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First of all, I should tell you about myself. Myself Rahul I’m a student who lives in Delhi this is my first story on ISS as I’m not much found of writing and all but I wanted to share this story so I thought of writing here. Ignore my mistakes if any as it’s my first time.

So I should start the story without wasting much of the time. As I told you I’m a student and I study at college at Delhi I recently had my breakup with my girlfriend so due to the frustration I started using online dating app tinder just after few days of using the app I found a match with the girl named Ayesha she was 19 years old good looking girl with good assets. We started to talk formally like what do you do, where are from and blah blah all lot we also started following each other on other social media also then after few days I came to now she lives just to the next building to mine so we decided to hang out for a party on Saturday night.


So we went to a club for a party we ordered for the beer there and after few drinks we went dancing and enjoyed dancing and we were very close to each other and I felt to kiss her but I couldn’t so then we were back to table and after some time we both were bit high so we decided to move out and go back to our place as it was late also. So we went back that night after too much of enjoyment of party and high times together. Then next we didn’t talk much and on Sunday night I told her that its my birthday tomorrow so she didn’t believe on me and after that she saw on FB to conform and told you should have told me before and all that after that I invited her to my flat as there a party at night at my flat so she agreed to come to my place I live in a three bhk flat with two of my friends.


So few of my friends were also there at my place for the party and Ayesha also came to my flat after 12 celebrations started with cake cutting then drinks started everyone started drinking but I was not drinking as I wanted to be with Ayesha not be high so after some time Ayesha was bit high and everyone was going I asked Ayesha to stay at my place for the night we will talk so she first told no but when I forced her she told ok. Then we were sitting in my room and just chatting my ex and her ex and then when the conversation went deep I asked her for my gift she asked me what do I want as a gift? I asked her to promise me that she does not get angry for asking this she was ok. So I told her that I like you and want you to be my GF first she was shocked but then ok ill think about it and tell you. I told her no I want my answer right now she after some time told me ok.


Then we both had a tight hug followed by a long lip kiss as she was high so don’t know why she was getting bit horny and kissing me back harder which was not expected by me then we both started enjoying each other I started pressing her bums hard while kissing her and was also biting her lips and she was also biting in return it was bit painful but it felt great.


Slowly I put my hand on her top and pulled her on me and her boobs were crushing on my chest and I was playing with her bra strap from the back and I just opened it after that I removed her top and then removed her already opened black bra. I saw big sized boobs which were very fair and with light brown nipples on it. It was just like the cute cherry on a lovely cake I just pressed them hard and she was moaning aaaahhahhh slowly I’m not running away. I’m sorry I told she told its ok!! Then I was sucking one of her boobs and pressing the other one she was just lost and she was pressing head on her boobs and I was sucking her madly she moaning loud aaaahhhhhaa uufff harder uuuffff I’m getting too wet please stop teasing me now and fuck me hard. I stopped and she was like why you stopped please continue and I told just a min I moved out of my room and bought some ice and told her to lay down and put that ice on her stomach and started licking it. It was damn sensational and horny she was just shivering in the flow and moaning please please fuck me now uuuufff aahhfff oooohhhhh I can’t handle it any, please!! She started rubbing her pussy with one hand then planted a kiss on her pussy above her hot pants. And removed it and saw a lust in her eyes and started biting and kissing her pussy on above her panty and put some ice cubes in her panty it just made her much more horny for me then she was just shouting aaaaaaaoooohhhhhhhh ffuuuuuuckkkk ooohhhhhh aahhh and then I removed her panty and saw it was clean and full of juice covering it.


I just started licking it without taking time and spread her pussy lips and put my tounge deep inside her pussy and she was pushing my head inside her pussy and moaning loudly aaaaaahhhhhhaaahhh ooohhh aaahhh uffff that’s deep aahhhhh I’m gone lose aaaahhhaaaahh I’m gone cum aaaaaa and did harder I was also biting pussy lips in between then she splashed out on my face I licked and cleaned it all then we both kissed each other and then she undressed me and started sucking my cock and my balls it was my first time anyone was sucking my balls it was great and in just 5mins of sucking I cummed and she wanted me to fuck her but not without condom.


So I got one out of my cupboard which I kept for my GF when she used to come to my place and I told her the same. I was inserting my cock in her pussy but it was very tight so I asked her that is she a virgin she replied no but she had sex long back when she was in relation then I pushed harder and half my cock was inside she shouted aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh aaahhha stop aaa I stopped and after few seconds the second hard push she just screamed for the second time aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh oooooooooo bc aaaahh then we started in a flow and she started enjoying and I was fucking her harder and pressing her lovely boobs and now she was on top and she started giving me hard strokes and after 20 mins of hard fucking she loses her juice and just after a min I cummed in her then we cleaned each other in washroom and slept together as it was 4:15 am and we woke at noon.


And had a shower together and again had a great sex under the shower and then went for a lunch date and we are still in a relationship.


Names in this story are changed, please send me your feedback so that I write few more experience of our @ [email protected] I have much more experiences to share with you all

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