Me Manjulaa Sister And Priyaaa

Hi this is Mani from Chennai ambattur and I am well build chubby boy of 19 doing my college in madras university and if any aunties girls around mail me at [email protected]

This was really story which happens 8 years back while I’m studying 6th. Manjulla Akkaa 19 and me and Priya and we three use to play mates together in ma childhoods me don’t know anything about sex even Priya don’t know anything.

Once we three were playing in garden Manjulla Akka asked shall we play amma appa villayatu I asked her how to play she told you appa Priya amma i told ok and Priya too happily told ok and she told shall go to my room

I told ok and we went there and we three sat on bed and Manjula Akka told to remove our dress we both told akka kuchaamaa irukuuu she told I will remove first den you both remove we told ok and she started to remove

I was opening ma mouth while seeing Manjullaaa she had big boos around 38 c and Priya asked akkaa unnaku mattum ivalo perisaaa irukuuu ennaku illlaa for that Manjullaa told nee chinna ponnu dee unnakuu perisaa aga late agum dee chellam hmmmm seri akkka.

Manjullaa called me and told to press her boobs akka enn ka ammukaaa sollaraa she told ennku ingaa valikuthuu konjam massage pannuu pls I told ok and started to press her boos slowly she told press hard da

I started to press it hard she was shouting hmmm nalllaa ammuuku daaaa hmmm appadithan den Priya asked akkaa na inthhaaaa balla ammukutummmaaa she told ok dee chellam ammmakuuu

She started to press left boobs she started to shout hmmmmm ahhhhh ayyo ammmaa thangaa mudiyalllaaa valikuthuu nalllaaa ammmakuuuuu chellam and she kept her hand in her panties and started to finger her pussy asked

Her akkkaaa enna kaaa angayum valikuthaaa amma da chellam seri kaa angaa nam amukuren and she guided me to finger her pussy and first my one finger and she told put three and I put ma three fingers she was shouting lot and press was sucking and pressing her boobs and

She told me to suck her pussy it smelled very badly I tond akkaa natham adikuthuuu paravaillaa chellam plss akkaku valikuthuu konjam neram sappu daa I told ok and started to suck very hardly she was shouting lot

And scolded me in bad words and I was in fear and licked for 15 minutes later white fluid came out and she was lying told pothum daa veduu and I left and Priya was sucking still then she told to remove our dress and we both did.

Now three of us is nude and she told Mani paduthuukoo daa I told ok and nee than appaa unn kuchiii ya nikkavai daaa i told ok and she Priya to sit on my pennies she told bayamaa irukuu akaa Manjulllaa told nothing will happen just sit and

She sat with pussy first it didn’t when because she didn’t attend her age then she told to sit with ass hole she came and sat first my penis did not when in later Manjullaa tried well and it when fully Priya was crying loudly

Manjulla told to stoked and told Priya to shake well she did and I was enjoying wit pain both were moaning Manjulllaaa kept her boobs in my mouth and ordered to suck and I was sucking and fucking Priya hard priyaaa was crying and telling leave me paining ayyoo

I can’t ammaaa valikuthuuu dai pls pothum please she was shouting and I was fucking hard and later some blood came from her she was crying and she ok her and started to run but she can’t even walk then I told I will massage you come her nu she came I lick her ass for a while her pain loss somewhat and thanked me.

Manjulllaa akkaa wen to cooking room and bought some honey and she poured it on her pussy and told lick us we both fought and started to lick her pussy hard she was shouting in excitement told nalllaa sapungaaa kadichii

Sapudungaaa enn samosaaa huh nallaaa da chellam nalla spauu akka thean gallii akkaaa nalllaa sapudaaa ullaaa iruthuuu white honey varummm serikkaa and we both drink every which come from manjulllaaa pussy after 20 minutes she got her second organ and she lay on the floor and I took the honey bottle and poured in navel hole and licked she again started to moan

And Priya took one pencil and put on Manjullaaa pussy now she got double fun and again started to moan and hey nalllaa pannungaa akkkaaa nalllaa pannungaaa superaa panringaaa huh ayyooo hmm isssss huh dai ennaa b

Ballaaa vanthuuu kadi daaa vadaa chellamm I went to her boobs and started to lick and bite my small penis grown big and she told dai unnn kuchaaa kami daaa na sapparen she took in her mouth and licked my penis and I was shocked and starts to enjoy it and told her suck nicely and started to fuck her mouth

She was shout ting hmmm ahhhha and she told me leave my penis into her pussy and she went in doggy style it will easy to do and I left my small penis and started to stoke she start to shout ammmaaa enn chellaaa purusaaa appadithan na unna kalyannam pannikuren daily enna matter

Panuu daaa huuhh nalllaaa pannu daaaa supperaaaa irukuuu hmmmmm and I got tired and left her she told nallaa paningaaa nammaa daily pannalam daaa ok and Priya told me to lick her pussy how I licked Manjulaa pussy.

I licked bu pouring honey on her small pussy and I was licking and biting she shouted lot and told enough I think she got her climax and when home happily and if you liked my story comment.

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