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Hi friends i am vishwa. I am an ISS reader and i always wanted to put my stories but didn’t get time. So now i have time to do that. Coming to the story, i live in a town with ma mom n dad. I had separate room to stay until my uncle(brother of my dad) died due to blood cancer. So only 2 years of married life of my uncle and then he died leaving behind 28 year wife sangeeta aunty and a girl child of 1 year.

Now as uncle was the only person who earned money in his family and aunty was house wife so my mom n dad told to stay with us and told me to share the room with my aunty. I had little problem as i too was 18 years age that time and i also had ma some private things to do. But aunty was always friendly to me before and after uncle died.

About my aunty she is fair in colour, 5feet 6inch height, compact body broad chest and round and heavy breast, round and hard ass, floppy lips, large eyes, long hairs, soft hand colourful nails, wares saree, has bindi on fore head and bangles too.

She smell very very nice and i would always tel her about that and i would love to talk with her.

We use to sleep on single large bed with her 1 and half year daughter in between. I had a habit to sleep only on my underpants and i use to sleep like that even in front of my aunty because i had no uneven feeling about my aunty that time. She use to stare my body when i removed my clothes i din’t know that she was seeing me, i would see some Hindi movie sexy song and she use too come their suddenly and i would change the channel immediately and then would ask ‘what did u like from that song’ i would say music but then she use to say no you like the heroin and we both would laugh. Such type of talks were only we both were alone and not in front of my mom and dad.

Now the day came which was one of the important day in my life. The day was normal but night was not. That night I as usual slept on only with my underwear.

And as usual the whole room full with her body aroma. I went in to deep sleep and when i woke in the night at 1:30 am and i felt sensation on my penis that was making me mad my penis got erected soon then i saw that my aunty was playing with my penis from above the underwear. I got very much excited and suddenly she remove her hand. I was very much exited and my penis rock hard and their was lot of precum on my tip of penis. I wanted her warm hands on my penis again but she didnt put it.

Now i wanted to touch her body so i put my hand under her blankets slowly and reached to her stomach very soft then i put my whole hand on her stomach and was feeling exited then i went above towards her breast and i pressed her one boob and she suddenly moved and i suddenly removed my hand and close my eyes as if i was sleeping

After few seconds my penis felt the touch again and i become more excited. Then she removed her hand from my penis and put it on my stomach and pulled me towards her. There was complete dark in the room and they were winter season.

She was pulling me hard but couldn’t pull due to my solid body weight. Then i assisted her pulling force and went slowly closure to her and was thinking that ‘lets see how close she pulls so that i can touch and play with her stomach and breast nicely. But to my surprise she pulled me close to her body. My body touching her body. I was feeling warmth of her body . The aroma of her body making me mad . I was feeling like i am her husband and her owner. I put my hand around her body but was afraid too and was acting as if i am sleeping. She compress my lower body with her lower body and was doing rapid movements of her hip i was felling nice as my penis was getting nice massage from her body.

I then put my one hand on her breast she hold my that hand started pressing her boobs with my hand that was very nice and she was making sexy noise. Now i wanted to remove her blouse but i was afraid and i didn’t. Then only she told me to remove her buttons of blouse but still i was afraid then she only removed one of her button and then told to remove the remaining the i got courage and i removed all the button i wanted to kiss and suck her breast then she told to do that and i started to do that and i sucked her nipples for long time pressing her boobs.

Then she took my one hand to her panty and i started to massage her round soft but firm ass and her put my hand inside her panty from behind. Smooth ass feeling was making me mad then i felt the cleavage of her ass. She hold my that hand and brought that in front.

Their i felt very thick hairs then again further a very soft but very wet part was felt. She took my finger and put my finger in that. She made very sexy noise and i removed my hand from the panty as i was wanting from the beaning my penis got erected to insert my penis in some hole. And now i got that hole. I got up from bed and put on lights. And i saw her daughter was sleeping on sofa. Sangeeta was nude below her hip and the laheha around her hip but lifted off. Her breast were open out of the blouse . Her face was sweaty. As i put on lights she told to close the lights and was covering her hairy pussy.

I told that now the light will remain on whole night and i remove my underwear completely and throw it off.Now i was able to see every part of her body and every expression on her face. I straight went to her pussy and started to insert my penis in her wet pussy. She hold my penis with her soft hand and assisted to insert.

My penis entered inside and i was in heaven. I was feeling warmth on my penis. Then she told to do back and forth action and i did that and it was more exciting. I never did that and was felling like her husband then i bend towards her and kiss and sucked her breast and pressed them hard then i wanted to kiss her sexy lips and she denied but i insisted forcefully and kissed her lips but was unable to put my tongue in her mouth. Then i gave a jerk in her pussy 4 to 5 times and she got very excited and she only opened her mouth and put her tongue in my mouth.

Then our tongue played with each other and she sucked my saliva and i also licked her saliva. Now it was unbearable to me and to her and i got on my knees and started to fuck her. She was making sexy noise which was making my penis more hard i gave many shots to her pussy but was not getting satisfied. She use to feel satisfied in between and again excited but i din’t get satisfaction so i was giving her jerking shots very hard now i reached my peach and she too was at her 3 orgasm and i made a noise aaahhhh…and she suddenly pulled my mouth and kiss my lips. I released my juice and was feeling very satisfied.

Now it was 3:45. 2 hours of program ended i felt asleep as i was tired and she was kissing my face and was telling that you are my husband now. And i told will do daily and she told yes and i slept in her arms with kissing her nipples.

Then i got up at 6:05 in morning and by seeing her nude i got excited again and stared kissing her body. Sangeeta also got up and was kissing me to and i again inserted in her penis and fucked her hard. This session took 1 hour. She got after our sex was over. She searched for her clothes in the room and she found my underwear too and gave it to me to ware that as she is going to open the door. And i told that i wont ware that.

She was afraid that if somebody sees him nude on her bed then everything was understood.

So she asked me what i want i din’t speak anything. Then she told me that she will suck my penis and then i have to put the cloths. Then i told that ok but u have to suck till i cum in your mouth. She stopped for a while and agreed. And she started to suck my penis and so nicely she was sucking, and i asked have she sucked penis before and she told that she had never sucked a penis, nobody sucked her nipples, she never had mouth to mouth kiss, she never had multiple orgasms, and she only had pussy fuck that to not satisfying.

She told me that i don’t feel bad but feel good that her husband died and otherwise i would have to live whole life with such dull sex life. What i enjoyed in last night was never never experience by her and now onwards she will enjoy that daily with me and started sucking my cock. I cum in her mouth and she drank it all and the postcum was still cumming and licked the tip of my penis 6 to 7 times. I told her that tonight i will lick your pussy so be ready. She gave me a sexy smile and throw the underwear on my face . I wore it. She opened the door off our room and she straight went to bathroom.

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