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Hi friends, my name is amit, have been a passive visitor to this site since long, but this time i thought to pen down own story. Brief description about me…..M a male of 28 yrs, Delhi…..Unmarried….Enough for now lets start the story. It was around 2009 winters n i have just joined my new job at a bank. I stay at rohini, n had travel to south Delhi to attend my office. Half of the distance i travelled through metro n rest by other mediums.

The best part of Delhi metro is u got to see lots beautiful chicks ranging from middle class to higher middle class. You can check them out n enjoy or approach, the second one is my favourite as they say it kismat and bra kabi b khul sakti hai…. I was checking out a few girls n then my eyes glued on a girl she was brown in complexion with pointed birthday cap (conical) type boobs. I am fetish about brown girls.

They are smooth skinned n i love to lick pussies. Lets come back to the story. She was standing there at the platform waiting for the train towards dilshad garden. I wanted t approach but the platform was crowded enough n non-conducive. I saw her few more times but again could not approach. Then one day i took up the opportunity i walked straight to her and said “hi……Have seen you many times at this station….And couldn’t stop myself from approaching and talking to you…..

By the way i m amit whats your name”….She offered a hand shake n said “today i had decided …If u wont approach..I will”…..And it was bingo..Here was the girl whom i had eyed upon waiting for me to approach…..I told to my self k ye de k jaayeegi. We talked about general stuffs, she gave me her card. Her name was rachna she was an investment banker. I also gave here my num as i did not have any card. She was smelling great.

As soon as i reach my office i received a text from her then we chatted for sum time and then i got busy with my fucking official activities. In the evening i got a call from her asking to go to disc i said no as i was felling tired. The real reason of saying no was i didnt want to give her leverage n let her think that i m an easy pray. This technique works a fair amount of times as working women dont like the men who fall for them easily.

Next day was my off i asked her for a date to which she said yes. I took my car picked her made here comfortable with flowers n my useless stories which no one listens to. We all in one it was it was a wonderful date at the end we end up having dinner n smooch. I hugged her n felt those wonderful conical boobs for the firs time. She was very happy but i was not satisfied from inside i wanted something else. Yes u got it right i m talking about that pretty juicy love tunnel between her legs. She asked amit what are u looking forward in our relationship…

A long term one or a shorten. I said a long term one (a big lie….But bro girls dont give if u tell them truth). Then we went on may dates we used to have fun inside any car. She used to give me nice bjob. We smooched n sucked her boobs many times at metro station in the evening when one is there. I love doing this at public places cos this gives me real hard on. I sometimes poked my lund into her salwar from behind…Hold her face to face n grind my land on her choot over the clothes. We used to be so exciting that we both used to gasp for breath. We used to smooch an the road n some time i used press her boobs on empty n secluded places.

We used to have blow jobs inside my car. But so far i couldn’t have fucked her. For the reasons ranging from the fact that i did not have any arrangement for a room. Then one when both of us were returning from office we fondled each other in the auto on the way, she got so horny n wet down there. She said lets go to my home. Her home in sec 7 rohini, here mom had gone to mandir.

As soon as we entered i hugged her from stating kissing here neck n ears she got turned on by this. She was wearing white office shirt with trousers i opened front buttons of here shirt. Here came out two white round boobs covered in bra. I started kneading them n she started moan. I sat on sofa n she sat on my lap cross legged. I slowly removed her shirt completely. Started chewing those lovely balls. She removed my shirt started kissing my chest n licking my nipples. I removed my trouser n gave my lund into here hand. She stroked it n sucked it nicely.

I got up poured some ice cubes in a bowl. I made her nude laid her on bed , her back was upwards. I put ice cubes into my mouth n started moving up n down on here back. Licking her entire back, finally i reached up to her choot i rubbed ice there n she started shivering. Here juices started to flow. I licked her choot sucking the complete liquid. I fingered here touching her g-spot. Her body arched n she started having orgasm. It drenched her bed sheet. We waited for few minutes n i entered here from bach. We fucked with sound of puch puch.

Then we proceeded to the sofa and i fucked here there for some time. I had the largest amount of sperm release that day which she drank completely. We kept panting and lying there on the bed for some time we fondled each other kissed n hugged our nude bodies. The we got up put on our clothes n i left here place for my home. Guys this story ends here but i ll tell u next part of the story, how her younger sister seduced me n we fucked on the same bed. Did u like this real story of me? Please send your comments at [email protected]. Bhabis, aunties n girls cam also contact me on the same mail id.

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