Me, My Wife Neha And My Friend Samir – Part 2

After ejaculating so early during first session, me & Neha teased Samir alot. I said to him

“Samir, I am going to Goa on next Saturday with Neha, Would you like to join us for some more fun?”

he readily said yes & he left the home after kissing my wife good bye.

Neha said to me,

“That was fun, he made me superwet, Cant wait for the Saturday so that I can have fun with both of you”

Next day I booked a resort in North Goa for weekend. This resort is quite famous among foreigners for its very big sea facing swimming pool. I booked 2 rooms each being 1bhk.

My wife Neha spent next week preparing herself for the showdown in Goa. She bought loads of new stuff which included new nighties, Babydolls , Bra & panties & particularly a black bikini. she had a bought a new bottle of liquid choclate.

I asked her,

“Whats the choclate for?”

She replied with devilish smile on her face,

” Wait & watch my dear hubby. I will make this Goa trip truely memorable”

On Saturday my wife got up around 4 am, she started getting ready & I was bit puzzled & I asked her why she got up so early,

She replied,

“I Wanna look some extra gorgeous today”

I got up at 6am & I was awestruck Neha was wearing her new white shoulderless one piece exposing her breasts to a great extent. The dress was so short that it barely covered her thighs.She had applied white nail paint on her properly manicured hand nails.she was looking too beautiful. Her white dress was so tight that it was complimenting her big boobs & toned butt.Her properly combed thick black hairs were b adding some extra spice to her beauty.She had left them loose. A black aviator goggle along with a dark red coloured lipstick on her lips made her look an angel from heaven.the early rays of sun falling on her hairs made them look little more shinier & She was looking a total girlfriend material.

We left for Goa on next saturay at around 7 in the morning & we picked Samir on the route. It was his birthday. We both wished him happy birthday. He was shell shocked to see my Neha.He said me,

” Dude, look at her, mindblowing mannn. I just cant wait to reach Goa. I am gonna make love to an Indian pornstar.”

I could see his eyes admiring her beauty.On the way to goa Samir touched my wife whenever wherever possible. I could see the bulge in his pants.He fondly spoke about how he fantasized about her, how he liked their first session.

We reached goa at around 12pm & after checking in our rooms we decided to head to swimming pools. Neha told me to wait for her near swimming pool. Me & Samir sat on sun beds near the pool enjoying chilled beer. Swimming pool quite big & around 30 40 foreign tourists were enjoying it.

Then we saw a Goddess in black bikini khule baal & a black aviator approachig us. She was Neha. She was heading towards us simultaneously playing with her hairs. Everyone around the pool could not help but notice this beauty. Even foreigners were trying their best to sneak a look at her massive breasts.

I said to Samir,

“My god, she surely knows how to set temperatures high”

Everyone around the pool was looking at her & admiring her body.She entered the pool after having a couple of drinks of vodka & she was now looking even more sexy with her wet hairs. a couple of foreigners tried to talk to her but she did not respond at all.I loved this sight of people admiring my wifes assets & their eyes feasting on her boobs & butt. a couple of college going students even tried to touch her in the pool & 15 minutes of such a live show Samir said to me,

” Damn, I cant take it anymore. Time to take her to bedroom”

He signalled her & she left the pool headed back to our room.She asked us to be back in 10 minutes.I said to Samir,

“Dude, I want you to dominate her!” she replied with a kinky smile.but what happened as soon as we entered the room left us shell shocked. My wife was standing near the bed with choclate bottle in her hands. The water drops falling from her wet hairs onto her boobs made Samir even more horny.My wife Neha was in the mood of dominating Samir.

She asked me close the doors of room & seat on the bed while she asked Samir to seat on the sofa chair.She obeyed her orders.She went to Samir & removed all of his cloths almost ripping his tshirt.

She naughtily looked at Samir at said him,

” Time for your bday gift baby” then she went on to tie his hands & legs to the chair. His massive & 7 inches cock was already saluting my wife.She then took the liquid choclate bottle, removed its lid & she poured some liquid choclate on Samirs 7 inch dick & around his balls.

Then she blindfolded Samir with her scarf.

Samir & I could not believe what we saw & we were thrilled by the the sheer naughty actions of my wife Neha. Then she kept bottle on the table near the chair & she got close to Samir & she sat on knees & held his liquid choclate covered dick in her right hand simultaneously massaging his balls with her left hand. Samir looked excited & excitation was clearly visible with his erect dick.

Neha then slowly started to stroke his penis intermittently teasing the tip of his dick with her tongue. I could see her hands were covered in choclate so does her tongue.she then slowly held his ball in her mouth & started teasing it with toungue & teeth. He could not believe what was going on. now he was moaning hard.

He said me,




Then Neha held his another ball in her mouth & he was moaning loudly now.

Neha then held his dick in her right hand & started to give him blowjob.She was ferociously sucking his dick simulatenoesly fondling his balls with her left hand. This contineud for next 5 minutes.I was able to see her face buried deep in his lap. I knew how Samir felt.I knew that feeling.I know she is bloddy good at sucking. I admit she has made me cum in under 5 minutes many times just by using her tongue.

She looked kinkily at me and said,

“Thank you my dear, I have been dreaming of this cock since the day you mentioned threesome word to me. His precum tastes so good. I knew it that Samir would have a very big cock.THICK BLACK & LONG just the way I imagined.Looking ahead to taste his cum in my mouth”

she then started licking his dick from bottom to top & in doing so licked all the liquid choclate along with his precum juices.I was admiring the naughty side of my wife.I knew she has all the abilities to a perfect pornstar & now my friend was enjoying her abilities this made me even more excited.

She then untied Samir & removed his blindfold & she then held his dick & took him in the bed. Now It was Samirs time to dominate my wife & he yelled out loudly,

“Thank you for the best bday gift I have ever had but it is time for the return gift”

He then made her lie in the bed.slowly removing her bikini top.His eyes were startled after looking bare erect nipples of Neha.He pinched them so hard that my wife Neha let out a big cry.He then removed her panty exposing her waxed super wet vagina.

he then looked into eyes of my wife Neha & told her,”

“Time to enjoy your womanhood!” as soon as he said that he started fingering my wife. Her already wet vagina loved his manly touch & he went on to insert his second finger in her vagina…

my wife had closed her eyes & she was loving his finger inside her.After a couple of minutes Samir replaced his fingers with his tongue. His tongue was dancing on her vagina while his both hands were masssaging her big wife had held his hairs in his hands & was asking him to continue licking her.She was eating her out & she was in 7th heaven. She yelled loudly as Samir was feasting like a beast on her pink pussy






Pussy licking is her favorite part. She likes it whenever I do it.this turns her on .Seeing my best friend eating my wifes pussy was always going to be a big turn on & I was getting way too horny though I thought to myself that let them enjoy. precum was dripping very heavily from Nehas Pussy now & Samir was enjoying it,

He said to me, “Dude,This tastes awesome, look at her pink pussy.time to enjoy her now. You suggest a position to fuck this beautiful creature” I replied him saying doggy style.

He then turned her her into doggie style position, He then held her hairs in his left hand & wrapped his right hand around her waist so that he could penetrate her deep. Samir was looking like a black monster while my wife Neha was looking more like a small doll in front of him.

I told Samir,

“Dude, you have been too gentle with her so far, Now its time to show your wild side.Time to drill her. Make her crave more for you. She likes it deep inside her vagina”

My words served as an encouragement to him, he held her hairs tighly & slightly inserted his thick black cock in her vagina.He then started to move his hips back & forth & my wife was in pain, he was thrusting her like a cannon from tank. My wife was moaning very loud now & Samir could not care he was enjoying her. He was fucking her like a mad dog. he removed his hand from her hairs & moved it onto her mouth to silence her moans & he then started to fuck her even harder.

I was excited to the core.Seeing your tiny wife getting drilled by a huge beast was an unforgettable sight.I was thrilled to the core while fucking her he turned his head to me & asked the next position & replied him saying normal position.

He then removed his member from her vagina & somehow my wife was catching a breath or two, He then pulled her hairs & turned her around & again got on top of her.He then inserted his cock in her & started kissing my wife.He was kissing her as if it was his last time. He was kissing her gredily simultaneously pressing her boobs hard.My wifes mouth was covered with his tongue she could not even moan & literally was in state of shock because of heroic performance from his dick.

After kissing her lips cheen cheecks forehead,it was time to honor her boobs.he moved his face towards them & buried it into the boob gap to enjoy the warmth of her breasts.He then started sucking her left boob simultaneously massaging her right boob with his hand. As he was enjoying her breasts he started to move his hips back & forth and started penetrating Nehas pink pussy as deep as possible. Neha was enjoying the double fun & Samir was getting out of control now. He started fucking her harder & harder.

He looked so huge that Neha was nowhere to be seen under him. He was fucking her so hard that even bed had started producing cranking sounds.

As he was ready for his final assault he buried his face in her neck & asked Neha to put her hands on his back, she obeyed him & he started moving his hips back & forth again ..he was fucking her so hard that she could not even moan.After fucking her in this position for good 5 mins, He was ready to cum…

Neha told him not to cum inside her so he removed his dick from her vagina but Samir had other plans ..he held her hairs & pulled her out of the bed & he made her seat on her knees in front of a a big mirror the room.She knew what was coming.He held her hairs & started drilling his cock deep inside her mouth. His cock was so thick that she had to open her mouth in biggest possible way.

He kept thrusting his cock as his precum was pouring out from my wifes mouth on her chin & then onto her boobs.He drilled his cock so deep that it almost choked my wife .

As he was about to cum, he took out his cock, held her hairs & asked her to open her mouth & he then burst 15 20 loads inside her mouth,her face, boobs.My wife was well soaked in cum. He then asked her to swallow it all & my wife obeyed it like a good student & then he kissed her passionately.

I then went close to them & I spanked my wifes ass hard 2 3 times & told her.. tonight you are gonna take 2 cocks & she replied with a devilish look on her face.

We then dressed up & headed towards the beach.

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