Me And My Cousin Sister In Cloud Nine

Hi, this happend between me and my cousin sister two months ago.As I said it is my first story forgive if you find any narration abstracts’.

( about me ) I am normal guy 21year old as all do I also used to go gym daily and maintained my body.And girls do like it. And height of 5’10 ”

(About my cousin ) her name is anju and she is very pretty girl.With future of 34:28:36. She is very cute girl and attractive thing in her is her eyes and lips.They are so sweet to life chocolates.

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Here I go.

It was my vacation and I had been to my grandmas home. I remember that me and my cousins used to play daddy mommy game in child would and she still remember it. She is 3 year elder to me and you married recently. I feel bad for her because her husband is very dark and aged. He is business man moreover he used to stay out of town. As I said it was vacation for me I went there and everything was normal.Everyone welcome me. Things are going good. And we chat for time and slept.

Next day morning my cousin came with a coffee and beautiful smile in her face.That smile would make anyone’s day. She made my day with that smile.

In the evening her husband had called and he was scolding her badly.I was sitting beside to her and I could here in speaker. I last her alone for some time and went inside. After sometime she called and said in just 24 year old and my husband left me here alone for 2 months. I felt sad for.To make her happy I started to tell her all those things which we had done in our childhood. And that mommy daddy game also. She was happy as we are cousin I had no bad intentions on her.After dinner we went to our respective room.Around 11 pm I got message from her that saying you are quite grow up and you can handle any situation. I replied with thanks.

Our conversation was like this

She : I ‘m not getting sleep

I: read some book anju

She : I hate reading book darsh.

I : what you like then.

She : I like to spend time with you like in our childhood.

I : hehe I ‘m here only anju.

She : come to my room.We will talk whole night

As she was upset I went there and started talking her.

Suddenly she hugged me and said.

“Darsh I wish I had chance to marry you.You are so caring.”

I do not know what happened to me by her body smell I gone mad.

We were in same position for 5 min hugging. Then

She : do you have gf? ?

I : no darling.Still didnt find beautiful like you.

She : oh ho with smile.

I : how is your marriage life

She : (with tears) I didnt had chance to spend one hour with my hubby and started crying.

I : I said let’s forget me are cousins and will play mom dad game.

She : darsh are you serious.We are not kids now.

I : okay ( with sad )

She come close to me and kissed on my neck. Ans said ” I wanna play wife husband game ” and put her lips one me. Oh god it was ho hot moment.

I started to respond to her and we kissed in all passion. Her breathing became heavier and she was horny.

I started to press her boobs very hard and she was moaning “Darshhhhh slowly pls please slowly ahhh ahhh ”

I started to explore her body and kissed every inch of her face. Now she started to remove my t-shirt and I removed her night dress.She didnt wear any undergarment. It was first time to me. I jumped on her like mad and started to such those smooth boobs.She started to moaning loudly now.Slowly I slid my hand inside her panty and it was wet already. I rubbed her pussy with my finger and she was in cloud nine. She said stop now darsh plss suck my pussy..

I went down and started licking it.I sucked it for 10 min and drenched all fluid. It was her turn now.She took my rock hard 6 inch dick in her mouth and started sucking.It as her first time but she was doing like pro. She said she learnt it from porn videos. Of god that feeling was awesome. Only those will understand who have experience..She was ahh ahhha ahhh ahha prem its hot.. Ahhh ahhha

I was like anju ahhh be my slut ahhh.Take it more deep in our mouth.

I fucked her in her mouth.

She now begged me to put my rod in her vergin pussy.She didn’t care of her husband and said” its my order fuck me you sister fucker ”

I put my dick on her pussy lips and give away small jerk. And pushed it was very tight. She went mad and begged me plssss put it darsh put in..Ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh don’t tease me darsh fuck me hard I’m all yours now.Treat me as I ‘m your wife.Fuck me pleasure me darsh ahhh ahha uma drash nhhha uuum biting her lips.

I pushed inside slowly slowly and started stroking. I increased my speed and she now started”

Its paining stop stop ” slowly ahhh slowly darsh.I didnt listen to her and rammed for next 5 min. She was in cloud nine

I said in coming anju in coming.Ahhh said said ” come in my pussy only.” we both come in same time and we both were exhausted. We slept on each other aram by kissing. Again after some time my tool was ready.And we enjoyed every position.And 69 was awesome for me that day.. We did 3 sessions that and I fucked her for all 15 days..And we still in contact and we do sex chat daily.

Hope you guys enjoy my story.

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