Mere Ghar Ki Aurton Ko Raand Banaya Naukar Ne

Hello friends. This is my first story on ISS. Whether you believe or not it is true one. Myself tarun age 21. Main rajasthan mein rehta hun. Yeh kahani humare ghar mein kaam karne wale naukar chhotu and , meri mummy, meri bahen aur meri bhabhi ke chhotu ke saath naajayas sambandh ki hai.

Sabse pehle main sanka intro de deta hun. Chhotu age 18 lund size 6.5 inch. My father working in army posted at guawahati. My mother radha age 43- colour fair and size 37-26-38, my sister sarika age 19 size 33-24-35, my bhabhi komal age 24 size 35-26-36. Bhaiya also in army. Now first of all of them are dam beautiful and sizzling. Their size mentioned above are guessed by me as I had never measured them but watched them nude.Now I come to story. Firstly I am describing encounter of my sister.

It was around 2 years back when chhotu just had joined us.He perform all the house hold work efficiently and soon after finishing the work he ran towards his quarters at terrace where on his single room is built. One day my mother urgently require some stuff from market so he send my sister sarika upstairs to call chhotu. When she reached terrace she saw from stairs chhotu jerking his dick .

At that time she was innocent and don’t know what he is doing. She immediately interrupted chhotu and asked him what he is doing. He replied he was tired of work so he was bit relaxing. My sister seemed it true and deliver the message to him of mum and ran down.

The same thing happened after some days but this time chhotu thought of taking some advantage of my sister. He told her that his hand is paining so whether she can help him in relaxing by massaging his cock. Even my sister innocently positively replied and took his cock in hand and started shaking.

However chhotu hiddenly started recording of such handjob in his mobile and when he wanted to cum he asked sarika to take his cock in her mouth. She undoubtedly refused but he forced her to do so saying the he will be providing natural juice. After the mess was over he asked my sister no tell anything about this to anyone in the house and she agreed. All this happened for several times.

Once chhotu ask sarika to come to his quarter at night promising they will watch a new movie. Since mum not allow late tv so she hide this from us and around 12 midnight wake up and moved to his quarter. Tonight chhotu was in full mood to exploit it’s virginity. When she reached the room she enquired about movie and chhotu asked him to wait for a while. He played a new movie on television .

At this time chhotu cock was out and sarika was giving him massage as asked by chhotu while enjoying the movie. When chhotu cummed he asked sarika to remove her night pants saying that he want teach her how girls can relax.

Initially sarika refused but after insistence of chhotu she removed it. Now my lovely sis was in a black panty in front of my servant. Chhotu loosened his control and started touching her ass , pussy thighs etc. He continuously press them massage them while sarika was feeling awesome of his actions. Finally he put his finger on cleaned pussy cracks hesitating sarika. But she didn’t respond.

Now he down the panty and started fingering on pussy walls . Sarika was astonishing but also feeling shy. He slowly put a finger in her pussy but sarika stopped as it was hard for him. Chhotu cooperated with her and slowly his one hand started moving upwards while other massaging sarika pussy.

At this time sarika lost her senses and didn’t recognize chhotu hands were inside her top playing with her mangoes. Chhotu made sarika sit on her lap and with one hand removed sarika’s top. She was wearing a white bra which immediately unhooked by chhotu and he started licking her melons. He licked and played with her melons for around half an hour.

Then he started biting sarika’s lip and she was supporting him. All this fore play happens for around 1.5 hrs thereafter chhotu remove self clothes and ly over sarika in 69 position. He continuously licked her pussy for around 25 min while at same time sarika was providing him blow job.

After that he insisted for penetratrion but sarika continuously neglected. Thereafter chhotu promised her she will enjoy and relaxed and at the point pain occur he will remove the cock from pussy.This time before inserting cock he applied a cream over cock and pussy. His cock was too big for her virgin pussy thus it takes 7 strokes to fully insertion. For 15 min she just made little bit movement in pussy thereafter increasing pace and jerk.

Initially sarika cried twice but she soon started enjoying. The session last for 20 minutes more and then chhotu asked for a blowjob from sarika which she gave happily as he was excited of its first sex with chhotu which gave him immense pleasure then taking care of time chhotu asked sarika to wear her clothes and move back to her room. Master mind chhotu had also recorded this in his mobile.

Next morning everything was going as usual except chhotu’s lust which after my sister moved towards my mom radha and bhabhi also. Firstly he decided to fuck radha . Radha was a desperate women feeling loneliness in her life as my father has to be on duty for long periods. She wanted to have relationship with someone but he don’t ever think about chhotu. Now chhotu eagerly waiting for moment with my mom and this time he want some fantasy not mere submission alike sarika.

So he decided to have forced sex my mum. One day me and my bhabhi were not at home only mum sister and chhotu was there. Sister went to school in morning leaving only the two. Once my sister went to school my mum went to her bedroom for taking bath..

After 1 hour she came out of the room wearing a hot black saree with black tightly fitted blouse looking like a fairy. She had washed her hairs so they were not tied. She went to kitchen and instructed chhotu to put her breakfast on dining table.

When chhotu looked her in such way his coke immediately saluted and he decided to fulfill his desire today anyhow.

Mom sat on chair at dining such that her back was visible to chhotu. He immediately took a strip of tape and walk towards mom with no voice. He surprisingly put the tape on on mother lips in such a way that she wasn’t able to understand what happened.

Chhotu immediately tied her hands on back side with table clothes. Mum was trying to shout and run but she fell down. Chhotu took her in his arms and moved towards dressing room. There he tied mom both legs in opposite side almirah handles and same the hands. Now she was totally roped in front of chhotu and she is unable to do anything.

Now what happened next and how I knew all this rubbish – wait for second part.

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