – ok but it will be late at night and my PG will be lockedMe – no issue u can stay at my homeShe – no I will notMe – are baba I have 2 BHK bungalow u can stay in my parent’s bedroomShe – that is a better option

Then in next few chats, we decided the date and it was Tuesday night at my home I was going to give her good massage.Then the day came which I was waiting for. I left my office at 6 saying, my staff, as I have some work outside. On the way, I bought almond oil and condoms (as safety is very much required) and I picked her up from her place on my bike. She was keeping a safe distance on the bike. I was on cloud 9 that I was having a high chance to fuck her. Then we entered our home at approx. 8 pm. I made a coffee, we both took it and were chatting about some stuff here and there. Then she asked very curiously

She – how u got massage experienceMe – I was doing to my family members and many guests of our family insists me to do massageShe – ok have u done to ladies beforeMe – just head massageShe – I am having very serious back pain few days in a month and it disappear later (I understood what she mean)Me – don’t worry I will make your body pain ran awayShe – (smiling)Me – let’s take bath and don’t wear clothes inside just wrap towel and come in my bedroomShe – no I am at bit shy so I will wear dressMe – ok

She took a towel and gone to take bath. Meanwhile, I mixed almond oil with coconut oil and made it bit hot, played some romantic music in the bedroom and kept waiting for her to come out. 10 min later she came by wearing her churidar, I asked the reason and she said she is a bit shy.

Anyway, I asked her to remove salwar and top to this she said no. I insisted her more and then she said to turn off the lights. I turned it off. She removed her dress and now she was in her black bra and black panty this much only I could able to see on her white skin. Then I asked her to remove that too to this she just removed the bra and said now enough. I went to close her and I asked her to hug me u will feel comfortable. She said we are here for a massage but I said when there is no cloth on the body, u will able to enjoy the massage. she said no. I hugged her.

She was probably hugging a guy 1st time so she was shivering. I took the opportunity and started smooching her she was shivering a lot. I started moving my hand on her back and started kissing her on her neck. Believe me guys this will make any lady feel excited and she will be ready for u soon. I believe instead of direct doing sex we must give time for better foreplay so that we both can become hot. Generally, I do for the play of 30 min by smooching, sucking her hole body, licking her boobs, caressing on thighs, licking pussy and playing with it.

She was getting hot by this time. I inserted one hand in her panty from the back and hold her ass chicks in hand and started pressing her, to this she hugged me tightly and saying “ahhhhhhhh”. I took my another hand in panty started removing it, her resistance was getting low by this time. She was just hugging me was enjoying the game. After removing her panty she was nude but due to off light I was not able to see her nude body. I made her sleep on the bed and started kissing her on her whole body by lying on her. She was super-hot now I took the chance and removed my clothes too, in no time I became nude and I lied to her.

Now our body was attached to each other and there was no barrier of clothes in between. We both were feeling each others body heat and was enjoying. Meanwhile I French kissed her, to my surprise she was not knowing how to kiss. I thought her that too and she learned it so fast. I came down to her body and slept beside her. I kept my one hand below her neck and we hugged each other by sleeping. I again started kissing her and started moving my hand on her thighs and pussy area, but u didn’t touch her pussy as I wanted to tease her. I was sucking her boobs one by one and pressing other boobs. Now she was unable to control the feeling as this feeling was a 1st-time experience for her.

Now I decided to give her more feel so I deep my two fingers in oil and started to rub her pussy. She moaned so loudly “ahhhhhhhhhh” and hugged me tightly. Saying “achha lag raha hai” (feeling good) I continuously rubbed her pussy and finally entered a finger in her pussy, she was in pain and pleasure. I understood that really she is a virgin, the half finger went inside and she started enjoying so I inserted one more finger it also gone with little pain. I took her hand and kept it on my 7inch dick (I will not exaggerate because I am not here to impress anyone) she started playing with it and was playing with her pussy.

She was on cloud 9 as all this feeling was a big surprise for her. After doing a good amount of fisting in her pussy finally, I decided to insert my dick in her as she was so excited and me too. I came on her and started to rub my dick on her pussy, this made her more Horney, I wore a condom in my dick and slowly in inserted it inside. It was unable to go in. so I applied more oil on it, came in missionary position and tried to insert but as she was chubby her legs started creating a problem for me to go near her pussy, I understood the problem and decided to do doggy. So I asked her to get up and bend down and she obeyed as good student.

Then in slowly inserted from behind and 25% of dick gone inside and she started shouting. I asked her what happen she said it’s hurting, I stopped pushes keeping dick inside and started kissing on her back and started shivering again. After some time again I started inserting slowly and slowly not almost 60% of dick was inside and she was enjoying and I started to and fro movement she was enjoying by that time I inserted whole dick inside and she even not recognized it. When my dick finally went fully inside and touched the final wall of her pussy she was moaning so loudly saying ‘thanks Irfan for giving me this feeling I cannot explain to you how it is feeling” and she was trying to touch my body in that position only.

After almost 5 mins I started feeling to come. She cum by that time as her pussy was all wet. I told her I am coming she asked ‘wo kya hota hai’ (what is that) I laughed and started pumping her fast she was also enjoying and finally I came in the condom. We both were feeling so nice. I removed the condom and slept on her body on the bed for some time. We both were breathing so heavily we were on the bed like we have run for 50 km continuously. After some time she kissed me on my body saying ‘thanks, I will not forget the feeling for my lifetime’ later I massaged her and we have one more round. Then after a month, we did in my office when my all staff was out for audit work. After 3 months we had to the hotel for 2 days and have a lot of fun. Now she is in Nashik for some work. We are still in touch and very soon will be planning for more fun.

So boys please don’t ask me her address or photo and anything about her as she is not a whore and it’s my responsibility to keep our both identity secret. Send me feedback on [email protected]

Ladies if u like the sex story then please Send me feedback on [email protected], if anyone wants a real massage and real sex experience then also msg me on [email protected] . rest thing we can discuss on this mail id. Hope you will like the story.

After your feedback, I will tell you next sex story about how I had sex with a married lady who met me on facebook.Waiting for your reply.

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