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I’m Nishant (Nish), male aged 30, from Bangalore/Bengaluru. I’m a software engineer by profession and working in an MNC and also an experienced masseur (providing massage) for females and couples. I travel across India to give massage to my clients. All the massages are done by me at the customer’s doorstep (home/hotel) at a very nominal cost. Mail your comments, feedbacks, enquires on [email protected].

Few people think my experiences are fake, etc etc. But I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. People who have taken the services from me know the truth, for which I am very happy. Have both fans and haters. No regrets. It’s all part and parcel of life.

It has been a long time I have shared my experiences on ISS. During these days, I got good amount of requests from new clients and the old ones never hesitated to contact me again. Dear ones, if you might want to get in touch with me, feel free to connect with me.

I had to travel to New Delhi during January 2016, since a new client wanted to avail my services. They were lesbians, Shikha aged 30 & Sapna aged 28. They got my details through ISS and didn’t hesitate to contact me when they needed to avail my services.

Shikha, Sapna & I spoke over phone for sometime and confirmed about ourselves over skype. We spoke in general, I explained my terms and conditions to reach Delhi and they explained theirs as well. Once they were comfortable with me, they had a session where I was lucky enough to see them in action for a while on cam (wink). Yes, they were lesbians.

They made the payment for flight tickets & accommodation and I booked the tickets accordingly to reach Delhi on the scheduled date. They had shared their location & was easily accessible through metro.

As soon as I landed in Delhi,

Me: Hey Shikha, I have landed in Delhi airport. I will take a metro to reach the destination.

Shikha: Eager to meet you soon Nish. Either I or Sapna will be at the Metro to pick you up.

Me: Sure. I should be there in 45mins.

It was quiet a long journey to reach the destination. Exactly 45mins later, I got down at the station and outside. The two beauties Shikha & Sapna were waiting for me to pick me up.

Shikha & Sapna: Welcome Nish (gave me a hug)

Me: Thanks you dear

I got in to their car and we headed to their home. We spoke about few things during the drive, and reached home in about 15mins. Once I was there, I was given a separate room to refresh & relax and they went to work. I slept till evening, since I was supposed to be awake the entire night.

Shikha & Sapna returned back early from their work in the evening. Once, they were refreshed, we went to the nearby mall and loaded the fridge with some booze and got somethings to eat and party the night. We started drinking and this is how things went,

Shikha: Nish, I must say, you look very innocent and nobody can think of you as a masseur.

Me: Thanks Shikha. Yups, this is what majority of my clients have told, but, later their thoughts were changed.

Sapna: Great Nish. Have you ever massaged lesbian couple ?

Me: I have massaged 2 women simultaneously, but they were not lesbian couple though (winked).

Sapna: Seems like we are gonna have lots of fun tonight Shikha.

Shikha: Yeah. Seems so.

Me: You both are purely lesb or either or both of you are bi-sexual too ?

Shikha: Sapna wants to try with a guy. We zeroed in on you. (winked)

Me: What about you Shikha ?

Shikha: Maybe. Maybe not. (smiled)

Sapna: This would be the first time with a guy Nish. Our first massage too.

Both Shikha & Sapna were gorgeous. Perfect dressing manner for their perfect structures respectively.

Shikha – Height 5.4 ; Weight 54kgs ; 34-24-34 ; Long smooth silky black hair

Sapna – Height 5.3 ; Weight 51kgs ; 32-24-34 ; Long smooth silky black hair

After couple more glasses of booze, we three went to the bedroom, along with the oils which I was carrying for the massage. Unlike for others, where the room was beautifully decorated, this was not the case here, we kept things as simple as possible and make things sensual from what we have.

Meanwhile I arranged the oils on the table, the hungry girls starting kissing eachother and helped eachother to remove their dresses. They both came to me, lead me to the bed, pushed me and started undressing me too. Yes, we all were in our birth suites now.

It was my turn now, I pushed both of them on the bed and said,

Me: Ready for the massage ladies ?

Shikha & Sapna: Yes, we are. Waiting for this moment.

Both of them were lying on their stomach with me in the middle. I poured oil on both and using both my hands, started the massage to both simultaneously. I massaged their back for sometime and then their neck and spread the oil and started massaging their bums. I just loved their bums. Their bums were shining once I had spread the oil there. After few minutes, I asked them to kneel in the doggy position and rub each other’s bums.

Shikha: I must say Nish, you got magic in your hands. Doesn’t he Sapna ?

Sapna: He does baby.

Sapna: This is a nice one, Shikhu, we have not tried this.

Shikha: Yeah, a nice position.

I intervened in between and spanked their asses couple of times letting them leave soft moans. Seeing these beauties in action, I couldn’t control much too, causing my dick to erect. Seeing this, the beauties positioned my dick between their ass and rubbed it. I was moaning too.

Few minutes later, we sat on the bed and Sapna started sucking my dick and Shikha was sucking Sapna’s vagina. This continued for few more minutes and we changed our positions to 69. During this, I was surprised to see Shikha sucking my dick, since she was not that keen. Sapna and I, together were sucking Shikha’s vagina. I felt so good while Shikha was sucking me, her hairs had covered and it was simply WOW.

Sapna: How was it Shikhu ?

Shikha: Great!

After sometime, I made them relax on the bed and started massaging their breasts. The moans started to increase. This went on for few minutes. After the breast massage, I sucked both their breasts, Shikha & Sapna were in action for the same too.

It was time for me to give them yoni massage. On my left was Shikha & on the right was Sapna. I had to do this simultaneously too. It was pretty tough. I moved down, widen their legs, poured oil on their vagina and started massaging steadily.

Initially I massaged the outer region on vagina, and slowly massaged the lips of the vagina and played for few mins with their clits. Steadily, I inserted my fingers inside their vagina.

Shikha: It feels so good to feel a man inside.

Sapna: I told you Shikhu. We should try this. Lucky we are.

I just smiled and continued massaging the inner part of their vaginas. It’s really not easy at all to massage the vaginas simultaneously, but it was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

I increased the speed steadily and yes, their moans were increasing simultaneously too. After non stop 15 mins, they were about to shoot out. They didn’t want me to stop, but, yes, I was getting tired too. In the next couple of minutes, Shikha followed by Sapna, shot their loads of cum, some of them falling on me as well.

More to be followed in part 2…

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