Meeting My Girlfriend After Ages – Part 2

This is the second part of my story….

Ashwini was left tied in the toilet by harsh to sleep there. But just after one hour, harsh opened the door and came inside. He was dressed well and threw a gown on her. It was sleeveless, and backless, and it was coming upto her thighs midway. He untied her, asked her to get ready, and wear that dress as we are going somewhere out. She got ready, left her hair loose, and was very excited about what was going to happen. She was so sex starved that she didn’t care whose dick was going to tear away her pussy as far as harsh has his consent in it, in this way she’ll have a satisfaction that she dint cheat him.

So they left the room and were walking towards harsh car which was parked next street. It was windy night, and her skirt was lifting up and exposing glimpses of her ass. There were few people who were drinking on the footpath, who noticed this and were whistling, and hooting at her. Seeing this, harsh went to them and said 60 euros for half an hour to fuck this bitch here on the road. Ashwini was taken aback as there were 3 guys, and they were very filthy, might be homeless people, and they were drunk, and they were going to fuck her on the road.

Surprisingly ashwini was getting turned on deep inside, and her pussy got wet, and her discharge was flowing down through her legs. Harsh noticed that and said to the people that this is a cheap slut, never mind, you can fuck her here for free. Ashwini interfered and said first I need to see your cocks, and if am satisfied by the size, you can bang me for free. All the three guys agreed and removed their pants and none of them had inners. Their cock was stinking so much that harsh had to close his nose, but ashwini was mesmerized by their sizes. One was 9 inch, one was 10 inch, but the last guy was 4 inch. Ashwini agreed to get fucked by the two guys as there was no use by the last guy as his dick is so small and her pussy is so wide that she will not even feel anything entering it. But that guy had a wicked plan in his mind and said, something big instead of my cock will enter you bitch.

So ashwini was licking away the 9 inch cock, his balls, almost all his bottom stinking filthy part, and the 10 inch was inside her pussy, and the small cock guy inserted a whole wine bottle inside her ass. Ashwini shouted in pain but the 9 inch cock guy shoved his dick so deep that she couldn’t shout or make any noise except the gagging noise. The guy fucking her pussy cum in her, the 10 inch guy shifted to fuck her pussy while the wine bottle was still in her ass. She was moaning “Aaahhh … Fuck me infront of my boyfriend, show him how its done.. Fuck mee aaahhh aaahh”. And soon ashwini and the other guy got their orgasm.

As they were done, aswini wore her gown and harsh and ashwini got into his car. As they were going on the way, harsh parked his car on the side of the road, asked ashwini to lift her gown and fuck herself using the gear rod. He asked her to sit on the gear rod and use that as a dildo.

She was excited and winked at him and said “Sure my master, you’ve decided to tear my pussy at every chance you get, and am ready as far as you are with me”. Saying this she lifter her gown, and slowly inserted the gear changing rod inside her pussy and started moaning. And soon enough the gear changing rod went deep into her pussy and it was not visible.. She started stroking herself up and down on it and her moans became louder and louder. Harsh opened the dashboard, and found 2 paper clips in it, he removed her gown, and saw her nipples erect like his dick. He put the 2 paper clips on her nipples and started smooching her.

With this her strokes started becoming wilder and wilder. And her moans louder and louder. She was squeezing her boobs with the clips on and with other hand stoking harsh’ throbbing dick. The car was shaking noticeably, and soon ashwini had her another orgasm. She was having a lot of orgasm from the time she landed here in denmark. As she was going to get up from the rod, there was a knock in the window of the car.

Ashwini sat on the rod, but brought down her skirts, and kept her legs on harsh, while harsh put his dick hastily back in his trousers. The window was tinted and hence they couldn’t find who it was. But harsh and ashwini were sure about the thing that whoever it will be, will end up banging ashwini, and she was ready for it, ready to go for another round.

Harsh slowly brought down the window of his car to see who was standing outside. There was a policeman who was looking well built and handsome. He asked harsh and ashwini to get off the car as he saw this car parked from a long time, and had to do some checking.

As ashwini got up from the gear rod, there was a splashy sound from her pussy due to wetness and the policeman noticed the gear rod was having translucent and whitish discharge on it. Ashwini saw the policeman noticing that, and she was blushing.

The policeman took harsh aside and said something to him, and they both were talking for 10 min, and then harsh came to ashwini and said “Time to get some police dick inside your pussy bitch. They are going to tie you and take you to a place where they all can have at you”

Ashwini- what do you mean they all?? How many guys is it harsh??

Harsh- I dunno bitch, may be 6-7. There might be girls too.

Ashwini- 6-7?? Are you out of your mind?? I just had so many orgasms, I cant take that many harsh.

Harsh- don’t worry bitch, your the biggest horny bitch that I ‘ve known, so you can take care, and moreover, am there with you to fuck along with them.

Ashwini- so whats the plan??

Harsh- nothing, just play along

The policeman came with a handcuff and put it on ashwini, keeping her hands behind, and put blindfold on her eyes. Harsh bought a remote controlled vibrator that he bought for this bitch. He lifter her gown, the policeman saw her pussy and was turned on and said harsh that he wanna fuck her now before she becomes a public property and harsh agreed to it. He brought down his pants, his cock was an average one of 7 inches, he put it in her pussy in one go and started fucking her on the road itself.

Harsh lifted her, and put his dick in her ass and she was sandwiched between these two hunks. She was moaning but she was helpless as her hands were handcuffed from behind. She wanted to kiss someone, but both very busy filling her holes. After a 15 mins fuck, both the men came in her holes.

Ashwini- c’mon guys, are you going to stop here?? Just a few minutes more, and even I can get my orgasm, fuck me some more. Please.

Policeman- we deliberately dint let you cum bitch. I’ve other plans for you. Just shut the fuck up and play along.

Saying this the policeman shoved the vibrator in her pussy. And tied her legs together, lifter her and threw in his car dickey. Ashwini dint know what was happening to her or what was inside her pussy. Harsh parked his car in a parking area nearby, and got into the car along with the policeman and ashwini at the backside of the car. Harsh switched on the vibrator and kept it in the first level. Ashwini understood what was going to happen now, but she was helpless as her hands and legs were tied.

She shouted “Bastards, let me feel my body, or at least spread my legs, with this vibrator I cannot control myself tied up. Please, I beg you. I can do anything you want, but please at least loosen my hands. I beg you”

But harsh increased the level of vibrator one by one and ashwini started moaning loudly and started shouting

“Aaahnnn, I know you guys are enjoying this bitch, but I ‘ll make sure if you loosen my hands, you’ll enjoy moree.. Aaaaah plleeeasss .. Aaahhn aahhh harsh you baastaardd..  Aaaah ffuucckk”.

The policeman looked at harsh and said that they’ve reached the spot, and this is not only a surprise for her, but also a surprise for harsh. Harsh dint understand anything and by the time he could react, the policeman hit him on his head and harsh became unconscious.

What is in store for both harsh and ashwini, stay tuned to find out…

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