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ISS and Readers,

Sub: Incident happened between me and a stranger whom I met in my grandpa’s village.

Ref: Hemo, [email protected]

Warm welcome to my dear lovely readers, I’m back with new story, those who don’t know about me. Let me introduce to those readers myself Hemanth from Hyderabad, please go through with my past stories so that you can know more about me and my interest, passion towards sex. Without wasting anytime I’m entering into the story, in this story I’m going to tell about the fun which happened recently between me and a stranger (whom I met, in my grandpa’s village).

It’s a slow narrative, have patience I stay in Hyderabad as I was working over there and whenever long weekends or any holidays, vacations comes then I will travel to my hometown which is 109kms far from city. In summer for one vacation (my cousin’s marriage) I came to my hometown 10days before to help them, on one day we cousin’s(6 members) were fully tried with works so we planned to go my grandpa’s village (hardly 120 families will stay) which is 19kms far from my hometown, we reached evening around 5:00. Why we planned to go because in our area (Telangana State) people prefer to drink white water more in summer as it is good for health,

So we went for white water (it’s a drink which comes from Thadi tree morning and evening – 2 times in a day).

We went 2 kms far from that village because a known people to me will be there, surroundings no house were there all trees, farms. Very peaceful area we loved it, we took white water from that guy and went under big Neem tree, and we sat under that and started drinking. I saw that girl for the first time in that place; she is the daughter of white water seller. I was impressed with her looks, I don’t know whether she saw me or not. We all completed drinking and back to grandpa’s home and next day early morning at 6:30 we went to the same place and again we drank, I searched for her but she was not there. We back to our town, after 2 days again I (to see her) and one of my cousin (he loves that drink very much) in evenings went to that place for drink.

Cousin started drinking that uncle pouring drink to him, I’m searching for that girl and after 5min.s I saw her in shed she just sat nothing happened on that day. Next day after the marriage we all went again to drink white water but I didn’t saw her on that day. My cousin’s back to town they forced me to come but I said grandpa’s asked me to come house and I stayed in that village only to see her.

Next day I went to that spot (white water shed) to drink, uncle went to bring the drink from trees. Her mother also comes to shed; she used to pour drink for customer’s whenever her husband is not available. In evening I went to their shed and started, father went to town so mother is serving us and she is also there is shed itself. For white water sellers customers will be regular to them and have the drinks, so when I was drinking one customer is also their he lost his conscious and talking all bad words, telling all illegal connections who maintain in village. I was SHOCK by listening one which was spoken by him; it’s about that aunty who is pouring drink. In villages all these are common I think so, what he said is “you makes me down always with your doing’s, I may get diseases because of you bla bla” I behaved like I too lost my control but I listened all what he said.

She is says will you stop or I should kill you? Even though he is not stopping and telling because of you I became waste to my wife, I was addicting to you. To those words she got angry and she slapped him (he lost his control so he don’t know what happening), but I totally understood the situation.

Next day morning I went to their house (I followed them on one day), that girl and her mother was there. Aunty welcomed me and calling her daughter as kalyani kalyani, at that time I came to know that her name is Kalyani. She given lemon juice; kalyani was not seeing me anymore after 20min.her mother is going to left house. So she asked me for what you came? I said Aunty nothing just casually to talk with you, and I leaved there house. In the evening I went to their shed. I drank that evening like anything lost my conscious; her mother makes me to sleep inside the shed, so that when I woke I can leave. I can hear the words what customer’s are speaking, same words started again like comments on her mother but now different customer; slowly I lost my control and slept.

When I woke up time is 7:30 my body is wet even my dick is also, I’m not getting what happened actually. I went to house, my grandpa’s knows that I will drink white water so no problem. On that night –

I’m thinking like what happened? Why I became wet? How my dick tip is filled with pre-cum?

Next day morning I woke up very late, in afternoon I went to their house and asked to her mother

I – aunty yesterday evening what happened to me?

She – laughing and saying you’re out of control.

I –why my body is wet?

She –I think because of climate, your totally filled sweat

I –ok, did I do anything wrong?

She –no

I was in confusion what happened? After her mother left her house

I –went to kalyani and asked what happened to me?

She –not speaking anything and laughing

I –got angry and caught her hand tightly and looking to her seriously

She –looking with smile to my face

I –was confused.

She –said leave me,

I –leaved her and asking again

She –stop asking me I don’t know anything.

I –then why you laughing

She –just casually.

Ok leave it, I’m leaving Hyderabad tomorrow, bye and I leaved her house. She not spoke anything to

me. Next day I reached Hyderabad after 2 weeks I received a message from unknown number(UN)

UN –hi, How are you??

I –how is this?

UN –identify?

I –searched in truecaller, it’s shown Yadaiah 2. I asked is it Yadaiah

UN –yes how came you know?

I –searched in truecaller

UN –hooo good

I –I don’t know which Yadaiah are you?

UN –it’s my father name dear

I –hooo what about your name?

UN –kalyani

I –heyyy (full of excitement) how are you?

Kalyani -I’m fine, what about you?

I –I’m good, who came you know my number?

Kalyani –why? You don’t like to talk with me?

I –it’s not like that dear, just to know from whom you got?

Kalyani –on that day, you was unconscious right

I –yes

Kalyani –I took your mobile and given a ring to this number

I –ho hooo good, tell me what else

Our conversation (SMS) started from that day in mobile, as they don’t have any Smartphone. They have 2 mobiles 1 is using by his father and other by mother; it will be in home only max. So we got chance to chat we became friends soon, as we become so close like discussing about our personal life too like boyfriends, girl friends.

I –I had a crush on you when I saw you for the first time

Kalyani –really? Why? What makes you?

I –your sexy face and looks

Kalyani –hooo

I –yes

No reply for 10mins I thought she got angry on me

I –sorry Kalyani to say like that

Kalyani –after 5 mins replied, heyyy I was little bit busy so late reply sorry

I –hoo i though you became serious

Kalyani –why? No problem dear. I can understood many people in my village starves at me

I –why?

Kalyani –I don’t know, you have to say

I –because you looks sexy with your face and body structure

Kalyani –for that reply, she acted seriously like stop it, leave the topic

I –sorry, basically I’m frank so I said please not take it in a negative way

Kalyani –ok what else

Like that some days in went and on one day

I –asked about what happened on that day for me?

Kalyani –which day?

I –I lost my consciousness

Kalyani –I don’t know

I –please Kalyani I said all my secrets to you and I’m open to you right

Kalyani –after 5mins she said OK i will say but you should not say to anyone and you should not ask

me any other question?

I –ok done

Kalyani –promise

I –sure

Kalyani –I went to farm, when I returned to shed I saw my mother is kissing you and giving blow job to you

I –shocked by listening those words from her and asked why to me? Is your mother is like that? I listened many rumours is it all real?

Kalyani –what I said? Don’t ask me anymore questions

I –please tell me last question

Kalyani –she not replied

I –texted many messages but I didn’t received any reply from her

I took courage and called to her, her mother lifted and said she went out call after an hour. I waited

and called her back this time she lifted

I –asked why you not replying

Kalyani –message offer expired

I –ok at least you have to inform me, so that I will call you. I was in full tense like you got hurt

Kalyani –sorry

I –it’s ok, I will recharge to you

Kalyani –ok

Again we started chatting, after few days I again asked her same question she not responded to that message and said if you ask again I will not talk to you anymore. From that day I didn’t texted to her for a week in these days she messaged me many times and calls me but I didn’t responded. OnSunday I was free, I called to her she was feeling like bad with my behaviour.Kalyani –why you not replied

I –you have personal’s right, so I can’t move with such kind of people close

Kalyani –ok and cut the call

On that day, I called 40 times but she not responded. Later she called me I didn’t responded we moved, we fight like lovers. Finally she herself said I will tell all what happened actually

Kalyani –rumours on my mother is right, in villages all these are common many are tried even me but my mother saved me.

I –uncle knows all this?

Kalyani –yes, but what he can do it’s common for us

I –I felt said

From that day we talks about sexual matters too, starting she not responded but later she started responding. “ I was shock with Kalyani’s words – she revealed that she to had crush on me”. I was in cloud9, our relationship continued like this. On my birthday

Kalyani –wished me and asked treat

I –come to Hyderabad

Kalyani –how can I, when you come to village give me

I –ok i will give on surprise gift also for you

Kalyani –what is that?

I –guess

Kalyani –teddy?

I –I’m teddy for you and why I will give you that

Kalyani –abbooo then chocolates

I –kind off

Kalyani –which chocolate

I –hemo chocolate

Kalyani –what?

I –yes Kalyani, I will give hemo chocolate

Kalyani –it’s means

I –I would like to give a kiss to you

Kalyani –she reacted positively like haaa that’s it or anything else

I –if you want I will give many more

Kalyani –hooo let’s see, you know what hemo I like to kiss you, for the first time when I saw you I felt like that

I –really, then why you behaved like that

Kalyani –i don’t know you’re feeling right?

I –ya of course

By this incident we started sex chat, late night chatting, she replies in a bold way our interests are same. Whenever I went to village, I started going to their house and talks to her mother and with

kalyani. We are happy I tried to kiss her but I didn’t get chance (I spent only 30mins in her house) because I went only one day and I returned in evening. When I saw her mother my intention is changed, by seeing me and her mother kalyani started laughing, I too enjoyed that.On her birthday I planned week days trip to grandpa’s village, these trip changed my life. Usually I go morning and evening to their shed for white water, as usual I went and drank. Before day of her birthday we had full fun we got chance.In evening around 6 I went to their shed only few people are there, after 30min.s all left. Only me,

kalyani and her mother are there father went to town. Her mother went with some guy while leaving she said to me to leave her daughter at house. Inside we felt like we are the happiest person’s in life and soon went inside shed and started kissing slowly I kissed her forehead, came to cheeks and kissed them, next went to ears and put total left ear in my mouth and started sucking to which she started moaning haa haaaa, her heart beat started increasing. We went for French kiss had for 20min.s, both lost energy and breathing heavily. I removed her top, inner wears she is starting in semi-nude in front of me Woww she is like sex goddess damnnn sexy, big boobs, little hairy armpits, slim navel started touch up with my tip of tongue at all parts went to neck started licking, kissing and sucking her neck she is screaming like haa haaaa haaaa nad her heart beat started increasing her body is shivering and moving like snake. I went to armpits slowly I licking and sucking it tastes salty but I like that different taste slowly massaging her boobs it was in perfect shape I licked lot started kissing her nipples and biting slowly she is feeling that pain and enjoying that kind of pain,started sucking slowing increased my speed and rubbing her boobs she is in pain saying please leave me it hurting lot please I didn’t listen to her had sucked her mango and made them red.

She got angry on me and started beating me and she tears my T-shirt and then inner wear, she dragged my pants and then under wear, my cock is out to this world, for the first time I was in nude in front of kalyani she is not seeing my body parts, she is in hurry with angry sat on my stomach and pinching my nipples, stomach and making me to hurt and then she was cool and started enjoying my body with lot of kisses, she licked like dog I really enjoyed with her she eaten my armpits I love it went to cock and she given kiss, started licking slowly and sucking she felt it was like banana, lollipop and sucked for 8mins and we went to 69 position which favourite to me I kissed licked her whole bottom part, she licked and biting my ass and she is sucking my penis giving blowjob in that position for 5min.s I was about to cum, but I enjoying that move and I didn’t say anything to her like I was about to cum finally I cummed in her mouth. She left my dick and she split cum as she doesn’t like that taste – it’s very salty. We lost our energies so we took rest for 10mins, as she is going into sleep.

I woke and removed her bottom and then under wear wow what a pussy, dark with little hairy, I went down and spread her legs, opened my tongue and touching with my tip of tongue at pussy area (between thighs and pussy), slowly came to pussy lips up and down, she is screaming haaa haaa and moaning, I started licking her pussy inside too. She is saying please stop it I can’t bear this kind of pleasure anymore please fuck me with her words I inserted my fingers it was feeling heat totally wet inside that pre-cum came out with my fingers I kept those fingers in her mouth she licked and sucking I took back and started finger fuck by changing my fingers to middle, index and ring finger she moaning and shouting please put inside push your fingers woww haaa haaaa haa yes yes,

I took my fingers she is saying please fuck me please dear I can’t wait anymore I waited for decades insert your dick with her words I kept my penis at entrance of her pussy lips and teasing her, but she saying please don’t tease me anymore I can’t wait dear fuck me push it with these and trying to put my dick inside starting it not went such easy but with her help finally it was in after penis skin is felling heat and with that wet it was moving easily I started fucking her in missionary position, changed to spoon, then she started riding me (kalyani’s favourite position) and finally in doggy style (my favourite position) like after fucking 20min.s hardly I cummed in her face and boobs, I said to taste it but she don’t that so I leaved her I didn’t forced her to taste it.

We got ready and once again kissed for 5min.s. I saw ground blood was there, to my penis, at her pussy, thighs blood marks are there, she lost her virginity to me. She came to known that even she is happy because she lost his virginity to me (as she had crush on me). This is the advance gift which I given to Kalyani for her birthday. I dropped in her house, at that her father is in house only asked where you’re up to now? I said uncle I took her to my grandpa’s house, he believed that and I went to my house.

On her birthday I gifted Smartphone, we had sex on that day also in her house itself we enjoyed more than before day. I applied cake, silk chocolate, jam, honey, whipped cream to whole body even armpits, boobs, pussy, ass and sucked her like dog which is hungry not had food for 2 days. I made her body red with my sucking; my teeth spots are printed at her body. She did same to me we had bath together; I fucked in evening at shed.

It continued for next 3 days, later I’m back to hyd. I even fucked in hyderabad @ hotel, my room, city outside open area at night time where all trees are covered. When she came to hyderabad by saying the reason like to write exams. Shocking is on that day not only her mother given blow job, kalyani to kissed me (lip) and given hand job later when we went into sex relationship she revealed that.

Hope it will happened in my life, how is my narration?

Forgive me if any mistakes are executed.

Hope you guys enjoyed, Sorry if I make you bore with such a long story. Many author’s got new persons from ISS, but I didn’t came across with such persons (only 2 girls reviewed and few boys – thank lot guys) expecting more. Trust me (this is the only word I can say) Opening ourselves is not mistake I think so. I’m the guy who came from good family just due to interest in sex I started reading following ISS, by reading all these stories I got inspired to put and share my feelings with you.

So I became an author and posting my feelings. {waiting for you friend (ISS reader)} Suggest me, if any changes should be done in my way of expressing, please give feedback on my stories.

I miss my Prakriti Today

Here Hemo, [email protected] Sending OFF.

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