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Hello Friends. I am Ronak Parikh, residing in the state of Gujarat. I am ft tall and a little heavy. I had decided from my adolescent age that i would be a virgin till my marriage. At the age of 25 years after settling down properly i decided to get married. I found my dream partner and my princess named Urshita. Though it was an arranged marriage however we fall in love.

Finally the marriage day Arrived, It was beautiful evening of December TH, 2012 that we got married. It was an evening marriage so after the marriage and after all ceremony. We proceed to a Five Star hotel which was already booked by me and it a suite presidential suite for the most awaited our first night. We had spend a lot time before marriage and were very open to each other. My wife urshita though slim was ft 8 inch tall and had a figure of 32 28 34 i had always admired such a beautiful wife.

After all ritual i and my wife urshita left for the hotel where we were going to celebrate the most awaited day of our life. The room was beautifully decorated with scented candles, balloons and bed was with a heart in the middle and with rose petal. My wife was really happy with the way room was decorated. After the bell boy left the room. I closed the door and hold my princess hand and took her to the mirror which was large. The room was fully chilled as the air conditioners were even though it was too cold. Since the atmosphere was too hot. i admired her beauty and the closed her eyes with a satin cloth and kissed her neck and as soon as i kissed her a slight moan escaped from her mouth. I had brought a nice transparent lingerie set and a gold waist chain for my princess for the first night. Slowly i opened her eyes and gave her the gift turning her towards me. She was so happy and said I love you ronak so much you made my day…. And the she came closer to me and kissed on my lips muaaaahhhhh muaaaahh we were so deeply engrossed in the kiss and i caressed her back and opened the knots of her bridal dress. wow she was a too hot and sexy, Then i opened her hairs and we were still kissing muaaahhh.

The i asked her to get freshen up before we could start. As she went to get dressed in the red lingerie set. She took some more time to get dressed. Till then i had arranged ice cubes, chocalates and pill near the bed and soft drinks to drink so that we could fetch it easily. She opened the door and came out she looked like my princess and then i went near her and kissed her lips and whispered in her ears I Love You darling and gave a small love bite near her ears. I Slowly pushed her too the wall and kissed her lips and the we parted and i carried her to the bed. We both were too hot. to control. So as soon as i was near the bed. i pushed her on the bed and came on top of her and we kissed each other.. muaaahhh muaahah aaahh ahhhahahahh… the slowly and i opened her nighty gradually and started licking her neck and ears and beneath her ears and she moaned and got excited aaaah aahhh aaahh aahhha then i slowly moved and open her nighty and kissed her shoulders and then i pressed her boobs so gently she moaned aaaahh aahh aahh then i slowly started removing her clothes and felt her smooth soft skin then she pulled my t shirt and shorts and felt my body. I had also waxed my body completely as we both of us don’t like hairs. Then i pressed her boobs and started sucking it hard. aaahh ronak do it more i am loving it aaahhh cmmn do it harder and i started pressing it more harder and then i kissed her harder and strted sucking her nipples gave her love bites and she kept of moaning aahaahh ahha hah ahah the i got some ice cubes and put on her boobs and moved it she felt tooo nice and cold that she started jumping on the bed and i moved the ice cubes with my lips on the boobs and tummy. she was too excited and started jumping on the bed. then i kissed her lips again and played with her body and adored it. She told u r too romantic and horny i am gonad die if u make me too horny like this And the i moved her hand and started licking her armpits. it smelled so nice ., she kept on moaning aah aah ahha aah ronak i love u muaaahh aaahh ahahhaah.

Then i moved to her navel and kissed it and inserted my toungue in her navel and rotated it . She moaned and said please go down now fast i can not control it any more.. aaaahh aahh and she pushed my head down on the pussy i spent enough time to make her crave for my cock and licked her pussy and slowly tongue fucked her. i inserted my tongue deep in her pussy and i found her clitros and played with it. She had a huge orgasm and made my face completely filled with her juices. Then i licked her dry and then i put come ice cubes in her pussy. and she started jumping and moaning aaahhhhaahahhahhahahahhahh aah mmmmmmuuummmmmmmm aaaaahhhh ammmmm aaaahh ronak mat karo na aisa and then i pushed ice cubes deeper and with the warmth inside it started melting and she shivered and meanwhile i kept on kissing her pussy,./…aaaaahhhhaaahhhhahhahhahahahahhahh she was too hot on the bed, the she pushed me aside and climbed on me and came on my face and made me lick her pussy. Darling lets do 69 position i said to her. and then we were deeply engrossed in the she was sooooo tight and i slowly fingered her pussy aaaaahhhhhhh she moaned and full room was filled with our moaning and i was also moaning aaaahh aaah aaahh ahahhahahha. then we again came back in missionary position and i applied some lube on her pussy so that my cock goes inside easily i started rubbing my cock on her pussy and then made her more wait before i enter. She hold my cock and pushed it inside and then i inserted it half in her pussy and she started shouting aaaahhhh ronak dard horaha hain please aaaaahhh aaaaahhh ronak main maaaarrrrrgayi aaaaahh ronak aaaaaahhhhaaahhhhhhaaahahhahrtona aaaaahh then i stopped for some time and kissed her lips and boobs and made her calm down and the again inserted the rest cock and her hymen got broken and the bloodd started coming out then i waited for her to calm down as tears started rolling down her eyes and i made her feel comfortable and the again started giving her stroked and she started to enjoys like a bitch and she said aaaahh ronak its so big its feels so nice aaaahhhaaahhaaaahh ui so hot and i started giving hard strokes in out in out in out in out in out aaaah ahhaa ahaha and she also started moving her body and started fucking. it was so nice and we fucked in different position and then i changed the position and asked her to climb on top of me and then we kissed and i started thrusting it from down and i fucked her hard and she also started jumping and moaning aaahh aaah aur jor se chodo muje aaaahh ronak aaaahh aaaahh she was nearing her orgasm and i pressed her boobs too hard and fucked her nicely. then while fucking we ate dairy milk silk from one side she ate and from other side i ate it. then we kissed and licked the chocolate from each other lips. it wad such a nice feeling. We fucked that whole night till 5 am in the morning and she had love bite on her pussy boobs and neck. then we woke up at 11 am and then we had a another session in the morning. Then i took her for a bath where we fucked in the bath tub and enjoyed our first night so much. She wasn’t able to walk properly but no one knew it. This way we enjoyed out first night. Friends treat your wife as a princess the she will be a tigeress on the bed, And foreplay plays a major role.,

This is the story of my first night. Ladies and aunties email me your comments since this is the first story please give me your valuable comments. You can mail me at [email protected] Any ladies, aunties or girls can contact me for friendship and for a secret relationship. This story is my fantasy.

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