Mehndi, Red Bra, Sexy Videos – All For The Driver!

Day 4I woke up late that day and saw everyone is busy working as the marriage is near. I went to join them at work, bhabhi gave a smile and started working on something as if everything is normal and she is a loyal bahu. I was thinking about how she is acting, in reality, she is a whore.

But I could understand that sex and lust give pleasure. So she is helpless but she would be doing this with a driver, that was unexpected. I thought once her husband comes and fuck her then she will be normal. It was almost 11 am and the driver didn’t come.

Bhabhi’s eyes were looking for him. It was like bhabhi can not stay without the driver. She was wearing a black saree with a black blouse. It was normal, not transparent or anything. I was looking at her belly. She caught me and covered that with saree and left.

It was almost 1 pm when the driver came. The happiest person was my bhabhi when the driver came. She ran to her room and pinged him.Bhabhi – Where have you been? I missed you badly.

Driver – I had some important work. (driver went to fuck someone, he told me later) I missed your body. Today you are looking like a sanskari loyal wife.Bhabi- (blushing) Yes I am a sanskari bahu. That is why you are lucky to touch my back and see my navel in just 2 days.

She kept the phone and went back to work. I was helping my uncle and the driver was scrolling his phone. Suddenly bhabhi went near him to check what the driver was watching on the phone. After that bhabhi had eye contact with the driver and her face went dull.

She went back to work with a sad and angry face. The driver left for his home as there was no work. Before he leaves I asked the driver what happened? He said he was watching saree backless blouse hot pictures on Instagram and bhabhi saw that and went angry. He left.

After sometime bhabhi went to her room, I followed to check what is the matter. She started texting the driver.Bhabhi -Why you were watching that saree navel, backless blouse women pictures?

Driver- I had nothing to do and I was feeling something so for the enjoyment. I was watching the pictures.Bhabhi – I thought you would be watching me for your enjoyment.Driver- You were busy, and nothing to see.Bhabhi – What do you want to see?Driver- Whatever you want to show.

Suddenly I see bhabhi’s face became red, she started breathing heavily. I see her boobs started increasing and with heavy breathing, boobs are juggling. The cleavage started to shape and the mangalsutra went inside the cleavage.

Driver- Hello? Hello?  Are you there?Bhabhi didn’t reply but was online. She kept the phone on the bed and wiped her sweat with pallu. Bhabhi went in front of the mirror. She looked at the door if that is close. After that slowly she dropped the saree from her shoulder.

She was in blouse and petticoat now, the half saree is rolling on the floor. She removed one button of her blouse so that a small portion of the red bra is visible. On top of it, she kept the mangalsutra by bringing that out from the cleavage area where it was stuck between her boobs.

She was looking like a sex queen. The upper part of her boobs visible with red bra and the mole was shining, she started rubbing the nipple area clockwise direction over her blouse. Soon it took the erect shape and she took the phone clicked 2-3 pictures from different angles. Bhabhi back to text.

Bhabhi- sent the picture. I missed you.Driver- Am I that lucky, oh my god. If I were there then I would be eaten you.Bhabhi- Did you notice your favorite color?Driver- Yeah. I wish I could see the whole red bra. I would love to smell that.

Bhabhi – I am sweating, stop it.Driver- I will suck all your sweat. I will rub my lips on your nipple and then eat like ice cream.

Bhabhi took the phone and started rubbing her boobs with the phone and it looks like the blouse will tear up anytime. Boobs became so huge, the 5″ phone got lost inside her cleavage.Bhabhi – Naughty, my body belongs to my husband.

But she is continually pressing her boobs and moaning.Bhabhi- I hope now you will see my pictures only, not other women.Driver- No, I will not. I love that black mole on the right side of your chest. Can I get one picture of that mole?

Bhabhi- You are so amazing, you notice everything. My husband never noticed that or talked about it.

She took the phone and took a close picture of the mole by pulling the blouse, half boob visible. She brought the red bra near the mole holding the bra with the left hand. Sweat was rolling over the mode.  She clicked the picture and sent to him.

Bhabhi – Here it is, this mole belongs to you.Driver- Are you serious? Oh my god, I have to go to the bathroom now.Bhabhi- Yeah, you can text me from the bathroom. I know how you are feeling.

Meanwhile, bhabhi went and lay down on bed face down. Her boobs were touching the bed. She crossed her legs and slowly moving up down forward-backward and moaning. She was moaning loud assuming the driver squeezing her boobs. Suddenly uncle called her.

She came alive and got up hurriedly. She saw her in the mirror and she was looking like a whore, half boob out with bra visible, all sweat in the body. Luckily the blouse was black so nothing would visible. Shining navel. Even a 90 years old man will make her pregnant.

She might be feeling that the driver made her wet twice without touching. What will happen when he will be near. He is a pro. She gave a horny smile and ran to the bathroom. Her ass was in amazing shape. It was moving left-right and looks like someone made that taking time with hand, both side perfect shape.

She washed her face, adjusted her saree and blouse hook and went to join everyone. She told everyone she went for pop in the bathroom.Meanwhile driver texting – Are you there? Hello?Driver cum in liters I think.

Later in the evening the driver came, had eye contact with bhabhi. Everyone gossiping, suddenly bhabhi saw that the driver was staring at her boobs. Then bhabhi gave a naughty smile to the driver and covered her blouse area more properly.

Then it was Mehendi time. While doing mehendi bhabhi’s red bra strap was visible from the right shoulder, the driver showed that to her. She was first on the line for mehendi. Once she did she gave hints to the driver to come in her room. The driver got excited and after 5 minutes of bhabhi leaving he went.

I was busy with other work. The driver told me and showed a picture later. So after entering, he saw bhabhi is standing in front of the mirror. He without wasting time went near her and started admiring her. She felt shy and looked away from the mirror.

Then bhabhi said, “Please adjust my bra. There is a pin near the mirror, tie that with the blouse keeping the bra inside.” It is the first time the driver going to touch bhabhi’s front side. He kept one finger under the bra and started rubbing his finger on her body.

Her boobs started erecting. It took the shape of mango and the cleavage was visible. He slowly removed the front of the saree so that cleavage gets visible clearly. He started rubbing his all fingers in the neck area and slowly moving downwards. He started doing video.

Bhabhi first said, “No, do not take videos.” But the driver said if I take video then I will watch you only, please. Bhabhi gave a naughty smile and agreed and placed the camera for recording. He slowly dropped the pallu from boobs. Now he turned her to his side, both are face to face.

He hugged bhabhi and started rubbing his chest on bhabhi’s boobs. Bhabhi closed her eyes and started moaning. Her mangalsutra stuck in the cleavage. He inserted the hand and brought out the mangalsutra. The cleavage was tight, he started inserted all fingers in cleavage up-down.

Soon it became so tight that his hand not going inside her cleavage. The bra became so tight it started giving pain in bhabhi’s boobs but she was enjoying the pain. Nipple and boobs area which are covered by bra is tight and bra somehow holding it.

Those areas which are not covered by the bra especially the upper portion of the boobs are shining. The size has increased to 36 whereas bhabhi was wearing a 34 size bra. Driver staring at her boobs started saying I want the mole. Bhabhi said it is yours, take it and closed her eyes.

The driver tried to pull the blouse down to see the mole on the right boob but the blouse was so tight that he was unable to. Bhabhi breathing heavily, started sweating, her boobs were going up and down. Her boobs taken shape from just below the neck, the blouse can no way hold the boobs.

The driver opened the first button of the blouse. He was able to see the bra now. Then he held the bra with two fingers and pull down towards the nipple of the right boob. After pulling down half of the right boob visible now which was hard as stone, the driver was able to see the mole.

He started rubbing the mole area with finger clockwise. Bhabhi got goosebump and started moaning. You are making me wet every time. The driver can not believe that finally, he is seducing my bhabhi. She started saying wish my husband were like you. You know how to make a woman mad!

Suddenly she said stop and started running teasing the driver saying it is not easy to get my mole. The driver also started running in the room and grabbed her from the waist and took her in front of the mirror. The driver was rubbing his dick in bhabhi’s ass and rubbing his fingers in the right boob.

Slowly he started to press the area but suddenly sister called bhabhi. They both jumped off. She hurriedly sent the driver to the bathroom so that he can come to my room via the bathroom. In no time sister entered bhabhi’s room and shocked to see her.

Her hairs are not set, half boobs visible with a red bra, saree lying down on the floor. It was like she was making out with someone. Sister laughed at her and said Bhaiya will come soon. Bhabhi felt shy and her mehendi was almost dry. She adjusted the saree blouse and hooked the open button.

They came down to wash mehendi. She quickly washed and adjust everything to join everyone. The fire inside her was burning, she badly needs to fill her holes. The driver made her mad. The driver was sitting outside and told me what happened, I took the video and photos.

At night there was some function so everyone was getting ready. It was a female function where all the females will have fun. Bhabhi texted to the driver.Bhabhi- Where are you?

Driver- I am at home, missing you. Watching your photos. My wife is in your place.Bhabhi- I miss you too. I am worried.Driver- Why?

Bhabhi- I am wearing lehenga so my belly is visible and backless blouse so my chest will be visible. I do not want to show my navel to everyone. It is special.Driver- How innocent! No worries, it will make you more beautiful. Anyways all girls will be there if you feel uncomfortable then cover navel na.

Bhabhi – How sweet! You are the best. I am getting ready now. I will text you later.Driver- Wait, I want to see you.Bhabhi- Naughty, no!

Driver- send a picture of your back and front, please. I want to see how you are looking now.Bhabhi- No, bye.

Bhabhi went near the mirror and clicked her back picture. Her tight ass and backless blouse making her horny. The blouse was tied with two stings and it was tied so tight that it made cleavage at the back of bhabhi. She clicked another picture of the front side.

It is like she is wearing a blouse and petticoat. She bent a little so that the cleavage is visible in the picture. Bhabhi sent the picture.Driver- You look so sexy. I wish you were my wife.Bhabhi- Shut up. Now you got the picture. I am going.

Driver- Wait. I have a question. You have not worn any bra?Bhabhi- Naughty you notice everything. I wore a strapless bra because it is a backless dress.Driver- Means?

Bhabhi- Means it doesn’t have any straps, it just covers…Driver- Covers?Bhabhi- Your favorite part.Driver- Which part?

Bhabhi started pressing her boobs slowly, the conversation made her boobs erect.Bhabhi- stupid, it covers the boobs so that even though the boobs got erect it does not come out from the blouse.

Driver- I would love to see someday.Bhabhi- What?Driver- Your boobs.

Bhabhi closed her eyes and inserted her hand inside the blouse and rubbing her fingers on boobs.Bhabhi- Shut up.Driver- What is the color of the bra.

Bhabhi- It is black.Bhabhi started moaning and lied on the bed and pressing her boobs on the bed. The bed started shaking like an earthquake.Driver- No red color.

Bhabhi- I do not have a good, red strapless bra. I have to buy.Driver- I saw your bra size 34C what is CBhabhi- Naughty, you noticed everything. Well C means cup size, the size of my boobs is C means the area which holds my boobs and 34 is chest size.

Driver- You are turning me on. I am out of control. I am imagining helping you to wear a bra.Bhabhi- Breathing heavily, naughty you made me a slut.Driver- What if your boobs area increases?

Bhabhi- I have to go with the next size D. Then E, F.Driver- Then buy D from now.Bhabhi- Yeah, 34C is too tight and it gives pain to my boobs. I have to buy a 34D.

Driver- Can I ask you something?Bhabhi- Yes.Driver- Are you wet?

Bhabhi inserted her hand slowly below the navel to her pussy. I was shocked to see that she is wet, her hand was touching pre-cum.Bhabhi- No, I am not. I am strong.Driver- It would be fun then.

Someone called bhabhi and bhabhi was shocked. It was her husband my cousin.Bhabhi – My husband came, bye.She quickly adjusted her saree. She pulled out the mangalsutra from boobs and ran to join. She hugged cousin and he asked how was the surprise?

Bhabhi didn’t like it as she was dreaming about the driver. But she said I am so happy to see you. They both came to the room and I followed them hiding behind the door.

Husband- I see lots of change, what is going on?Bhabhi worried, checking herself in the mirror. She could feel that her boobs have grown in a few days because of squeezing.

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