Memories recollected in ecstasy – Story of sexual attraction

It was fulfilling to be engulfed in my brother’s strong arms with his gradually diminishing cock deep in my pussy. After breathing normalized, he murmured in my ears, “Oh, Didi, it feels really good to remain inside you.”

“It feels wonderful to have you inside me. I love you, bhai.”

We kept murmuring sweet nothings as he nibbled my ear lobes. Eventually, he started slipping out of me and made the usual request, like whenever he came inside me.

“Didi, I want to see the juice pouring out of your pussy.”

“Ore dushtu chele, etobar dekheo mon bhoreni?”(You naughty boy, how many times would you want to see that?)

“Janish to Didi, tor roshalo gud theke amar fyada upche berochche eta hajar bar dekheo mon bhorbe na.” (Even if I watch my cum dripping from your juicy pussy a thousand times, I would want more.)

“Ashobhyo chele,” (Indecent boy) I uttered with artificial contempt.

He got up from my back. I turned over and shifted my hips to the edge of the bed. He sat down on the floor with his eyes focused on my pussy. The deluge of man juice inside my well fucked pussy was clamouring for a release. I parted my legs wide and lowered my pussy towards the floor.

Goblets of our mixed juices oozed out. His eyes filled with amazement as he watched our juices gargling out and creating a small puddle on the floor.

“Ore eto prochur mal dhelechi tor vitore!” (This is a huge load I deposited inside you.)

“Onnyo kono meye parbe toke ei vabe ningrate?”(Can any other girl drain you in this way?)

“Na Didi na, sudhu tui parbi.” (None, but you.)

He grabbed some tissues and cleaned up the cum puddle on the floor. He also affectionately wiped my pussy, stood up and kissed me deeply on the lips. I thought of returning the favour.

“Dara amio toke porishkar kore di.” (Let me clean you up.)

I lowered my mouth on his deflated tool and sucked him gently, lapping up the juices smeared on him.“Ore Didi re, orokom korish na re, arame more jabo.”(Oh, sister, don’t suck like that, it’s unbearable.)

“Se kire, didir choshon khete mana korchish?” (You’re refusing to be sucked?) I asked with teasing eyes.

“Ekhon na Didi. Sukhe more jabo. Pore abar chushish.” (Not now, please. I’ll die of pleasure. Suck later.)

“ Chol tahole chan kore fresh hoye ni.” (Ok, let’s take a bath.)

We thoroughly enjoyed a hot shower, dried each other, and wore T-shirts and shorts. I went to the kitchen to put the mutton biryani on the dum.

“Only this will replenish you with energy,” I spoke with a naughty tone.

“I will require lots of it since you intend to drain me out.” He replied in the same tone. He paused momentarily and politely asked, “I sometimes wonder what made you visualize me as a man and not only your brother.”

“Remember when you volunteered to prepare and deliver lunch at my office on your way to college? You had late classes or something like that.”

“Yes, Didi, what happened that day?”

My female co-workers took you for my boyfriend. However, with our similar facial features, they realized we were siblings. The junior interns and that promiscuous senior editor went nuts over you.”

“Sheetal aunty?”

“She’ll be heartbroken if she heard you calling her aunty.”

“What did she say?”

“She congratulated me for arranging a handsome hunk for food delivery. I curtly told her that you’re my little brother. Can you imagine what she said?”

“Please tell.”

“I see nothing little about him. He’s tall, handsome and in good shape. He must be a gym hitter.”

“I affirmed the assumptions and realized for the first time that my little brother has grown into a desirable young man.”Sheetal continued, “Alas, he is your little brother, and I’m much elder than him. Otherwise-” she stopped midway with a sigh of regret. “Hritika, I’m known to be blunt in these matters. I would have loved to seduce him and take him to bed. He sure looks like one who can satisfy a woman.”

“Full marks for profiling me well. By that time, I have had sex with three different girls.”

“For me, you’re my little brother. It shocked me that an elderly lady viewed you as a sexual object. I reflected objectively that any girl would fall for you. But the protective sister in me spoke up.”

“What did you tell her?”

“Madam, do spare my kid brother. He has come here for his higher studies.”

She laughed at my request and said it was her objective view. “Since he is your kid brother, you’ll never realize how irresistible he is for a woman.”

“The conversation ended there. But it resurfaced post-lunch when three junior interns asked about you on some pretext. One Nandita was courageous enough to ask whether you’re single.”

“Ki bolchish re, Didi!” (Is this true?)

“You won’t believe she begged me to get you introduced. I told her you’re not here for dating or matchmaking. But I agreed to let her come over for tea at my house, but that should be the end. I clarified that I won’t tolerate any distractions in your studies.”

“She did come by one day.”

“That day, she was ogling you with hungry eyes, not the love-struck looks.”

“That got you jealous?”

“Not exactly. I was still the concerned elder sister. I worry that your academic career can get ruined if girls keep falling for you at this rate. I didn’t know you had already become an expert in not mixing business with pleasure. I should thank Sheetal aunty, and Nandita.”

“Bhai, what’s your story? When did you start visualizing me as a desirable woman?”

“Didi, I always idolized you as a feminine figure. You’re beautiful and beyond your years in fashion. You wore jeans, tops, and skirts in college when those were a rarity. No sexual thoughts were in my mind then.”

“So, what triggered it and when? When did I become a sexual being for you?”

“Remember the day when you came to surprise me in my college on my birthday? You hadn’t deliberately wished me in the morning and left for the office as usual. I didn’t know your plans and wondered how Didi could forget my birthday?”

“By God, the sluts in your college were all over you, surrounding you like a pack of wolves. How do I protect my kid brother?”

“The girls were stunned by you but admired your looks and style. You’re in a green chiffon saree and those killer high heels.”

“Wow, you remember my attire!”

“After you left, I was on my way to the library. At the corner of the stairs, I overheard some guys conversing, unaware of my vicinity. One spoke, ‘Did you see that sex bomb in that dazzling green saree?’”

“As no one else was in a green saree that day in college, I knew they were talking about you. Though the adjective sex bomb hurt me, something made me go silent and still hear them.”

The fellow continued, “Did you see her blouse bursting boobs, man? That’s some glorious ass she has. Those lips are worth dying for.”

“Didi, I felt like hitting them. But the reason told me you’re not their sister. They’re entitled to their opinion of you as a woman.”

“So you kept on listening?”

“Maybe something in me was curious to know how other men perceive you.”

Another guy spoke up, “That’s Hritik’s sister. What an unlucky guy to have such a sexy sister. He is a BOSS, Brother of Sexy Sister.”

They laughed loudly, and another asked, “Why are you calling him unlucky?”

“Well, she is his sister, after all.”

The guy who named me BOSS spoke up, “Can I tell something blunt?”

The others encouraged him.

“If I had such a sex bomb as a sister, I would have fucked her.”

“Didi, the words hit me like a sledgehammer!”

“Lots of mixed feelings must have run through your mind, bhai.”

“More words were in store for me.”

“Carry on.”

The others reasoned, “Then you would become a behenchod.”

The fellow confidently replied, “I would rather be a behenchod than let other men enjoy that body. Did you see her lips? Most perfect for sucking cock. If she were my sister, I would make her suck my cock every day.”

The others reasoned with him, “That’s mere theory. She can’t be your sister. For her real brother, even thinking of these is a sin.”

“If I were him, I would gladly commit that sin and not restrict myself to mere thinking. I believe he should fuck his sister. He suits her so well, much better than any man around. If I were Hritik, I would have already fucked her many times.”

“Didi, I could not take it anymore and ran down the stairs. Then I realized that I had a massive erection.”

“Oh, bhai, you did?”

“I felt ashamed of the erection. Somehow I boarded a bus for home. During the journey, that guy’s words echoed in my mind. His references to your boobs and lips made me harder making it worse. I thought I was a pervert getting a hard-on to my elder sister.”

“That must have been terrible.”

“It was, but somewhere it also felt good, which made me more miserable.”

“Felt good and yet miserable?”

“Yes, Didi, my body was reacting to your sex appeal and the excitement level I had never felt before. My mind was a mixture of overbearing guilt, shame and excitement.”The mutton and rice were placed in the special earthen handi. The lid was fastened with maida and put on the stove over an iron tawa on low heat. In another hour, the biryani will be ready for consumption.

“Let’s relax on the sofa and continue the discussion.”

I sat on the sofa with my waxed legs straightened out. Hrik put his head on my lap with his body between my legs. I caressed his hair as I used to when he slept in my lap as a kid. Now sisterly affection was added with a lover’s care. He loved being petted this way.

“Ah, Didi, it feels so comforting in your lap.” He sighed deeply. “That’s how it started for me. What was your situation?”

“You always did free hand exercise on the balcony every morning those days.”

“I still will from tomorrow.”

“Three sluts of the society had taken a strong liking for you. I was returning from my early morning jog and found them watching you exercise from the corner of their eyes. I heard them giggling and taking your name. Curiosity made me hide in a bush near them.”

“Really, Didi, you spied on them? What did you hear? This is an interesting revelation on the female psyche. Why didn’t we discuss these earlier?”

“I was stunned to find out that those sluts were eyeing you like a piece of meat.”

“They were objectifying me! Why are you calling them sluts? They were just being honest about their feelings.”

I gave him a gentle smack on the cheek. “Don’t you dare take sides with any other girl! The way they spoke stunned me for their shamelessness.”

“I can’t wait to hear.”

“Khub chulkani hochche na onnyo meyeder gunogan shunte?” (You’re too eager to hear the praises of other girls.) I smacked him again.

“Please, Didi bol na. Ki emon bollo ora je tor mone amar jayga tairi holo.” (What did they say formed a place for me in your mind?)

“The youngest was Anupama, wheatish complexion, a great figure and just out of high school. The pretty, fair and slightly plump was Akanksha, the first year in college just like you. The dusky Devleena worked in some airlines. She was senior to them in years and sluttiness. Anupama and Akanksha were romantically attracted to you, and she kept spoiling them.”

“Ore Didi, ebar ashol kothay ay.” (Please come to the point.) He pleaded with folded palms.

“Achcha baba, it went something like this.”

Anupama spoke in admiration. “Isn’t he a dream? So tall and strong. Look at the rippling muscles. Hritika Didi did well by bringing her brother here for college.”

Devleena shot back. “Thanks for what? How does it benefit you?”

Anupama, “He’s so handsome! My heart fills up whenever I see him.”

Devleena spoke sarcastically. “Then be satisfied with that. I’m sure he must be filling up places other than the heart of many girls.”

Anupama made a sad face. “Don’t be so mean, Leena Didi, and so blunt. He might still be single.”

Akanksha joined in. “Officially, yes. I agree with Leena Didi. He is likely in a relationship. Ah, look at his strong thighs when he squats. I like men with strong thighs.”

Devleena scoffed. “You’re destined to remain stuck with thighs only.”

“Bhai, when Akanksha mentioned your thighs, my eyes focused on them. For the first time, I only saw the muscular movement of a pair of strong thighs. That may be the moment I started to perceive you as a man too.”

“I should thank Akanksha then,” Hrik announced loudly.

“I think even I should thank her.” I agreed.

“Ar ki bollo ora? Bol bol ar tor soiche na!” (I’m getting impatient to hear what else they said.)

“Ta tor shoibe keno? Tinte khanki magi onake niye rosher kotha bolche to onar kane jeno keu modhu dele dichche.” (Impatience? Three sluts ogling over you seem like honey to your ears.) I smacked him a bit hard as the jealous sister took over me.

“Are abar rag keno?” he reasoned “ Bhagyish ora amake niye chorcha korchilo. Nahole toke ki ar eto kache petam?” (Don’t get angry. If they hadn’t talked about me, we couldn’t be this close today.)

“That’s sound logic. Ole shone baba amar.” (My sweet one.) I bent over and kissed on the cheek where I had smacked hard. My boobs pressed over his face, and he murmured in pleasure.

“Mmmm, see, even now, they’re bringing us closer. Carry on, Didi.”

I kept caressing his head and continued.

Akanksha demanded an explanation. “What do you mean by stuck with thighs?”

Devleena licked her lips and spoke brazenly. “Just imagine what might be dangling between them.”

“Both the younger girls gasped, and a lump formed in my throat, making me breathless. Unaware of my presence, their conversation continued.”

Anupama asked cautiously. “Didi, don’t you have any shame?”

Devleena confronted them. “Come on, girls, don’t you crave a long thick cock? Come on, be honest.”

“By the way, Didi, were they speaking in English.”

“Mostly in Hindi, and some sentences in English.”

“Can you recollect the Hindi sentences? That would convey the real feel.”

“The real sluttiness, that’s what you mean.” He could not conceal his naughty smile.

“Both the girls remained silent. Anupama’s eyes were lowered, and her face was full of shame. Akanksha didn’t seem embarrassed. Evidently, Anupama was a virgin, and Akanksha might have given a hand job or even a blowjob. Devleena was adamant about getting them to blurt out the truth.

“Didi, I am amazed by your analysis. How do you do it?”

“I think it’s feminine instinct. A woman knows.”

Devleena challenged them. “Are dil pe hath rakh ke bol kya ek lamba mota lund ke liye man nahi lalchati?”(Can you deny that you don’t crave a long thick dick?)

Akanksha admitted. “Karta to hai. Maine zyada tar hath mein hi pakda hai aur last week my boyfriend muh mein dal diya tha.”(I do. I have taken a cock in my hands only, and last week my boyfriend put his cock in my mouth.)

Devleena was relentless. “Achcha laga na? Man nahi karta niche ghusane ke liye? (Didn’t you love it? Don’t you want it inside you) How big was your boyfriend?”

Akanksha gave a rough estimate. “Shayad panch ya chhe inch hoga.”(Maybe touching six inches.)

Devleena turned to Anupama.  “Tu chup kyun hai? Lagta hai abhi tak tera lund darshan naseeb nahi hua hai.” (Why are you silent? You have not seen a man’s dick yet.)

Anupama finally came out of her timid closet. “Ha Didi, kiss to kiya hai. Usne mere chati ko upar se dabaya hai. Ekbar cinema hall mein pant ke upar se usko feel kiya hai.” (Yes, you’re right. I’ve kissed him. He has fondled my boobs. I felt him over the trousers during a movie.)

Devleena complimented her. “Good start, young lady. To kaisa tha kitna lamba aur mota tha?” (Was he long and thick?)

Anupama shyly admitted. “Chhe inch to hoga. Mujhe kafi lamba aur sakth mehsoos hua.” (I guess he was long and thick, six inches definitely.)

Devleena told them to look into her eyes and answer her. “To ab bolo sach mein. Kya tum dono ka man nahi karta ek zordar lund niche dalne ka?” (Tell me honestly; don’t you want to get fucked by a long thick cock?)

They both admitted. “Karta to hai. Pet na ho jaye isi dar se age bada nahi.”(Yes, we do, but we fear getting knocked up.)

Devleena was at her triumphant best. “Bazar mein condom brands ki shortage hai kya? Pehena do ek. Are lund ka asli maza tab ata ain jab woh tumhare khai mein ghuske gota mare. Kya tum log panch chai inch pe atke huye ho? Jisko tab se tar rahe ho na, exercise karte huye, gaur se dekh uske thigh ke beech.”

(The market is flooding with condoms. Put one over the cock. The real pleasure is when a cock is fucking your cunt. Girls, you’re stuck with five and six inches! Concentrate between the thighs of your dream boat.)

“Both the girls focused between your thighs. Bhai, I also followed them as if hypnotized by Devleena’s voice. She made her proud proclamation.”

“Dawe ke sath keheti hoon pakka ath inch hoga.” (I bet he will be at least eight inches long.)

“Oh my God, Didi! How could she be so accurate?” Hrik exclaimed.

“Even I wondered when I found out.”

“What were the reactions?”

“Both the girls gasped, and my heart skipped a few beats. Then it beat so loud that I could almost hear it. The image of your cute lanku (baby boy penis) came rushing to my mind. The possibility of having an eight-inch cock didn’t seem preposterous.”

Anupama and Akanksha were not so sure. “Eight inches? Tum itna yakeen ke sath kaise bol sakti hon?” (How can you be so sure?)

Devleena smiled confidently. “Mera bohut experience hai re. Kyun, ath inch sunke niche gila ho gaya kya? Uff kaash yeh apne strong body se mereko kaske jakarke, mere tang failake , apna at inch ka saman mere khai mein ghusake, mera tabadtod chudai karke mereko jannat ka sair karata.”

(I’ve lots of experience. You must have gone wet below at the mention of eight inches. I wish he would pry me down, spread my legs wide, plunge in his huge tool and fuck my brains out.)

“Both the inexperienced girls gaped wide with shock and amazement at her words. In my mind, faint glimpses of you pounding Devleena fleeted through.”

“Really, Didi?” he, too, gasped a bit.

“Why should I lie to you? Maybe that was the first time I visualized you as a naked adult male.”

The two girls begged her to stop. “Leena Didi, thoda zuban ko lagam do.”(Please hold your tongue.)

But she was unstoppable. “Kyun niche aur gili ho gaya kya? Manna padega Hritika Didi ke bhai ko. Mast mal hai. Uska at inch confirm hai. Najane kitne ladki ko apne saman se swarg dikhiya hoga ab tak. Aisa body aur lund to koi naseeb wali ko hi milegi.”

(Got your pussy wetter? Hritika’s brother is irresistible. It’s confirmed he has eight inches. God knows how many girls have witnessed heaven by fucking his cock? Only a lucky girl will get such a body and cock.)

Hrik commented, “Amazing profiling powers Didi. By then, I was with the fourth girl in my life. You remember Avantika, my class fellow.”

“Yes, she was a nice girl, but she didn’t suit you.”

“We sometimes bunked classes and had sex here when you were in the office.”

“I know, but she could hardly satisfy you.”

“How do you know that?”

“I’ll come to that later. What Devleena said after that blew me away.”

Anupama spoke philosophically. “Mere papa bolte hai naseeb banana padta hai.”(My dad says you need to build your luck)

Devleena agreed. “Sahi bolte hai. Yeh lund hath se nahi jana chahiye. I will try to get introduced to him in the gym today. Ekbar intro ho jayega to bed tak le jana to meri bay hath ka khel hai.”

(He speaks right. I can’t miss out on this cock. Let me hit his gym and get introduced. Once that’s done, taking him to bed will be a cakewalk for me.)

Akanksha pointed out. “You sound desperate. Hritika Didi ko pata lag gayi to pitegi tumko.” (Hritika will beat the shit out of you if she gets an inkling about your intentions.)

Devleena replied. “Kyun pitegi? Uska boy friend hai kya? Kash main uske jagah hoti to ab tak kam ho chuka hota.” (Is he her boyfriend that she will come harsh on me? If I were in her place, I would have already fucked him.)

Like the duo, I was shocked.

Anupama humbly submitted.” Leena Didi yeh kya bol rahe hon? Ap sahi mein uska Didi hote to woh to apke chota bhai hota na. Fir ap aisaa ganda soch nahi sakte.”(If you were his sister, he would be your kid brother. Then you wouldn’t think dirty about him.)

Devleena stood by her ground. “To kya ho jata. Lund to lund hi hota hai. Mera koi saga bhai to hai nahi. Par main peheli bar sex to apne cousin brother ke sath hi kiya hai.”

(What difference does it make? A dick is a dick. I don’t have a brother of my own. However, I had sex for the first time with my cousin brother.)

The already dazed girls could only say, “Oh my God.”

Devleena continued unabated. “Agar Hritika aisa body aur lund wala mard ko srif bhai ke nazar se dekhti hai to kafi bewakuf hai. Main agar sach mein bhi iska Didi hoti to abhi tak chudwa liya hota.”

(If Hritika perceives this boy and dick only as a brother, she’s a fool. If I were his elder sister, I would have fucked him by now.)

“Then she paused for a moment and said those life-changing words.”

Devleena reflected with conviction. “Sahi bolun to woh jo Hritika ka boyfriend hai na bilkul suit nahi karta usko. Usse kaiguna accha to uska apna bhai hai. Mere hisab se to Hritika ko apne bhai se hi chudwani chahiye.”

(Let me speak the truth. Hritika’s boyfriend doesn’t suit her. Her brother is better in every way. In my opinion, she should get fucked by her brother.)

Hrik and Hrika will be back with your patronage.

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