Mom And Sister- Slaves Part 1

Hi to all ISS readers. I am a very frequent reader of all the stories in ISS and finally, I come up with my first sex story and this is the real life story of mine. Even when I wrote this sex story, my mom and my sister were sucking my dick and balls respectively. Let’s me a take a little time describing my mom and sister. Coming to my mom she’s a 44-year-old milf with stats of 38D-30-38. She has an ass to die for and no extra skin at wrong places. And my sister is a hot sex bomb. She is 21 years old with stats of 36-28-36. Names are Rajini and Shruti respectively(names are changed). Without wasting much of your time let’s start the sex story.

I am a sexually aroused person who has fantasized of fucking everyone whom I found attractive. Just by seeing them I assume them bound in my room and me taking a toll on them. The best of those persons are my own mother and sister. Yes, you found it right. It all started when I was 20 and my sister was 18. My mom was 39 at that time but as you know both had a body to die for. They would make any person’s dick erect within no time.

I used to visit ISS on a regular basis and was very fond of incest stories. I always used to find ways to peak at my mother and sister naked. And thanks to them, our family was very open and they were not so conservative. So I found them changing there dress very usually. Whenever I used to see them that way I used to masturbate thinking them as my own sex slaves following all my orders. My mom was sexually very active with my dad until he was alive, but unfortunately, he passed away in an accident two years ago. So she would always search a way to satisfy her needs and I caught her masturbating many times.

This gave me a plan on how to make her die for my cock and make her my sex slave. When I say cock I have a cock of 8 inches and 3 inches wide. I used to check her phone on regular basis and found out that even she is interested in mother and son stuff.

So I started making a plan in catching her red handed and making her my own sex slave who will follow all my orders. While she was watching a mother and son slave video one day and playing with her dildo I made a video of hers hiding in her room. I saw bow she was inserting her dildo in her pussy and asshole. She was gone wild, moaning with pleasure and suddenly she had a huge orgasm. She was wearing a saree without any panties and she masturbated by lifting her saree above her waist. Once I was done with my video I walked to my room and masturbated the whole night watching that video. I had the best orgasm of my life and could not believe myself that sex can be so crazy. I was now even more excited in the trap which I was gonna set for her.

The next morning, what I did was connected my phone through Bluetooth with my TV and turned my TV off. It was time for my mom to watch her daily serial. I just sat on the sofa pretending to be busy with my phone. As soon she turned on the TV, I started playing the video. She was shocked to find her self-masturbating with her pink dildo but wasn’t ashamed to turn the TV off. I screamed mom what the hell is this??? She came to her senses and turned the TV off in a flash. I still asked her what was that all about??? She was so scared and said that it was nothing she was just fulfilling her needs and was really ashamed in front of her own son. Then I started my plan. I told her that I saw all the websites she used to visit and I also know what kinda stuff she is really interested in.

She was shell shocked and turned red with shame. I told don’t you have any shame??? You are interested in mother and son stuff you bitch?? She was shocked to listen to that word from my mouth. She told no beta, please forgive me. I told her that I’ll be telling everyone about this and she cannot live with us anymore. She was crying and begging me not to do so as this will spoil her really good image in the society and she was ready to do anything for me. I smiled wickedly and said. Bitch, did I hear it right?? Anything?? Are you sure bitch?? She said yes beta. I caught hold of her hair and pulled her near me. I said that bitch doesn’t call me beta. You will refer to me as maalik from today. Is it clear?? She was shocked once again and said as you say beta. oh!! Sorry maalik.

Then I told her to kneel down in front of me. She did it without any second thoughts. I told her that from now she will be my slave and will follow every order I give her. If she misses the followings, she will have to take a harsh punishment from me which she wouldn’t be liking. I told her that I’ll be giving five golden rules which she has to follow always from now. She hesitantly agreed. The rules are as follows:-

1) Follow all my orders everywhere and every time without further questions.2) Wake me up daily with a blowjob, and if I wake up before you then you will be punished hard.3) No bra and panties for you from today. Not at home and out of the home as well. I want easy access to all your parts at any moment of time.4) At home, you will always be nude unless I ask you to wear something.5) You will be seated beside me inside the bathroom whenever I wish to use the bathroom.

She was in tears already listening to all the rules and was saying Beta, I’m your own mother you cannot do this to me. This made me angry and I gave a tight slap across her cheek making it red. Bitch, you are not my mother anymore. You just assumed me as you fucker and you were masturbating for your own pleasure. She was read with pain and shame and shook her head in approval for all the above terms and conditions. I gave her another tight slap because she was still wearing her saree and as per rule no.4 she is supposed to be naked unless I ask her to wear something.

Strip bitch!! I told in a loud wife pulling her hair. She nodded her head and stood up. She started to disrobe her saree. She was in petticoat and blouse now. Hesitantly she unhooked her blouse and threw it aside. Wow, what a scene it was. My own mother was standing only in her bra and petticoat in front of me. She untied her petticoat which fell on the ground and she picked it up and threw it aside. Now she was only in her white bra and black panties. My dick was already erect and was during to some out. I stood up and gave another slap making her fall. I shouted bitch I told naked completely. Take out your fucking bra and panties. She stood up with tears and unhooked her bra. Her boobs sprang out and I was so happy to see her condition. Then she removed her panties.

Now, she was completely naked in front of me. I asked to turn around and bend. She complied. Then I asked her to spread her ass cheeks. As she did so I kicked her ass and she fell down. I was enjoying all of this now. But I had no idea that my sister was watching all this. My bitch stops up again wiping her tears. I told her to unzip my pants and worship my divine cock which will satisfy all her needs from today. She knelt down unzipping my pants to unveil my monster. She was shocked to see such a big cock, opening her mouth wide. She knew that it was the tool which would tear all her wholes apart from now and she was feeling her fate now. I asked her to suck my cock.

She first kissed the tip of my already hard cock and then licked the full length. She then took half of my cock into her mouth and started sucking with a slurping noise. I was enjoying each bit of it. Slowly she took the full length till the depth of her throat and was sucking me very well. I knew what a cocksucker bitch mom I had. She sucked me for 10 minutes and then I was about to cum. I told my bitch not to waste even a single drop of my precious cum and she followed my order by swallowing each and every drop of my cum. She accepted her fate by bowing her head down. I then asked her to follow me to the bathroom. She did as I told her.

I asked her to kneel beside the pot inside the bathroom. Once she knelt I aimed towards her mouth and started peeing. At first, she was shocked but they accepted the stream by opening her mouth wide and drinking as much as she can. I then asked her to clean my cock with her mouth. She did as ordered.

She begged me for this but then received a slap on her tits hardly. She then complied and started licking my asshole filled with shit deep and clean. I then appreciated her saying Good job bitch. From now on this is ur place and ur fate. I then pulled her hair hard and gave a little kiss on her lips. She was smelling of my piss. I asked her to clean up and make something to eat. We ate and then slept. I slept on the bed and she slept on the floor beside my bed. My sister who was watching all this stuff never uttered a word and came to her room silently and slept. After she became my slut in came to know that how many times she masturbated imagining this scene.

That’s it in this part guys. If u want me to upload the best parts I need ur feedbacks and appreciations. All the feedbacks about my sex story are welcome. You can write down to [email protected]. any mild who wanna become my slave can contact me.I stay in Hyderabad.

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