Me And My Experience With My Aunt

Hi guys,,I’ve been reading ISS since more than two years…about me..I’m of 21 years of age..5’8 and very fair and handsome guy with good attractive look…but still don’t have girl friends upto now…but only physical who ever want a great sex experience can contact me in [email protected] for very confidential sexual relationship with directly going into matter.

My dad works in a company which has transfers now and then so until normal age i don’t know much of anything was a very good guy not knowing any thing..but when i was at age of 15 my dad got transferred to a city(name is not needed i think so for your arousal..even my name and also heroines names)…so slowly i got to learn all…firstly bad words..that went on till my nth class..then i got into my +2.

Then lots of new all will not be same na bad friends were also there…so I’ve been with them and got bad…so we bunked classes and go to netcenters to see porn movies…so then started my sex journey firstly with videos…then slowly my mind changed a lot on seeing women…that too i was moreeeeee attracted to aunties slowly.Also i like much of Indian style that too south Indian. SO thats how it basically started in my mind.

I have many aunties in my apartment where i live..i know them from a year and half…but now they are looking different to me…to say exactly I’m seeing them in a different way because of my new life…so there was an aunt opposite to my flat who was a very good friend to my mom and usually spend time in my house now and then. so she is the heroine of this episode.

So about here she is of age 42 now and was fair colored and has a very attractive structure of 30s age and looks younger than she actually is.She is a mother of two guys who are of some 18+age as she was married early at age of only 18.But still maintains a very attractive structure.Her husband is a business men.So he doesn’t basically be at home for some days in a month.Her mother also lives with her.She lives some days in the city and some days in village.

Her sons are of waste basically haven’t even completed their degrees and do all nasty they can by eating all the money their father and grandfathers earned.So generally will not be in home and also some times not in the city going for parties in other cities for days.So aunt spend lots of time with my mom chit chating with her.Also talks with me so caringly.I also used to talk to her when ever i get time to talk to her.As i told i changed my view on her from seeing those movies and also told attracted to aunties,she was my dream girl to exactly say dream woman.This went for some days.Both used to share time and looks also when ever possible.I don’t know the meaning of her looks,but i used to see her only as a sex goddess from my +2 on wards.So with my busy in +2 exams etc less time was there to spent with her.

But my eye was always on her.She wears generally sarees and nighties which were so attractive.May be for her husband she must have buyed them.As she is very close to my mom…even to me she doesn’t feel any shy in sitting with nighty in our house.So i always have a eye feast of her body in both of nighties and saree.In different dress different parts gets attracted.When in saree i usually can see her navel part which was fair and well shaped and also her swinging ass and in nighties as these would be a bit tight always breast gives the most noticeable one and also ass tooo.But to say truly her face and smile were most seductive parts so no need of any other parts but with all those she used to look for me as a great sex goddess.

After my +2 and my engineering entrance exam i got holidays for 4 months in which the major story happened.So i and my mom would spend time even in their house and also in our house.I got computer in these holidays after a month of start of my holidays.I kept it in my room and would watch porn in house only and masturbate thinking of that videos and also particularly aunt and her parts as i used to spend lots of time with her as of holidays.Even we used to have food in common when her husband and sons wouldn’t be in house.

One day she called me for a help of bringing down a old vessel from a upper rack.She stood exactly to my back which i didn’t noticed when taking and slipped out when getting it down and my back hit her front and i felt her boobs.It was so soft to feel them.Even though they are not much bigger but of normal size because of her well maintained structure that is no belly boobs only be coming out in her front area.So as they are the major one to come out i could only feel upto them only. I didn’t noticed what her expression is but gave her the vessel and went back to my house and masturbated thinking of what happened.

Also when my mom and me used to be in there house i used to pee in their house also but never had a chance to see her inner clothes because i used to pee in common bathroom.But aunt and uncle has a special room with attached bathroom so she used to bath there.So after our first sexual touch days were going on and my mind was never in my control i used to sit beside her and try to touch her now and then and feel her and her smell which makes me aroused.When ever i get aroused i used to go to bathroom and masturbate in their home it self.

One day when i went to bathroom i got shocked because aunts inner along with her last night worn nighty were there in the bath room.It gave me a very weird thought and i took her bra in my hand and pressed it as i was pressing her boobs and her panty was tied to my pennies and masturbated two times in a row to get down my body heat.

In hurry i spit out in her panty and also a nit on her nighty so with out cleaning i left it out as that clothes will be washed and so nobody will observe.But my fate was different that day.As soon as i came from bathroom aunt went inside and brought out the clothes for washing.I think she must have sawn it and must surly be knowing what it is.She know that it must be me that has done it.She gave me a different look as soon as she came out from bathroom from that i knew that she must have seen that.Actually i have a very good boy fame in the apartment so i don’t know what she must have think of it.

So days were going on and also i used to spend personal time with her…i mean only i and she were there some times talking as my mom would ne in her work in house.So we became very close to each other.But never gone to talks that has bad because i have a good boy image.But i knew that hr view on me changed from that bathroom incident day and also she used to be close to me than before even she touching me.May be because of her elder image she couldn’t say straight to me.

But i got the matter and was waiting for time.Once it happened that my mom’s father fell ill so my mom and dad went to my mom’s place leaving me alone in house saying aunt to take care of me.But still aunt’s mother was also there in the house so we used to be normal.

Some times i used to be in my home seeing porn in system and masturbating thinking of aunt and video aunties also.I done this more at this time as no body was in my home.Generally i close the main door and sit in my room and open all my clothes and masturbate with full feel.

Also parallelly my normal sight on enjoyment with aunt was going on.Just my work was to enjoy porn in my home or enjoy aunt by seeing her and little touches in her home.Actually i used to eat in her home and some time when i was in my home she knocks the door and i open door and take the food and eat in my home.Generally in home as i told i don’t wear clothes to masturbate i wear a towel and take the food from aunt.Actually she might have got a doubt of me because i always be in towel,so she used to give me a very naughty smile.But still nothing happened as i couldn’t dare as she might complain it to my mom and dad or so and also of my good boy image.

Once we were talking in her home.A movie was coming in which it was about college guys.She suddenly asked whether i had a girl friend i said no not at all.She gave a very cute smile to it.I thought she must have asked casually.And suddenly one day,when i was in my room with no clothes masturbating with haunting aunts name in my mouth,aunt was in front of me with food late and in my hand was my cock.s soon as i saw her closed my body with near by towel.It is that i have forgot to lock my main door.She kept away the food plate gave a sexy smile and went away.

I feared what is gonna happen and even not went to their house that evening for a casual talk.but was shiveringly sitting in the house as that day night my parents would arrive and she would complaint and I’m gone.Time was 6 or so in the evening suddenly aunt came with phone in one hand and tea cup in other.I thought to my self she must have complained my parents and I’m gonna die that night.

But to my shock with a sexy look she talked normally saying that my parents are not gonna come that day and will be coming some more days latter,so they called me and told to take care of u for some more days.In mean time i heard aunt’s mom was calling her and was saying its getting late please come and help her.SO normally i also went with there and known that aunt’s mom was going their village for a function of their farther relatives and will not be here for some days,also uncle was already on a tour and aunt’s sons weren’t in home from two odd days and will not return soon as they went for a north tour with friends.SO it was only me and aunt in our both houses for that night and also some more nights.

Aunts mom told me that why can’t u also sleep here as she is alone and u both can be safe.I thought every thing was going onnnn for me and laughed like any thing in me.And gave her a sentoff and came back home.But my heart was going on high as how to face aunty alone after that incident.But what ever it has to happen so i went to her house..she was in her bath and was out with her best nighty that can show her at her best.I shocked by seeing her and also from seeing shapes i noticed that she was not wearing inners.So i thought the day came.But still not to dare to take a step.

Then aunt came and asked me what was that u were doing on in your home and also that day in bathroom in a very tough voice,,i thought what every thing is happening opposite to me,,but i told sorry aunty and caught her legs and pleased her not to tell to anybody and told will never do it again.She then with a smile lifted me up and told k I’ll not tell it no body and also why to do it with your hand when I’m available for U.I then got a little bit confused and asked aunt what are u saying.

Then suddenly she started crying,,my heart was beating with great speed that whats happening here i haven’t done any thing and why she is crying.I couldn’t understand any thing.Then slowly she started that”you know that your uncle is ten years older to me so at starting of marriage only he used to be with me so caringly and also gave me good sex experiences but after children are born he got operation and only do sex as just formality but not as a pleasure.But i couldn’t express it to any body and also from a year and half even that formality sex is also not there because his ability is gone.But i have still age in me and also u’ll not be knowing women will be having sexual desires more in this age so i couldn’t do any thing.

But also i never thought on u like that till i saw your semen on my panties and nighty..and got more confident of u when i saw u masturbating thinking of me and i know that much days before only because this is not the first time i saw u masturbating thinking of me in your house you also forgot to lock your door two three times before also but then i only observed and came back to my home as my mom and children were there and was waiting for oppurtchinity and what for your looking at your sex goddess start the pleasure yar””

Then i swiped her tears with my tongue by which she was impressed and took my head into her hands and planted a deeeeeeep kiss on my lips for almost half an hour we were standing like that in kiss and hug and then kept hands on her boobs and tried to feel them on her nighty..then aunt told why from on the nighty remove it and enjoy and don’t be in hurry because I’m yours from now..but still in hurry i tarred her nighty and then pressed her boobs like any thing and also haunting her name in my mouth.

Then she lifted and said that i like this haunting very much that shows how much u like me and then i felt her total skin from head to toe even her neck breasts navel and then thighs which very milky and shiny..and then went to her cleanly shaved pussy which was welcoming me and was wet already and she told me it was her orgasm and to take into my mouth i took it and then she told me to stop and it was her turn…and make me lie on the bed and removed my clothes and saw my tool and told i already saw it and also noticed it was of good length generally every body has it at your age.And gave me a excellent mouth and hand mix pump and not took all the semen but let it split on her body and make her look more naughty and sexy….

I couldn’t control my self and asked aunty about condom and she told no problem enjoy me directly i took the pill already as i know we are gonna enjoy today..i felt much happy listening that and with some more foreplay i got my erection and then she haunted some nasty words and told can’t control much go in quick…i then placed it at her area and was seeing where to enter as it was new for me but she took it in her hand and placed at her spot then i slowly started to enter but she was feeling pain as she was getting a cock after a long time and that too and bigger and stiff and that too a virgin cock.She also was in a very happy mood and was trying to get me near to her face and was giving me kisses and was rolling fingers in my hair.

Then i entered her totally and was slowly jerking her and then speeded up and then she caught hold of me tightly and also moved me towards her with legs which were around me and then left her orgasm which gave me a very wet feel around my tool then after some time another orgasm and i couldn’t control because she was haunting very loudly nasty words and also my name and telling me fast fast u can enjoy again but for now go fast so then i speeded up and then i left all of my semen which came in a lot content than generally i get and left totally it in her and she also told me thank for let me feel your semen in me it gets me much pleasure and then i laid on her for some time.

Then i wake up and saw time was 10 in the night then she wake up and went to kitchen for food.She brought it into the room.As it was my first experience i was lot tired so she wake me up and so caringly she kept food to me and also ate.In between we exchange food with our mouths.With that i became more wilder.I make her lie on bed and spread the food on her and then then started to eat food along with her.

That was great than having sexual experince.She was much impressed with my different style of act.ANd told lets have another session now itself,even i was tired a bit…,,,due to that food from her body i got excess energy from food and also her words and due to having enjoyed her parts already along with food i was aroused already but i never observed my tool to get aroused for a half day or so after having masturbating two times continuously but as it is a live experience and also my sex goddess is with me my body and also my tool were responding differently and had an excellent session and then slept for some time like that on her and then had completed food like that naked only and then both in that naked position only went to bed sleeping hugging each other.

Then in the morning i got something moving on my legs and then to thighs and then to my tool and wake and saw that it was my freshly bathed aunt who just came from bathroom naked saw my morning erection and couldn’t control and came to me and make me wake up in her sexual style and also seeing her with wet all on her body and also wet hair falling on her my erection got more solid as i couldn’t get up aunt her self had my skin with her tongue and made more hot and i asked aunty get on me and she happily said so its my turn to make you enjoy k and soon gave me a deep kiss and giving kiss on my total body and then went to my tool gave it a little wet feel with her falling hair and mouth and then sat on it and was swinging up and down…

And what to say about to me i was having a morning dream or what i couldn’t believe my dream sex goddess was on me with wet hair and wet body naked swinging her self and giving me blow job her wetness gave her a great look to me.To say actually night i was just having sex much with closed eyes as it was total my work to do so i was only enjoying by touches but not by eyes but know it was her work so i was just liking to see her swing in such a wet body with her boobs swinging like any thing which was making my rod more harder and also i could feel that aunt was feeling my tool get more harder and was also saying its more tougher to take you tool now than it was yesterday it is giving me much pleasure than yesterday and was pressing her boobs herself

Then took her hand and took my hands and placed it on her boobs and told me to press and i couldn’t control that enjoyment and also she came near my head for giving and kiss and during that tight kiss she got orgasm in which she bit out my lip such that it was cut out and was a bit blooding but she and also i didn’t care much about that and also she took my blood inside her mouth and even was enjoying that then as i couldn’t control of this total act and also she we both now left our orgasms at a time which felt us much enjoyable and then she felt on me as she has done lot of work in this session because my work is to just sleep and enjoy and she swung she gave kiss and also then after falling on me she wake to gave a kiss and then observed that blood is there and felt sorry and went to kitchen to bring sugar because keeping sugar in mouth when blood is coming from mouth will stop the blood.She brought and was trying to pour in my mouth.

Then i told stop aunty it will be more sweet if it falls in my mouth from your mouth and then aunt with a great smile done what i have said.And that 3 or 4 days we enjoyed at our max and we just turned around in the house max in naked to make our time no waste and had sex with timely gap as to get best pleasure because also every body know men get best erection with timely gap and also of our energies.Then after four days my parents and also her husband came back and in the time of four days we had our max pleasure but couldn’t have ass hole sex as she is discomfort with it.

So may be if any one of u mail me and also if we can have a relation hope i will have ass sex with u along with normal sex because now I’m not living in that same apartment in which i used to be because my dad got transferred to a another place but as per my studies I’m living in the city near to the city that i used to live before as my college is more nearer to here in a room along with my friends.Now my relation with that aunt is closed physically but now and then just talk in phone as we couldn’t have chance to meet as her son of age 22 got married and so she lives along with her daughter in law and also aunts mother and also uncle left some business and just live in the city…so couldn’t have chance to meet her and dying for a relation.I surly say relation with me would be so safe that no one could know about it it will be kept confidential.SO u can contact me directly in [email protected].

SO if any spelling mistakes are there please ignore as i wrote this all words which were felt truly by me and was my own experience so during my typing of the lines i again much remembered the aunt and experience with her and wrote in a bit hurry so that not miss any word happened there.SO comments and also aunties girls wanting to have sex can mail me…it will surly be confidential.Feel free to mail me to get best experience.

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