Missed Call Leads To A Wonderful Night

Hi ISS friends, I am one of the reader of ISS from past 2 year , I read so many stories .Now I am interested to share my first sex exp with you .My story is sweet and cute…  If they is any mistake pls forgive..Give me comment to my stories

Let’s move to story.. I am laddu (pet name) from gunter ..But I look like a laddu only , im open minded and straight forward person, I look like avg guy,

The heroine of my story is priya she is married hw ,having 5 year kid..Once I got a missed unknown call from a no … Due to work I didnt attend at night will seen my phone I saw that no..But its too late ..So I think I call tomorrow morning..But at mid night I got call from same no … Next day when I free I call to that no  … Acute voice I heard

Me: who is this?

Priya: a sweet voice I heard   … . you only call me,

Me: I got a call from this no yesterday..Can I know who is this?

Priya : sorry I dial wrong no … Sorry ..

She cut the call … .After 2 day I am alone in home..I am check my call details I saw the no I call back  … She lift phone..And ask me y you call me again ..Then I told if you free shall I talk with you  … .She told me call me after 1hr  … Again I call to that no ..But I am fear because she will scold me  … . She lift me call.

Me: hi..

Priya : hi , who r you ..Y you call me

Me: I am kumar I am checking my phone list I saw you no … Just to talk with you  … I call you..Can you tell me your name..

Priya : y you need my name ..Who r you ?

Me: normal I ask you..If you interested can I talk with you … .As a friend

Priya: where r you from ?

Me : I told my detail ..And I ask her tell detail..

Priya:..I am priya married I have 1 kids, my hubby work in aboard, my lucky start from here..Y because we are from same place  …  I ask directly can I do friendship with you … She said I need time … I will message you today night … .I am waitng for her message..At night I got message from her …  Message is like this.. “ I am interested do friendship with you”

On day wards we started talk in phone ..She like my frankness and she share her personal thing with me  … . Days r going on …  We started normal to hot chat daily … We do sex chat when we get free time,, we deceived to met once …

We both waiting for that day … The day comes..I went to met here I saw her she wear yellow color saree with smile in her face … I forget to tell abt her sizes 36 38 40..We talk with her for some time and start return back … .Suddenly she came back and give a kiss to me.. This is my first kiss in my life …

After returning home in thing abt her..I got a message from here”You look like small laddu I like you ..I need you in my bed … “..We fix a date..And waiting for that date  … . My parents plan to go relative house to attend a function …

We decided to met at night … I did all arrangement for her..I went to pick her..She wear white saree .We came back home..We both talk for some time.On seeing herein white I did not control .I slowly touch her hip..She started getting mood I slowly give lip to lip kiss … He both huge each other doing lip to lip kiss for 20 min … .She broke the kiss and said lets go to the bedroom, its not comfortable at all over here. I was like as you say mistress. We entered room and got into bed. I we stared removing one by one I we both become nude..She had huge boobs … I held both her boobs in my hand and started to press them… was smooth and awesome.

I laid her on the bed, kissed on her neck.. Gave her a love bite.. She enjoyed bit in breast… then came down and started to suck her boobs I started pressing here boobs  … .She is getting mood I remove her bra and start sucking one boobs and pressing other … But its too big..I suck one after one … After sucking. I slow move my hand on here pussy its already wet started fingering slowly in her pussy … She start moan… Hmmm

Slowly I moved down … There clean pussy welcome me … I start licking her pussy. I like sucking so much..She hmmm heavily … .She cummed on me.. She told that her hubby never do this … I drank her juice … And she started sucking my cock … ..She suck like a profession … After we both move to 69 we did for 20 min … She get mood..And ask me keep my penis … Inside slowly keep my penis..In her pussy..Its little bit tried …

I applied force and insert my cock full in it..She cry loud.. I gave lip to lip kiss   … . I start moving my cock .  … . In her pussy … She hug me so hard … And ask me.  … Fast  …  Fast fast ..  … . I fuck her … 20 min   … . I ask where to cum  …  She ask me..Cum inside … At final I cum..Inside her pussy we both hug kisses each other whole night … I fuck her 3 times  …After that whenever we got time we had sex … I started doing body’s massager to her and her friend …

If any one women interested in and round guntur for body massager and one night relation … Contact me [email protected]

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