Mehak’s Secret Desire To Be Satisfied

Hi friends,

This is the story about me and my sister-in-law, Mehak. Mehak is married to my brother who is into transport business and an alcoholic.

This happened about 3 years back when my brother got married to Mehak. She is very beautiful, simple small town girl. Being from Punjab she is tall and curvy but none will say she is overweight. She has a great figure 36 32 38.

When she walks her ass jiggles left and right. Being a newly married she used to wear red Bangles that look absolutely stunning on her pinkish fair toned arms. She would wear tight suits at home since she was the newly married bride and would always have makeup on.

I always admired her beauty and secretly masturbated thinking about her boobs and wondering how her nipples would be. Many times I would touch smell and masturbate on her lingerie. I used to help her in the kitchen to get a glimpse of her slide boobs through her sweaty suits when she used to cook.

Her marriage with my brother didn’t go well and within a month my brother would arrive home drunk as usual and then I would hear Mehak’s pleading and cries. I was in college at that time and wanted to see what was going on between them.

I secretly hide my cell phone in their room and used it as a web camera. I wanted to see my beautiful sister-in-law being fucked by my brutal alcoholic brother. That night my brother arrived late, as usual, he was drunk.

Mehak gave him food like an ideal wife and sat beside him asked him about his day. Then they went off to bed. My brother hugged her from behind as she was not facing him.

“You are drunk again,” she said.

“You always do that despite knowing that I hate you like this” she added in a complaining manner.

By this time, my fat elder brother had lost his patience and he just grabbed her long hairs and pull her face towards him. He kissed her hard despite her resistance. Perhaps, she hated the smell and she was trying to get loose.

My brother just gave her a tight slap and pin her hands over her head. He’s a strong mean man with one hand he was able to control her hands and with another hand, he just squeezed her boobs very hard. He squeezed them so hard that I could hear Mehak’s scream in my room.

I was watching this on my laptop and masturbating and lusting about my beautiful sister-in-law. My brother just grabbed her salwar (lower) and just pushed it down to her ankles.

He came between her legs and forcefully split her milky white thighs. My brother grabbed her fleshy thighs and shoved his cock into her pussy.

“Oh my God you are killing me. Aaahhhh. Ouchhhhh. Pull it out I’m going to die. Please be gentle.” She was pleading with my brother.

I could hear her feeble voice in the room. I was feeling sorry for Mehak but I was also getting very horny. My brother shut her up with his hands over her mouth and all I could see was Mehak sobbing and tears rolling down her eyes.

My brother could not hold for long and he just crashed over her. He then pulled out and lay on his back. He later grabbed her by hairs like a slave and made her lick his cock. Mehak had no other choice she simply grabbed his black cock in her beautiful fair hands and kissed it.

My brother forcefully rubbed his cock on her face and lips. Then he pushed her on to the side and dozed off. My sister-in-law just laid there sobbing exploited and unsatisfied. My brother just wanted his satisfaction but never cared how a lady should be loved.

Mehak wasn’t satisfied she moved to her side and then started to touch herself. She was playing with her erect boobs which my brother never cared do fondle gently. With one hand, she was playing with her boobs and with other, she was fingering her wet pussy.

I was masturbating looking at my beautiful sister-in-law and wondering I wish I could marry her. After some time she became restless and her body shivered and she cum hard. Then she went to the washroom to clean herself. I also went to sleep.

This continued for a couple of months more. She also complained to her parents about the misbehavior of my brother. But as a typical Indian family, they consoled her to obey my stupid brother.

I would always see her being badly treated by my brother. Even on her birthday, my brother left with his truck to Gujarat. He never even bothered to call her up. She like a loving lady kept on checking her phone to see my stupid brother’s message but all the calls or messages that she got were from her family and friends.

This was now too much for me I wanted to do something for her. I wanted to impress her and make her mine and above all make her a happy satisfied woman.

So I planned to take her for a birthday date. I thought it would be better for her to recover from the trauma that my brother caused. I asked her a lot to go out with me as it was her birthday.

Initially, she refused but then my parents also convinced her. I also said that consider me as your friend and not just your brother-in-law. Finally, she agreed I also told her that I will select what you going to wear. “But why?” she asked me.

“You should look sexy you are my date tonight” I replied. She laughed at my reply and slapped me softly ‘bastard’.

I was very happy, all I wanted was to spend a good time with her and to show her what she is actually worth and not all men are dogs. I quickly went to my room and took a shower, shaved and got dressed up in a black body fit t-shirt and blue jeans.

I work out regularly so this t-shirt looks great on me I got many compliments from girls in my college. I was waiting for my sister-in-law to get ready. She took her own sweet time. But when she came she blew my mind off.

She was wearing a beautiful thin fabric white suit with pink embroidery on the borders. She paired it with a beautiful pink dupatta and making footwear. Oh man, she looked ravishing, fully clothed and yet so beautiful that will put modern girls to shame.

She was glowing like never before. I had planned only a decent date with for her. But, once I saw her, I was mesmerized, I just wanted to grab her and pick her in my arms and fuck her, then and there itself.

I complimented her a lot whilst we were going to a restaurant and I started flirting with her.

“You know my brother is so lucky. He got a fairy like you. I am unlucky, you don’t even have a younger sister.”

By this time, she knew I was really into her. Then, we went for an evening show for a horror movie.As she was wearing heels, I grabbed her hand and took her to our seat. But, I didn’t leave her hand and I kept touching and massaging her. She was watching a movie and often grab me by the arm when she would be scared.

I was not able to focus on the movie, her touch and her fragrance were making me crazy. I was having such a hard-on sitting next to her. I couldn’t control and kept her hand on my cock.

She touched and looked at me surprised. She didn’t move her hands instantly. She touched it from base to top and then moved her hand back (as if she was measuring).

“What the hell are you up to,” she asked me.

“ I am so into you, I can’t think of anything else, Mehak I love you,” I told her.

She just kept watching the movie as if she was not listening to me. But, I know she must be thinking something. I knew she is a very sexually active woman and from the past six months, my brother wasn’t able to satisfy her at all.

I kept my hand on her shoulder and tried to take her into my arms and touch her boobs. She was done with it now and she stood up and left.

I got worried, did I hurt her feelings? Is she going to tell parents about it?What if she tells my brother?

Oh god, I am so dead. All these questions wandered my mind in a second.I just rushed and blocked her way.

“Please Mehak, listen to me, I seriously love you very much. Don’t create a scene over here, get in the car.” We got in the car and drove towards home. On the way, I stopped the car.

“Sister in law, I love you deeply,” I said again.

“Do you even know, what your bother will do to you if I tell him” She warned me.

“I don’t think you will complain about a guy who innocently loves you to a guy who ill-treats you like an animal,” I said. She kept quiet and I drove back home throughout the way she was quiet and kept thinking.

Then she went to her room and I went to mine. I kept thinking about her wonderful body and sexy curves and was touching myself. All of a sudden, somebody switched on the light, the door was already open as it was summer.

I was shocked to see Mehak staring at my erect cock as she came to give me a glass of milk as a daily routine.

“I thought you slept.” I just tried to explain.

She came closer to me and said: “Don’t think and play so hard, you will get tired.”

“What can I do, you don’t let me sleep,” I said.

She checked my cock well and commented: “Is it just big and good for nothing like your brother’s.”

And laughed at me and went to her room.

Now she had a different smile. I knew she liked it and her hungry pussy needs my cock now. So, rather than masturbating I stopped and watch my camera. She went to her room and changed her clothes to a black nighty and got into bed.

She tried to sleep but wasn’t able to sleep and kept rolling on the bed.I was very horny too.

So, I messaged her. “Sister-in-law, I can’t sleep.”

“How can I help, my brother-in-law/” She replied in a teasing manner.

“Can we talk for a while?” I thought of sexting with her.

“Door is unlocked,” she replied.

I was so happy, I grabbed a couple of condoms and rushed to her room in my jockey and latched it.

I turned on a small light so that I can see my beautiful sister-in-law. She was sitting on her bed in a black nighty and tied her hairs beautifully over her head in a bun and her pink lips were glittering. I just sat towards her feet and kissed them.

“Don’t you dare tell anybody, or I will kill you.” She warned me again.

“And you will always do it as per my wish.” she set another condition. I agreed to all.

I started licking and kissing her feet and was massaging her legs and rubbing her calves and thighs. She was totally loving it and felt relaxed. She slouched down in bed into a comfortable position. I kissed my way up to her ankles and then calves and her thighs. She giggled when I kissed her thighs.

“Sister-in-law, how are you feeling,” I asked.

“Shhhhhhhh, keep on doing it,” she said.

She was loving my gentle touch. I pushed her nighty up and was licking her inner thighs. Her thighs were as fair as Kareena’s. She then grabbed me by my hairs and pulled me up to her pussy. I rubbed my lips gently over her silky red panty and kissed her pussy over the panty.

“Aaah,” she sighed.

I was touching and squeezing her big bums and licking her pussy over the panty up and down. I was rubbing my cheeks on her thighs and she was loving my manly touch there.

“Aaah, you are so good, down there”

I started to rub her asshole with my thumb as I licked her pussy. I chewed her cunt lips with my lips whilst doing so.

She was trying to close her thighs in excitement and was choking me, but I grabbed her knees and parted them well and stroke her pussy with my fingers.

She was oozing juices like never before. I took off her panty as I was very horny and rub my cock on her pussy. But, she pushed me back.

“Wait, satisfy me first.” She demanded. I always heard that country girls are bold and horny but now I believe so too.

She pushed me on my back and came over me, took off her nighty and sat on my face.

“Lick me now, lick it good.” She was ordering me.

She grabbed my head and made me lick her pussy deep. Her pussy was the best pussy I had, it was shaved and clean. I was teasing her clitoris with my fingers and digging my tongue deep into her pussy. I also tried squeezing and spanking her ass cheeks softly.

“Aaah, pussy eater, dog, do it well” she was moaning. Then, she grabbed my hairs and pressed me deep into her pussy, it was hard for me to breathe and she cums hard on my lips.

I licked her juices and cleaned some of her panties.

“Aaah,” she felt relieved.

I then hugged her and smooched her, her juices from my lips got onto hers and we smooched like the craziest couple on the planet. I licked her cheeks and neck.

She neck is so sexy that I bite there. I licked her shoulders and boobs.

“Come on suck them, little bastard, always ogling them,” she said.

I grabbed her arms tightly and started chewing her nipples over the bra. She slid her bra off the shoulders and I grabbed her massive fleshy boobs and started sucking her light brown colored nipples.

I was sucking left one and pinching right one and then swapped. She grabbed my face and placed it on her boobs. She loved my stubble rubbing against her soft boobs. I kept sucking her boobs like a baby, I licked down her tummy and her navel and rolled my tongue in there. I tasted her sweat under her boobs kissing there and touching her pussy.

I was rubbing and massaging her pussy as I was lick and kissing her tummy. She was so wet down there. I knew this woman is too hot to handle.

So, without waiting, I just came over her and split her thighs and guided my 7” long cock straight into her pussy. My cock has a fat head, I was throbbing and red as a strawberry.

I grabbed her waist and pushed it deep into her pussy. Unlike with my brother, my sister-in-law just embraced me as I entered her pussy and cooperated well. She was kissing me and massaging my back. I was thrusting well and furiously into her tight wet pussy.

She was scratching my back with her nails as she got horny which in turn excited me. I put my two fingers in her mouth and slammed my cock had into her pussy. It was all in her and my balls were slamming hard against her asshole.

She was licking and sucking my fingers like a whore and I was loving her expression whilst doing so. She then locked her feet behind my back and was pulling me deeper and deeper into her pussy.

She was enjoying the cock of her husband’s younger brother. I grabbed her hands to the side and licked her sweaty armpits’ am really fetish about beautiful armpits.

She just hugged me tight and grabbed my bums and her body twitched. She cum for the second time tonight. I could feel her juices on my cock.

I then pulled out and cleaned my cock as I didn’t want to cum early. I told her to grab her boobs together and then I put my cock in her cleavage. My cock was fucking her boobs and tossing her mangalsutra which made no meaning now in our incestuous relationship.

As I fucked her cleavage, she was trying to lick pre-cum over my cock. Her beautiful brown hairs, with highlights, were all loose and dancing on her sexy shoulders.

She then grabbed my cock and tried to suck it. But, its 3” circumference wasn’t easy to suck, so she spat on it and then adjusted it in her pretty small lips. I loved her sucking my cock like a whore.

She cupped my balls gently and sucked me good. Mehak was a good sucker, perhaps an experienced one.

As I was about to cum I pulled out. I made her stand up and kissed her, she just hugged me tight and kissed me all over my face my chest. She kissed my nipples and sucked them to my surprise but it was a nice feeling and a huge turn on.

I pushed her to the wall and parted her legs and tried to put my cock in, but since my sock was fat, I wasn’t able to penetrate her in that position. So, she now pushed me on the bed and came over me.

She was holding her hairs on her head and pushing her boobs into my mouth. I was licking an sucking them well. She then grabbed my tool with one hand and guided it well into her pussy.

‘Aaah,” I yelled. This was heaven.

She was squeezing my cock too tight with her pussy and she started to pump it now. I was playing with her boobs and hairs and she was jumping up and down on my cock.

I then grabbed her buttocks and supported her go up and down on my shaft. She kept her hands on my chest and dug her nails there. She fucked me now, that too very nicely.

She was going crazy, with deep penetration my cock was hitting her well.

“Promise me, you will love me like this” she was murmuring.

“You are my sister-in-law, you can ask for my cock whenever you want,” I said.

I then grabbed her thighs,” I am cumming, I am cumming.” I yelled.

But, she didn’t care. She kept thrusting my cock as she going to break it tonight. She just hugged me even tighter and kept fucking my cock like a bunny

Then, she cum for the third time and she crashed over me and smooched me. That night, we didn’t sleep we cuddled each other and had an early morning session as well.

That story will be in the next part. But, I will write next part only if you guys and girls like this one. So please let me know if you like this story on [email protected].

Girls, women, and ladies can message me for friendship or chat. I am awaiting your comments


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