Me And My Sexy Hot Neighbor

Hi, my name is Bhola I am from UP. I live in mumbai this is my first story so pls ignore my mistakes. I got my first job in mumbai so I am absolutely new to mumbai & people here. I am not to much educated so I got a job in a event company coming to my story this happened a year ago when I came to mumbai I rented a house near where I work this story is about my hot marina aunty( name changed) she is in her late 40’s but believe me she wont absolutely look like that she has perfect body huge melon size boobs 40d perfect well shaped ass which sways when she walks & believe me many man from our area are crazy for her. Her husband works in saudi & her son is studying in bangalore which leaves her all alone here. I liked her when I saw her for the first time. I always try to talk to her more so I can spend more time with her.

As days passed aunty & I talked a lot more about my life & sometimes about my gf and all. 1 day I asked her about her family life for which she started crying and was not able to speak a word I understood that her personal life was quite disturbed.

I tried to console her but was not successful so I left but was continuously thinking about her problem. She never gave me any signs of sexual attraction or any problems whenever I got a chance I use see her cleavage while bending or doing household work I once got a chance to smell her panty which she had used a day before as it was in the bathroom. I was really happy and masturbated twice that night.

1 such day I was sitting in aunties home & she was busy cooking & suddenly their was a loud noise when I reached kitchen I saw aunty on kitchen floor & a broken glass jar of spices on the floor & aunty bleeding badly. She had a cut on her forehead. She had fractured her hand.

I took her to the doctor & got she got her hand plastered & her head got 5 stitches. This is where the story starts as my work was slow so I could give more time at home. She was not able to cook or do her daily household works. Which I started doing. I use to take her to the washroom & she use to finish her other works with one hand two days later I asked her whether she wants to take a bath for which she said yes.

I took her to the bathroom & asked her should I remove your clothes to which she said no. I started pouring water on her & was clearly seeing her large boobs getting wet & her nipples poking against her nighty she took her bath with one hand after she finished I dried her & while drying her I intensely pressed her boobs which she came to know. I asked her whether I should help her changing clothes for which said no so I waited outside her bedroom again I heard a loud thud I ran in & saw her on the ground she fell down while changing her clothes when she was trying to wear her nighty as the floor was wet.

I saw her whole body her melon size boobs her sexy thighs & her clean shaved pussy. I was so mesmerized by her body I forgot to pick her. I came back to my senses when she called my name loudly. I was embarrassed & she also was. I made her stand & put her nighty on while I was putting on her nighty I saw & felt her body. I think she understood what I staring or what my intentions where.

I had a boner in my pants that is when she touched it & asked what is this bhola. I was shocked & didn’t knew what to say but she again asked me what is this but this time with a mischievous smile on her face. I said this is because of you aunty. She said I am a old lady my husband is not interested in me nobody in this world loves me & she again made a sad face this time I gathered courage & held her face & said I love you don’t bother about any one she said you are very nice person bhola & I said you are a very lovely sexuuu lasy . Those words just blurted out of my mouth & she could not understand it. She asked me again what I said but I was not able to say it again.

After sometime she asked bhola do you think I am sexy & beautiful to which I was just shaking my head in yes. She again asked me the same thing & I said yes. She asked me what do like the most in me & I said your melon size boobs. She was astonished by my answer & angrily said you look at me this way I never thought you would do so.

I quietly walked back to my house but couldn’t forget what I saw. I masturbated thrice that night. Days passed & I was quite just use to go help her in her household work & come back. After some days her plaster was removed & didn’t needed my help.

1 fine day she called me to her home as usual she was alone I went to her place & asked her what it is? She said I have noticed you don’t talk to me like before are still thinking I am angry with you? I replied no it’s not so. That means you had lost interest in me now you must have got a new gf. I said no it’s not so to which she held my hand & took me to her bedroom & made me sit on her bed. I like a child just followed her instructions.

She came & sat on my lap & asked don’t you want to see my melon size boobs. Hearing this I was like on top of the world & readily shook my head in yes she took my hand & placed it on her right boob & slightly pressed it. This time I got the signal & understood what she wanted me to do I stared kissing her & pressing her boobs after maybe 10 min we separated & I saw lust in her eyes she pushed me on the bed & took of her nighty now she was standing in front of me just in her black colored lacy bra & panty. I had never saw a lad in such clothes other than on those porn movies. In my village I have seen many women bathing but never in my real life.

She slowly climbed the bed & stood with both her feet on my sides then she teased my cock with her feet for sometime & then sat on my belly I raised my hands & started pressing her melons. She removed my t-shirt & started feeling my chest then I asked her to show me her melons. She removed her bra & I saw her melons. I sat & started sucking her 1 boob & pinching the other 1. Slowly she started moving her hips over my cock which was turning hard as a rod.

Aunty removed my shorts sitting over me. I now turned over & brought marina aunty down & started sucking her boobs & with 1 hand started caressing her pussy in no time her pussy was wet like hell & marina aunty started moaning oh ahh I love it pls finger me c’mon baby I love it hmmm ahhh I removed her panty & saw the glory hole clean shaved I kept my mouth near her pussy & smelled her pussy & believe me the aroma was superb then I started sucking it I moved my tongue in & out like my cock & she was shouting aahh ohhh aahh yessaa aaahh then with a loud shout she started cumming & her whole body was shivering

She came a lot as she hadn’t had sex for a long time I licked her pussy clean & she started licking my face clean then she made me stand & started kissing my rod & my balls she then started sucking my rod like a pro in not time I was flying in the sky she was very smartly sucking my rod & my balls not allowing me to cum but after some time I said I am cumming & aunty started stroking my cock faster & with a ahhh I came my first spurt missed her mouth but rest 3 or 4 spurts she got in her mouth & then showed me & drank it we lay on her bed for some time then she again started playing with my cock which was now quite small in size now but as magic it started changing it’s size then we changed our position to 69 & we started sucking licking each other then came in missionary position & saw in her eyes & she said c’mon man my pussy is craving for your hard rock rod c’mon give me your best shot fuck my brains out make me your whore c’mon you motherfucker hearing this dirty words I got excited & without announcing

I entered my rod in her wet dripping pussy she shouted loudly & started abusing me you bastard take out your fucking rod out of my pussy your rod is tearing my pussy apart you motherfucker you fucking asre I didn’t listen to her & started fucking her slowly her abusing stopped & moaning started like ahh ohhh I love your rod in me c’mon give me your beat shot c’mon give me more go deeper yes give me more I lifted her legs & kept them on my shoulder & started pounding my meat in her pussy the whole room was filled with aunties moans & my balls slapping on her pussy walls thapak thapak then after 15 min I changed her position & made come on top she slowly slide my cock in her pussy & started jumping I turned mad looking at her melons jumping it was the beat thing I saw in a long time till then she came twice & now was getting exhausted so I again changed our position to doggy style

I took my cum wrapped cock kept it on the glory hole & started fucking her from behind her bed was having a mirror & I can see aunties melons swaying I loved the scene & started fucking her faster after 10 min I was about to cum I said aunty I am about to cum where should I cum & she said I had cum in my mouth I now want it in pussy I want to get pregnant by you pls cum in me & I cum in her pussy we were very exhausted & we lay there for some time then we went to the bathroom & cleaned ourself while aunty was cleaning herself she was facing the shower & I was facing her sexy ass I slowly started feeling her & aunty said bhola you are still not satisfied to which I replied I never had a lady like you. I said have you ever had your ass fucked to which replied a big no I said aunty pls let me have your ass pls after a lot of convincing she said yes but on a condition that I first nicely lubricate her ass with some oil I got it from the cupboard & started applying it over her ass then I applied some oil on my hand & started fingering aunties ass

Then I put 2 fingers for sometime then I applied some oil on my rod I asked aunty should I start & she said catching her breath yes do it now I pushed my cock in aunties ass it was so tight & it was not going in I said aunty pls spread your ass with your hands she did the same then I tried again & this time it went in slowly I started moving to & fro & after a few strokes my whole cock was in aunties ass aunty also started enjoying my cock in her ass & she started moaning & fingering her pussy I was enjoying aunties ass & also pressing aunties boobs

After 10 min I was about to cum & increased my speed, aunty understood this & started pushing back her ass then I came in her ass I was very exhausted so aunty gave me shower & cleaned my body then we came to the bedroom & we fell on the bed I don’t know how long I slept but when I woke up aunty was not their I searches her & found her in the kitchen cooking something as soon as she saw me she gave me a lovely smile & gave me a tight hug I too hugged her & pressed her ass she laughed & said you are a very naughty boy & a very good fucker after this whenever I got a chance I fucked her I even fucked her in many positions & fucked her in the kitchen hall our buildings terrace.

After 3 months of rigorous fucking her husband returned from saudi but 2 days later she came to my house & said that she was pregnant by me I asked what will she tell her husband to which she said her husband has fucked her yesterday she will tell him the same. I hope you liked my story pls send me your feedback on this email

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