Me, My Bhabhi And My Girlfriend

This is a story about the fucking session about me and my Bhabhi who was pregnant for 5 months then. About my Bhabhi her name is SHREYA and is my cousin’s wife. When we got the news of Bhabhi’s pregnancy everyone was happy and delighted to welcome a member to our family. My brother’s family consisted of his parents who were settled in Gujrat and his sister who is married to a businessman in Delhi and my brother was a businessman in Hyderabad.

In my bhabhi’s paternal side there was no one as her parents had passed away 1 year ago. So Bhabhi decided to do her delivery at home itself. My aunty being not well was not called. So I, my mom and my brother were one who used take care of Bhabhi. In the morning till afternoon till I return from my college and after my college me and in the night my brother.

Let me come to the story, she had entered her 5th month when this happened. I was sitting on the sofa and watching TV in the hall while Bhabhi was asleep in the room. Bhabhi woke up and came outside and asked me to get something for her to eat. I brought some snacks and gave it to her.

After having snacks she went to take bath as it was very hot season. After some time I heard moaning sounds coming from the bathroom. So I went and peeped through the key hole and was shocked to see Bhabhi fingering herself. I returned back and acted as if I knew nothing. Bhabhi was not aware about it and sat beside me to watch the movie on the TV. There was a sex scene coming on the TV as it was a JAMES BOND movie and my dick started to wake up and the bulge could be seen through my pant. I tried it covering through a pillow placed near.

Bhabhi saw it and started laughing I asked her the reason and she told me about my hard on. I was very frank with my Bhabhi and she knew everything about me. She suddenly asked me about my relationship, I told her that I had broken up 3 weeks back. She asked me about my future plans to which I replied I didn’t think about it. It was 8 in the night my brother returned and I went back to my home. This continued for 10 days after which I had holidays so I was asked to take care of Bhabhi for 1 month as my brother had to leave for a business trip, I readily agreed as I used to enjoy her company and even she liked it.

I packed my bags and went to her early in the morning and the day went like that only. In the night when we were preparing to sleep she asked me to sleep with her as she might need something in the night. 5 days passed on like this I used to see her from the key hole of the bathroom fingering herself and masturbate after that. One day I got a call from my ex-girlfriend saying that she wanted to meet me and I told her about the situation and so she said she would come to house to meet, I asked Bhabhi’s permission to which she agreed and my girlfriend came home within 15 minutes. She wanted to talk in private so I took her to the bedroom and locked it.

Bhabhi was peeping from the key hole (which I came to know afterwards). I had a small fight with my girlfriend and after which we sorted out everything and she kissed me and hugged me tight.

After she left Bhabhi asked me to come near her and asked me what was happening in the room and told me that she has seen everything. I was ashamed and was feeling shy. She caught my face up and told me to control myself as I was young and there was time for all this. I told her nothing and after dinner slept off quietly. After some time Bhabhi woke me up as she was not getting sleep and told that she was feeling unusual. I massaged her back for some time as she told me to do but she was still feeling the same. Then she asked me to massage her belly and saying that she lifted up her top and I was shocked for a moment and did not move. Then I came to my senses and took some oil and gently massaged her belly.

Suddenly I noticed huge wet spots on the breast region of her top. She saw me looking at her breast and asked me what I was looking at to which I asked her what those spots were. Then she told me that her breasts were lactating due to which the spots were created. I then asked her that usually breast start lactating only after 8 months of pregnancy, to which she replied that sometimes I starts earlier than required. I could not stop myself from starring at them.

After some massage she told she is ok now and asked me to sleep. I wasn’t able to sleep due to the view that I saw. She noticed that I was still awake and asked me if I needed any help if she could. I told nothing and pretended to sleep but I couldn’t. By this time it was 5 in the morning and I woke and saw that Bhabhi wasn’t on the bed. I searched for her in the bathroom and everywhere and then finally saw her in the balcony sitting on the chair tensed. I enquired for her worry to which she replied nothing. Suddenly after sometime she started feeling pain and I took her to the hospital. I was very much worried. The doctor came and told me that it was regular pain that happens during pregnancy and it was nothing to worry about. The doctor gave some medicines and asked me to massage her belly regularly at a gap of every 3 hours with the ointment she gave.

We went back home and had our breakfast and I asked her to change her clothes so that I can give her the massage and then she can rest for some time. We went to the bedroom and she removed her top and lied down only with her bra on. I couldn’t control myself as I was seeing my Bhabhi like this for the first time. I again spotted spots on her bra. After massaging I asked her if there was any solution for these spots to go. She told that we have 1 solution that is if someone sucks out the whole milk from her breast so that they don’t leak out. I asked her who could do that as the milk is meant for the baby only. She told me that even I can help her, I asked how.

She in no time opened her bra and told me suck it. I told I can’t it is wrong. She told that I was sent here to take care of her and see to that she does not face any problem. I agreed and started sucking it like a small baby. In no time her right breast was empty. She told me that she also wanted to taste how her milk tastes to which I asked how is it possible. She told me to do as she says. I obeyed her. She first told me to fill her mouth with the milk and then leave the milk in her mouth I was shocked but also enjoyed. I filled half of my mouth and then went up to her lips and dropped the milk in her mouth she then caught my head and told that she wanted to have it till the last drop and so she pulled me towards her and kissed my lips and I replied properly. She brought her tongue and our saliva exchanged and we enjoyed for 15 minutes.

I again started sucking her nipples and she started to moan slowly. I then moved down and kissed her belly and told her that she looks beautiful. She was blushing. I slowly moved my hand towards her pussy and noticed that she was wet. I slowly removed the bottoms she was wearing and saw that she was not wearing any panty. I started fingering her pussy. She was enjoying a lot. For the first time I saw her nude. She looked hot with that belly.

After some time she asked me to get nude and was shocked to see my dick and told me that I am a grown up boy. She then started sucking my dick and took it till her throat. I then went down to her pussy and started licking her pussy. She was on cloud 9. After 10 minutes she had an orgasm and she let out all the juices she had. She then asked me to fuck her but I was worried as me fucking her would cause a problem to the baby. She then told me that it would not cause any problem. I then made her sleep on the corner on the bed and started fucking her. I was inside her in just 3 strokes and I fucked for about 15 minutes and then I came on her boobs.

We went to the bathroom to clean and over there we had a quickie. We started roaming nude in the house. After 2 days suddenly my GF came there when I was fucking my Bhabhi. I got worried. Bhabhi wore her nighty and went to open the door. She was shocked by seeing Gloria (my GF’s name). Bhabhi told Gloria that I was taking bath and that she would call me. Bhabhi came inside the room and told me to come out fast dressed up and again Bhabhi went out and sat with Gloria and offered her coffee.

I came outside after a few minutes and asked her why she has come here without any notice. She suddenly started crying and told me that her dad has fixed her marriage somewhere else and she didn’t want to get married there. Bhabhi was hearing our conversation from the kitchen. I was trying to explain Gloria not to worry and that everything will be fine.

She hugged me tightly and was not stopping to cry. I convinced her that nothing will happen. She in frustration started speaking shit and I had to smooch her in order to stop her from speaking and she was shocked by this and did not respond.

After a minute I left and told her to understand. By that time Bhabhi brought coffee for all 3 off us and we had our coffee and Bhabhi insisted Gloria to stay here till night as she will feel relaxed. I thanked Bhabhi but was disappointed as my today’s session will not be completed. Then we were into casual talks.

Then I got a phone call which lasted for 20 minutes and by the time I returned what I saw was shocking. Gloria and Bhabhi were kissing each other and caressing their bodies. I went near and Bhabhi saw me and stood and kissed me and then asked Gloria to stand up and we both kissed. This continued for some time and then I picked up Gloria in my arms and we went inside the room and Bhabhi followed us after locking the door.

As soon as Bhabhi entered the room I took out her nighty and made her nude and even I became nude and we started kissing wildly. Seeing this Gloria stripped herself and she too became nude and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it deeply while I was sucking the milk out of Bhabhi’s breast and first I gave it to Bhabhi and then to Gloria. She liked it very much and even she started sucking Bhabhi’s other breast.

Now I lied down on the bed and asked Gloria to ride on me and Bhabhi sat on my face and I licked her wet pussy. I fucked Gloria until I came inside her and then again Bhabhi was sucking my dick and Gloria was sucking Bhabhi’s pussy. In no time my dick was ready and I made Bhabhi in doggy style and started fucking her. Bhabhi was sucking Gloria’s pussy.

After 10 minutes of fucking Bhabhi wanted me to enter her ass. I obeyed her and did as she said. I first licked her asshole and then tried entering it but I could not as it was long time since someone had fucked her ass. So I brought some oil and applied in my dick and poured some in her asshole. I asked Gloria to catch her ass and pull it so that it will be easy for me to enter. Gloria did as I said and in 5-6 strokes I was totally inside her. I did not move for a moment and afterwards I started giving stroke’s slowly and then increased my speed.

After 20 minutes of fucking I was about to cum so Gloria asked me to cum in her mouth so I removed my dick from Bhabhi’s ass and put it in Gloria’s mouth and after 2 minutes of blowjob I came and they both shared my cum. it was 3pm and then we rested for some time. After some time Gloria left and I and Bhabhi had one more session.

Next day Gloria came early in the morning telling in her home that she had to go out of station due to office work for 10 days. She stayed for 10 days. We fucked in all the corners of the house and even in the terrace in the night. Now I and Gloria are happily married. After the first baby Bhabhi was pregnant again after 3 years with my baby. Now also we have a threesome whenever we get a chance.

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