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Hi everyone reading this story I am posting it after a very long time though I have been very inactive in posting but have been active on reading exiting stories I hope you like this one. I hope if you like it you write your feedback to [email protected] am waiting ..

I am dave (name changed) I am a normal employee aged 25 now working for an mnc at bangalore, I stay alone and most of the times am bored and try to read stories and get inspire generally goes to various apps to make new friends and I got one chick named shreya who’s about 28 years and stays far from my place in a pg,we just had formal chat day one then we got closer finally exchanged numbers and chats became more hotter and the day came I went to meet her near to her pg she came she was dusky and was healthy not much fat I can say, attractive though v shook hands went for a walk and sat at a bus stop it was around 1030 in the nyt. I tried holding her hand she refused initially but accepted later I went closer and touched her she was feeling gud though she could not express as it was outdoors but I went ahead and kissed her lips she responded but soon moved away as someone came in the bike front of us later I took her for bike ride in her area I could find a private area no lights and I held her and started kissing her deep and she was hot I pressed her boobs but could not open anything

I tried touching her thighs den went inside her leggings she wasn’t wearing panty I was hard by then and started feeling her ass and could feel she is wet but again someone was coming far away I could see the bike lights and stopped…

We took the bike and moved from. Their now I could not controll I stopped bike again and turned back and touched her pussy over leggings and started rubbing it totally wet and I fingered her very deep and roughly she was hot and asked me to take her to my place but then I dint had any place to take her I told let tym comes,later on we went back to our places we met often did same thing again and again but we’re not satisfied.Finally I got a place near to my office and I went looked everything was perfect to get her I took her from pg and got to my room I dint knew how to start so I told I ll remove my pant as it’s too hot she told even she wants to open and she pulled it down this was enough for me to my dick stand then I pulled her closer and started smooching her she was kissing very wildly she was sucking my ears to crazy lady was licking my ears and sucking and biting it was enjoyable though if u dint try you ppl try once, den I pulled out her top and pressed her boobs harder on bra she pulled it out and I went down and started sucking them they were big and I started eating them each place licking every part of it..

Holding both togeather pressing and sucking them was going on and she held my dick I was licking between her boobs and she went down and started sucking my cock directly into her mouth deep and licked roughly I started chocking her throat but she took it I started spreading my legs more and she took my balls each at once and sucked them I was in cloud 9 I started keeping my cock and fucking her mouth now she is all ready to get fucked anywre she then started licking down my balls den I took her to bathroom so that we could get hot in water and we’re below shower and I started licking her body completely she went down and went till my ass and started licking awww I cannot express the feeling..

I wish everyone gets once in a lifetime she was licking everything she could awesome feeling that is I was moaning and she took my cock again and started strocking it hard.Finally came out of water I said I want to fuck her from back she was down on her knees doggy style and I fixed my cock in between her pussy and started moving it she was enjoying it and said fuck me harder I started fucking her holding her ass and spanking her ass she was screaming oh yaaaa aaahhh oooo fuckkkkkkk I was moving her legs and fucking deeper and deeper up and down moving every corner of her pussy she was taking everything that I gave and I was slapping her ass hard and fucking more and more she then went to missionary pose and I was on top of her starting fucking deeper holding her waist and I was lying on her and sucking her boobs while moving my cock in and out

I removed it out of her hole and started rubbing on her pussy she pushed me on her things and I started licking and biting it till corner of pussy and started smooching it she wanted me again inside her fucked her again we also tried anal sex but she was too tight for it will try it next time though she took all load of my cum on her boobs she took a bit of my cum and tasted it too and wiped it all that’s how it went til now this story is of last month

However thanks for reading anyone in and around anywre wants real or virtual fun you can write to me on ([email protected]) I would need your reviews and want to make friends too I have many stories to add-on depends on the responses I hope many girls read my story 🙂

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