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Hi! I’m Rahul Reddy. I’m from Khairathabad, hyderabad. I’m 6″0. I’m a state level cricket player & fair & have a athletic body. This is my first story folks. If any mistakes ignore them. This is a true and real sex story.

Coming to the story, this happened in 2010. She was my school mate and even my college mate. Her name was Sindhura Bhavani. Her smile is one of the major asset to her body apart from boobs and butt. She was the buxom beauty in our school and college. She made boys crazy by her tight pants and shirts. She was a ranker in the school. The incident happened in Summer 2010. We just finished our board exams and were bored. Not only me, but every student faces it once at least in his life.

I was roaming in my colony streets & suddenly found Sindhu there. I was shocked first & gave a weak smile as a ‘Hello!’ She too was shocked & just gave a return smile. After a week, again I found her. So I stopped my Pulsar, & asking her Why she was in my colony? She laughed & said she shifted from DD Colony to Khairathabad. I was very joyful for this answer & asked were she stayed? She told some address. After that, we slowly became friends. From friends to close friends that some times we may hug each other & even peck some times.

Things went well & the results of my Class X came. I got 556/600 & Sindhu got 540/600. I was sad that she got lesser marks than me as she was a great ranker in the school. Her mother called me & asked me about my well being, after a week. (Sindhu introduced me to her mother as a friend.) We became very close that her mother invited me for lunch, the following day.

I went to her house in the best formal I had that time. I rang the bell. In a few seconds, the door was opened by Sindhu’s mom. She told that Sindhu wasn’t eating anything. I was shocked & asked aunty to give me the plate and I will make her.

I entered Sindhu’s room. She was dull & as soon as she saw me there her face was glowing with a cute smile. I went to her & asked her why she wasn’t eating from two days?

She told that she saw me roaming with some girl on my Pulsar. I told that the pillion girl was my elder sister. She didn’t believe me as I never told her about my sister. I called my sister & kept loudspeaker and talked causally & my sister was calling Tammi ( brother in Telugu ). She was then convinced.

First she told that she won’t eat. I kept the plate aside and kissed her on the cheeks and fore head. She told that that kiss was not sufficient for her. I then kissed on her lips. That was a passionate one and I broke the kiss as she was becoming wild. I then insisted her to eat. But she told she is lazy and doesn’t want to eat. I took the plate and started to mix the food with the curry. And I was feeding her with my hand. She was eating and licking my fingers.

By then her mom came, & was very happy to see me & scolded Sindhu for not eating herself. I stopped her scolding Sindhu & sent her off the room.

I finished feeding her & went to the washroom to wash my hand. She suddenly came & hugged me from behind. I could feel her soft boobs crushing my back.

After that she was pleased about my behavior. She proposed me in her room. Though I expected that, I asked Sindhu for some time as she suddenly proposed me. I went off from her house & started thinking about her. Her eyes, smile, boobs, butt, smooth legs,etc. etc. I said OK to her proposal & from next day we became love birds. We used to have long chats during nights. I was happy for her.

After few weeks, she came to my house. Everyone in my house knew about Sindhu. All went to Mumbai for my Uncle’s House Warming Ceremony. Sindhu came to my house at that time. As soon as I opened the door I hugged her tightly & kissed her passionately for about 5 minutes. Next I kissed her neck, shoulder & kissing her ear lobes. She was moaning slightly. That made me crazy.

I was lost in her. I took her to my bedroom. Slowly I ripped her tee from her body. The pink lacy bra made me even more hornier. I kissed her cleavage. Then I removed her bra & she removed my shirt and short. I was nude in front of her & my dick was saluting her beauty. I then removed her pant and panty & I had a shaven pussy in front of me. I kissed her navel & went down to the thighs. They were pink and waxed. I kissed them & she shivered. She was getting wet. I then went to the pussy. I kissed it first and her aroma even more aroused me. I got mad & starting biting the pussy lips. I was tongue fucking her & reached her massive climax. A big load of cum was on my face.

Her pussy was well lubricated till then & I slowly inserted my condom covered cock into her pussy. Inch by inch I was drilling my 6′ monster. At last blood oozed out and tears rolled down her eyes. I didn’t stop. After about 10 mins, I was at my climax. I made it fast and I cummed.

Like that we did even doggy style, spoon style & cowgirl style. Still we both meet casually.

Girls, aunties who are interested can contact me at “[email protected]”

Thanks!! :):)

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