Mature And Hot Mother-In-Law Ko Maa Bana Dia

Hi….Everyone..This is shikari…I have been through iss since past 5 years…But never got a chance to post my story..So in story case i m totally new..So any mistake noticed should be tolerated…Nw lets come to story…I am shikara(fake name)..Age 23..Well built…Medium colour..5ft 10 inch..With 7inch rod..

Since my childhood i have a special interest in women specially in the mature age from 40 and above…My parents died when i was only 14…No one there to care about me…Then i grew in in a wrong way…I completed my graduation with difficulties…Then i started my own business with all the funds my parents left for me…And from the primary stage it went well…Then i came in contact with a beautiful girl…We got in love…Her parents means only her mother and father..

Her father was working outside…She convinced her parents..And finally we both tied in a thread that is marriage….I rented a house in bhubaneswar..As mother in law would hv to stay alone we brought her with us… Everything went fantastic…

My mil is of 50 size 36 34 38 plumpy woman…We had 2 bed rooms ..One for we two and other one for mil.Everything went good till one year..Some times father in law used to visit us..But 1 day we got the news that our fil expired in a road accident..We all got shocked.We along with mil rushed to him to end last rituals.Then we returned.All were in depressed mood..Specially my mil…It is said na when something bad happens it comes in a total mass..My wife was too worried that even after 1 year we intercoursing why she not getting pregnant.

So i took her to medical for check up.In report i got to know she has problem ..She cant be mother in her life…I hid that report from her..As i love her too much i cant see her too depressed..I just made her relaxed telling her that everything is fine in the report…But she saw a puzzled in my face..Next day i went to my business..I got late due to heavy work load..I returned late that night..I knocked the door..My mil opened the the door.She was in her nighty…For the first time i noticed her figure..Even in the age of 50 she was just like sex goddess..

Then i entered my room..And asked about my wife..She said that whole day she was upset and went bed early..So i finished my diner,then went to my room..I saw my wife lying on the bed..I kissed on her fore head and slept side her…Then suddenly i heard a small crying sound..I checked..It was my wife…I took her in t her arms and asked why she was crying.She told that she found the report..And she was guilty as she cant give me child..I said its ok..I love her ..I want only her..Then kissed her and slept..

Next day as usual i went to work..Suddenly i got a text from my wife that its urgent and i have to go home now…I thought might be its a medical case thats why my wife told its urgent..So i rushed home..When i entered home everything was natural..I inquired why she called me..She told nothing .She just want to discuss on some matter..I 1st got irritated as i had to miss my important meeting..

Then looking up the situation i went to bed room with her..She closed the door then told”janu,what i am telling ..Plz dont mind..I had to take this decision so strongly..Listen anyhow i want baby..Though i cant produce, someone may do that job…And thats why i called you..”i asked what you saying..I cant keep relation with anyone except you..Then she told thax for loving me so much..But i cant hear myself infertile…So you have to copulate with that person for my shake..I asked who?..She told its no other than my mom..

Hearing this my 7inch rod tried to tore my zip..I told what rubbish you talking abut…How can i do that with your mom..And how can she let me do this to her???Then my wife replied “dont worry janu..I made this arrangement..She also hunger of sex as dad is no more..And every cunt want a meat in it..Whats the problem if your actual mate letting you to intercourse with other cunt.”i knowingly pretended to be unhappy but inwards i was feeling too excited…Then in the lunch table we all sat..No one speaking a single word,,finally i broke the silence..

I directly asked my mil that are you ready for this??She told “yep”,”but in 1 condition..That i will too marry you..”my wife immediately replied “i m allowing this..But give me a healthy child”we all laughed at a time..

Next day i took leave from work..My wife made all the arrangements…We went to nearby temple..Mil was in her bridal saree..She was looking damn sexy..Trust i was completely out of mind..In this age she was looking like shree devi..Finally i put sindur on her forehead and mangal sutra..

Now i am owner of her body and chut..Then we all went to our room..My wife told me to go for refreshment to friends and told me to come back by 8pm..I went to friends..We all discussed all financial matter but my mind was completely lost in mil..I returned at 8pm…My wife was waiting in the drawing room..Then she greeted me with a naughty smile..Then she told”go baby..And prove to my mom how you tore my Cherry”i kissed my wife and entered..The room was giving a sweet smell..Wow..

The whole room was decorated with flowers..And in the bed it was my prey..I slowly went to her..Lifted her ghunghat..And saw her face..She was blushing..I told.”rani…Dont be so…”then she touched my feet and gave me a glass of milk..Then i held her and lifted her to bed..Then i gently kissed her fore head then lips..It was so soft..Then i squeezed her boobs..Wow it was so soft and vast..Then i tore her blouse..She was in her white bra..My god..I was drinking all my mouth juice seeing this…Her under arms was filled with black forest which i love most..

I started licking her armpits..Wow it was so tasty..Then i unhooked her bra and started sucking her boobs.. Nipple..It was amazing…She was moaning with pleasure..She then started undressing me and held my lund in her hand..She was making my meat up and down..Then without uttering a word she took it in her mouth..Wow she was a damn bitch…She was superb in oral sex…In fifteen mins i left all my water !

I her mouth..She swallowed it all…Then i removed her saree..She was in green colour peti coat…I removed her peti coat..Omg…Her chut was hidden in her thick forest..And fountain already started flowing…I took my mouth and started licking…Entered my tongue..What a tasty juice..She started moaning…And pressing my head deep in to her chut..She then left all her water…Then she told”raja,i cant tolerate..Please drill my hole..”i immediately put my rod in to her…And started giving slow blow…I think she was in no mood to waist…

She rode on me and did up and down her hips…My rod completely entered in to her..Then i held her hair..And penetrated in to her with great force as if i was doing after 10 years…At the same time i was pressing her boobs…She was throwing nasty languages in excitement..

Finally told “raja,i m going to cum…”i was still in excitement…I increased my speed..I was also on a verge to cum..I was touching her womb…Very soon my sperm going to make shape there..Soon we both at a loud climaxed…Wow…It was really better than my wife’s session..We two slept in each other arms…Her armpit giving damn sexy smell..After five minutes i again started…This time we lasted 45 mins…

Then i attempted for doggy style..But she refused…And told not today..Then again we did another session..Next morning when i got up..I saw no one in bed..Then i went to wash room nude..Two of my bitches ware making food..When mil saw me she rushed to me and told”pati dev..I want to drink ur first pee of the day..It will be blessing for me..”then she put her mouth and i peed in my mouth..

She drank it all with pleasure…Then that day i made sex with her 25times..The next day we made our bed rooms to single one,and decided we three will live in single room.That day we went to priya for lunch.Both my wives was in black and white saree and in sleeveless blouse.Then while returning my wife said that we should go for honeymoon.At first i denied for work load,then i said we fixed our honey moon place in simla.After three days we had plan to go.That night i was lying on bed.Then my wives came in to room.They all are in nighty.They sat next to me.Suddenly my first wife opened my pant zip and held my rod.Without wasting time she put it in her mouth and began to suck,i was beyond control.I opened my second wife’s nighty and began to suck her boobs.She had not wore any bra.Her nipple had already been erected.

I was sucking like baby.She was caressing my head and moaning slowly.At the same time my 1st wife was sucking like heaven.I was ready to cum.She said to cum in her mouth.With a big loud i ejaculated all my juice in her mouth and she swallowed all.Then my second wife put my rod in her mouth and i put my tongue on my 1st’s nipple.

We continued it for fifteen minutes.Then i put my rod in my 1st hole and began to give thrusts.My second one was licking my ass hole.I cummed in first cunt then my rod found its path to second one’s hole.I like to say one thing if anyone really want to marry then its better to choose a lady in fiftees. I am saying all this from my own experience.I was fucking my second one like this is my last wish to fuck anyone before my death.

After half an hour i left all my seeds in her womb.Then we all slept.Next morning after i got up the same rituals of drinking pee continued.Both my wives already considered it as amrut then its time to bath.We all entered in to bathroom,became nude.I switched on the shower and put shampoo in my head and handed over the shampoo bottle to my dear wives.They stopped me and started blowjob.

After fifteen minutes i was about to cum suddenly my second brought a bottle and kept it in the nozzle of penis and told me to cum there.I left all my valuable seeds there.Then they they again started blow job and kept my semen there.This continued for next 5 rounds.Then they took little juice from bottle and began to applied on their hairs.I asked why they

Doing like this>they said they want to feel my juice in all their parts.I was touched with my wife’s respect and love towards me and promised to give love till my last breath.Then we went to simla.There we fucked in all possible positions and i put all my possible seeds in my second wife’s womb.Next 3 months was month of sex.Every night me,my wife and mil were doing sex in every poster.Every day mil was drinking my pee as her blessing.After 10 months we had a baby.

Guyz this is my first story and sorry for any inconvenience. Please reply me how was the story…To my mail [email protected] ..Any aunt..Divorced want my meat or want child from me please mail [email protected] ..I m always in your service</p>

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