Meeting My Girlfriend After Ages

Hey guys, this is Subbu, and this is a real slow, long and a fantasy story. So here goes the story…

Harsh got a job in denmark and had to leave India to work there. He was in a relation with a girl for 4 years. Her name is ashwini. An orthodox Brahmin girl who was very reserved and a virgin when he met her. In their long relation, he made her more open, broadminded and horny bitch. When he shifted to Denmark, they used to have a lot of video sex in Skype and were eagerly waiting for a chance to live their fantasies.

And after 2 long years of skype sex, they got a chance to meet as her project was shifted to denmark too and she booked her tickets to come. And the day came when they were going to meet each other. Her flight was scheduled to arrive at 1:30am, midnight and harsh went to receive her from the airport. And there she was, a thigh length denim top, black jeans, and high heels, hair tied up feeling very tired. She was 5’8″ tall and 36b boob size. She had all the mass in perfect place and perfect amount. She was a sex goddess in short.

As soon as she saw harsh, she felt wetness in her pussy, she thought that she didn’t see her boyfriend for such a long time, and horny is not the first thing that she should be feeling, but that was all she could feel. As soon as harsh saw her, he came and hugged her, he was in his sweat pants albeit inner, so as soon as he hugged her, ashwini could feel his 8 inch long and 3 inch thick rod touching her super hot and wet pussy. She wanted to remove his pants immediately and shove that dick in her mouth. But she dint let harsh know any of her feelings, instead told him that she wanted to use washroom. Harsh sat outside the ladies toilet, while ashwini went in to do her chores.

As soon as she entered the toilet and removed her pants, she saw that she is not wearing panties. Then she remembered that she had removed them in the flight left it in the toilet of the flight itself.

So she lowered her pants to the ground and sat on the toilet. As she was urinating, she imagined harsh’s huge dick tearing away her pussy. Harsh loved her thighs, white milky tight thighs. And the thought that harsh loves her thighs, made her horny looking at her thighs. She started feeling her thighs slowly from her knees with both her hands. She stopped urinating, but she was not done yet. Her hands then slid to her pussy and she started fingering them using 2 fingers.

She removed her bra inside the top and took that out and started feeling her scent. Slowly she inserted 4 fingers in her pussy, while the other hands were mounding her boobs, pinching her nipples which came an inch out due to erection. Soon she found herself inserting her complete hand inside her pussy while she was munching her bra in her mouth and the other hand playing with her pussy. Soon she had a big orgasm, and still she was not satisfied. She removed her pants, threw her bra in the toilet itself and went outside only in her denim thigh length top, without any inner, top or bottom.

Seeing her like this, harsh dick rose to salute her beauty. But he dint react and calmly folded her pant and kept it in the bag and they left to catch the train to his house. Ashwini knew that even if harsh dint react at her body, he must’ve planned something in the future. They caught the train and it was completely empty and they sat facing each other. Harsh dint speak a word and directly knelt down and buried himself between ashwini’s legs, and she closed her legs tightly squeezing harsh head. Harsh was licking her pussy like a dog drinking water. With the way her pussy was stinking, harsh understood that this bitch is already horny, had her orgasm and ready for more.

He caught her by hair, dragged her to the corridor of the train, he sat in the corner, with the back facing the wall, made ashwini turn around and made her squeeze her ass on harsh face. He wanted to be suffocated by ashwini’s ass on his face. He dig her asshole to the depth that only the g-spot knows. His tongue was deep in her ass, and he could almost taste her shit, his hands, all 5 fingers were inside her pussy, while ashwini was again mounding her boobs.

The thought of harsh licking her ass made her moan loudly. Soon enough she got to another orgasm. At last they got down from the train and reached harsh house. She wanted to tear away his every bit of fabric and get that dick, but to her disappointment, she had to pee again. As she sat on the toilet, harsh entered and ordered her to pee on him. He was naked already, with his dick stronger and harder than ever. He sat down and opened his mouth for the ultimate juice for him, and she peed on him all over. Harsh caught her hairs and made her lick her pee from his face and chest.

She felt the taste more turning her on, and soon she was on her knees begging for his rod. Harsh caught her hairs with both hands, pushed her to corner, and shoved his dick in her mouth, and started mouth fucking her. She started gagging soon and she was pinching her boobs like it were not hers.

After a 10 min of mouth fucking, he lifter her, and shoved his dick in her pussy and started banging her in that position where she was sitting on him while his dick was tearing away the depths of her pussy. She was holding harsh by his neck while her legs were wrapped around his waist. Harsh was holding her and with his mouth he started biting her nipples.

He took her to his bedroom fucking in this position, then threw her on the bed. He was treating her like a sex object, he had lust more than love at that point. He pushed her from bed, made her upside down, with her body below waist on the bed and the upper part below the bed, and shoved his dick in her ass in one go. Ashwini was virgin in her ass as she never allowed harsh to enter her ass as his dick was very thick and she felt very painful, but now, harsh was in no mood to care for her pains, and as soon as he entered her ass, she screamed very loudly “Motherfucking bastard, take out that monster from my ass, it is too huge for that hole, you heartless horny fucker”.

As she said this, harsh slapped on her ass 20 times, which made the skin red, she was crying, as harsh told “Don’t act like your less you bitch, you fucking stripped yourself naked in a public toilet, I don’t have to fuck you with care, you’re a fucking shameless bitch and you’re meant to be fucked like this. You wait until you see all that I’ve planned on you bitch. You’re not my girlfriend, you’re my bitch, am too horny to care what am doing to you, or what am saying to you, get your holes fucked you horny fucking bitch”.

Banging her ass for 20 min, he went to toilet, peed and dragged her by her hairs to the toilet and made her lick the pot completely. As she was licking, he shoved a vibrator in her ass with max. Vibration and started fucking her pussy. She was shouting with pleasure and licking the toilet, and pinching her nipples. After fucking her like that for 30 min, harsh and ashwini had a huge orgasm together. But after the orgasm, he tied ashwini to the toilet, locked the door and went to sleep in the bedroom.

Ashwini knew she was gonna have a wild sex, but now she was worried as to what harsh has in his filthy horny mind about her…

Stay tuned to find out what unfolds for ashwini…..

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