Mom & Dad’s steamy fuck story

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry for the delay. I am glad you all liked Part 1, and I am sure you all will love this part.

Let’s get back into the story. I woke up in the morning with some wet dreams. But suddenly, last night, things flashed back into my mind. I was terrified that Mom would have told Dad that she caught me ogling at her milky ass cheeks. I don’t know how to face them now. I am getting tense.

What if my Dad learned that his son was luring at the fat cheeks of his wife? How will my Dad act on it? He already caught me once with a boner while looking at his bombshell wife’s alluring ass globes. With all those things in my mind, nervously, I went to the living area.

Mom was busy preparing breakfast. Dad was having his morning coffee while reading the newspaper. He greeted me with a good morning with a smile. Everything felt normal. Even Mom didn’t act weird, but still, I could sense some anger /disbelief in her eyes.

I felt assured that Mom didn’t complain to my Dad about my atrocities. I felt happy and normal. Days are going on and on as my lust is growing on those chubby ass cheeks of Mom. I have been caught by my Mom while admiring those fat cheeks, but still, I can’t help it.

Thoughtlessly my eyes are surrendering to those milky ass cheeks whenever she walks in front of me. Never forget those sexy waist folds and her milky navel. Even she might have noticed it but didn’t confront me. She would cover her ass swing with her saree pallu.

Even the feeling of Mom covering her ass cheeks to hide from her teen son made me horny as fuck. But at the same time, I am also afraid of the consequences. What if she told my Dad that our son was staring at my ass? I can’t even imagine the consequences.

I better keep myself within boundaries. That’s what I thought before jumping onto my daily routine. Slowly, I became addicted to incest stories. There are many stories about Mom’s and sons. I learned that many people are into incest and who sexually love their mom.

A lot of stories. A lot of input, but tackling my Mom is a bit of a difficult task as she is getting the best fucks of her life from my Dad. Slowly, I am dwelling on those stories for my satisfaction.

In my jerking sessions, I would always think of my Mom. How will she look nude without a single piece of cloth on her? What would her boobs look like? I hardly get to see her cleavage. How will my favourite thick cake (yummy milky ass cheeks) look in the nude?

Will it be spotless on her ass cheeks, just like her milky body? Will it be huge and shapely like a peach? I haven’t seen her naked body even once to date. I still wish to get a chance to see at least her naked thunder thighs and those thick legs. I mean, even her milky thighs are enough to make us cum.

One of those evenings. I came home after playing football and relaxing my self in the living area. My Dad is at home and looks like he is going out as he is dressed quite well. He said he was taking my Mom for dinner. In a few minutes, I saw my beautiful Mom in a black sleeveless saree.

Oh my god. It took me a few seconds to come back to reality. What a beautiful lady/Mom/wife. Today, she is going to get many dick salutes for sure! Her white complexity in the black saree makes her more appealing. Just a small hint of cleavage. Tied her saree just under her belly button.

Her milky navel will get many views tonight. I am dying to see her backview. Finally, my Dad took the car key and told me to lock the door. I am horny, waiting for my Mom to walk towards the door. There we go! Her voluptuous ass cheeks are swaying gently, undressing her black saree.

OMG! Look at her milky waist and those meaty love handles. I was constantly imagining her bare, naked, milky bottom without an inch of clothes. No wonder why men stare at her swaying ass cheeks. Her back view is outstanding.  The way she is walking with that elevated ass cheeks and swaying them effortlessly.

It looks like she is projecting her pride and attitude on those juicy ass cheeks. I was totally lost in admiring her rearview. Suddenly, my Mom covered her base with the saree pallu. With the interruption, I lifted my eyes and met my Mom’s stern look.

Shitt! She caught me again staring at her ass cheeks. She didn’t say anything. She just closed the door embarrassingly and left for dinner. The feeling of getting caught by Mom again and again at her voluptuous ass cheeks gives me an instant pump to my dick.

Wow! What a thrill it is! That a mature Mom knows that her teen son is lusting on her milky cheeks.  As soon as they left, I quickly locked the door and went to my Mom’s wardrobe. I took her red panty and red bra, then removed my boxer and laid on my parents’ bed.

I kept the bra on my face. Panty on my dick and started beating my dick by switching places of my Mom’s inners. Just rewinding the scenes that just happened minutes ago. Thinking about her swaying milky ass cheeks ravishingly again and again.

Memorizing the moments when others stared at her bouncy cheeks in public/at home etc. Wondering how many eyes were preying on her sexy ass. Probably, that is true. I have seen many guys (young, older, mature, teens) touch their manhood while my Mom walks by, swaying her fair milky ass cheeks in public.

Even my relatives would stare at her milky back at family functions. Many times, I have caught my relative uncles used to adjust their anacondas inside their lungis. While imagining these horny sequences, my dick grows like a steel rod and glitters with precum.

Jerking continues! I was imagining how many teens, old dicks thought of rubbing their dicks between her milky ass cheeks. Not to mention that my grandpa desired those juicy ass cheeks.  Suddenly, the thought of seeing her bare milky ass cheeks under her petticoat stuck in my mind.

I just started visualizing her fair, naked ass cheeks. Within seconds, I have cum by a great force. By this act, I have understood that just touching her nude fat cheeks would make me cum then and there.  Carefully, I covered all my cum on her red panty and laid back for a few minutes to rest.

I have never felt this kind of powerful orgasm before. To cover my tracks, I quickly washed her panty. I threw it in the drier for a few minutes and placed her bra and panty at her usual place.

At midnight, I hear the gate sound. I quickly moved back to my room and pretended to be asleep. After a few minutes, Mom came to my room to check on me. Knowing that I was sound asleep. She turned off the lights and left my room.

For 20 minutes, I have remained asleep. What if they will have sex tonight? Suddenly stuck in my mind. I feel very confident because they had a lovely dinner just before, and she is blazing hot tonight. For sure, Dad would not leave her. He will definitely eat her vanilla cake for sure.

There are high chances that this night will end with some good sex. Excitement is building up. Am I going to see them having sex? Or if I can listen to her moans and sex sounds. Pressure is building up. I can feel my heartbeat is rising. Slowly, I moved out of my room without making any noise.

I saw my parents’ bedroom door was slightly ajar. I could see the light coming out of the room. Okay. They are not asleep. I can confirm that.  I was very eager to go near the door and peep inside. Finally, I made up my mind to dare and went half the way.

I heard my Mom’s anklets sound coming out of their room. I figured out that she was coming out of the room. So quickly, I moved to the living area and hid behind the wall. I was scared to death. What if Mom checks on me again by coming to my bedroom??

What if she finds out that I am not in my room? I don’t know what to do. I have closed my eyes and prayed to god. Luckily, I heard a water-filling sound from the kitchen. I am a bit relaxed now that she came for the water. I tried to look at their room, but there was no clear view.

So I moved a bit forward, hid behind another wall, and slowly made an attempt to see the bedroom.  For the first time, I have seen a dick other than mine in life. It is none other than my dad’s monster dick. He is lying on the king-size bed like a king. Holding his enormous dick by pushing his lungi aside.

I was completely stunned by his cock. Definitely bigger than mine in all aspects. I can’t believe that my innocent-looking Mom is satisfying this huge cock.

By looking at the length of his cock. I can say proudly that Mom doesn’t have any affairs. Now I understand why their sexual life is blooming. Now, he is shaking his tool gently. He is so manly in it! This explains why Mom’s thick ass cheeks are growing wider in size.

I was waiting for my Mom curiously then I saw her moving towards the bedroom carrying fruits and water in both her hands. I was amazed to see my Mom walking only on her blouse and petticoat without the saree. Her milky white complexity is so alluring now.

Her milky back and love handles shine under her black blouse. Omg! Those waist folds are appealing and so sexy. As she is walking, her flawless hips are swaying like a pendulum. Her ass cheeks appear to be much elevated and bigger than what they look like on a saree.

Usually, I can see the big hump/bust under her waist. As she entered the room, along with my dick, I was so horny. I was waiting for the moment when Mom’s petticoat met the floor so that I could see our all favourite magnificent, milky, juicy, thick ass cheeks and her milky thunder thighs.

Fuck! I was so hard, and my dick was begging me to free it by dropping my boxer. The extreme live visuals totally possessed me. Very few will get a chance to see their parents in live action. Especially for those sons who are all having hot Mom’s like me. It’s a dream/fantasy right in front of the eyes.

Coming to the scene. Dad slept on the edge of the bed and rubbed his cock playfully while looking at Mom. She came beside him and stood on the floor. Still, I can see her glorious back view shining under a black blouse and black dress. When she was about to remove her blouse, Dad made her stop.

Dad is like, “Let it be like this. We have the whole night.” By saying this, he took Mom’s hand and placed it on his monster cock. Fuck! Her palm looked so tiny on his donkey dick when she encircled the grith. Watching her milky hand sliding on the dark monster dick causes sensations inside my boxer.

As soon as she jerked his dick, he kept his hand on her luscious ass cheeks. He was mauling them on her petticoat. I can clearly make out her each ass cheek size when he grabs her each ass cheek.

Omg! They are huge! I couldn’t stand a minute to see those busty ass cheeks getting ravished while she was jerking dads huge cock.  This is enough for me to cum. But I held it with difficulty to see many more coming on the way. I envied my Dad because he was living my fantasy.

It was so intoxicating to see her hand moving along the length of his shaft. I wish to see my Mom’s hand move on my dick so sensually like that.  The spanks on her ass make her ass cheeks bounce and vibrate for a brief few seconds. Can’t wait to see those thick busty ass cheeks bounce on his huge cock.

Fuck! He is now holding her left ass cheek and shaking it in a rhythm. He knows how to make use of the busty ass. Step by step, my Dad sexual acts are forcing me to cum quickly. He is just like me. No, I am just like him – Ass-man.

Now, Mom paused the handjob session and started removing her blouse buttons. She didn’t remove the blouse, just the buttons. Meanwhile, Dad is fighting with the rope of the petticoat to undress her. I thought to myself. Finally, the moment is here!

It is the most exciting and dreamt-up moment. I have desired countless times during my jerking sessions. I held my dick tightly to hold my cum because I wanted to cum right at the moment when her dress dropped to the floor. Yes. I can’t hold it any longer.

I want to cum while looking at those busty, thick, milky ass cheeks. To our disappointment, Mom asked him to stop the war with the petticoat robe. She said, “This is what you want, right?” She kept her hands inside the petticoat and removed her black panty.

While she was removing her panty, in a millisecond, I got the view of her milky thunder thighs flashing in front of my eyes. They are so thick and milky white in complexion. Dad took the panty and kept it on his face. Mom instantly took the panty from his face and threw it out. Panty fell outside the door.

She was supposed to turn back to get the panty. But Dad stopped her by hand and asked to collect it later. Mom said, “Ayyo! Can’t you wait for a few seconds? Such a horny brat you are, Prakash. This is what you want, right?”

She kept her right knee on the bed and took Dad’s hand inside her petticoat. She placed it right on her bare left ass cheek.  Uff! That was damn hot! All I can see is my Dad hand moving like a snake inside her petticoat. He is mauling her ass cheeks like a beast.

To counter this, she resumed the handjob session. His dick was full grown to its length. Indeed it is a monster cock for sure. I heard a slight moaning come out from Mom. There, I can see that she spread her legs a bit wider and started moaning calmly.

I figured out that Dad might be accessing her pussy. As a result. She is jerking my Dad dick a bit faster. Still, I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. My parents are masturbating with each other like wild dogs. Still, I can see Dad is caressing her milky fat ass cheeks under her petticoat.

I couldn’t stand the view where Mom’s asscheeks were getting crushed wildly by Dad. My innocent and sexy-looking mother is too hot in this sexual act.  I have reached my climax already. I have witnessed many high moments in the last few minutes. I may cum in any second from now on.

Then, the moment came. Mom turned slightly while jerking Dad. Holy fuck! Her right boob is hanging outside her black bra. I saw her firm milky boob with erected nipple. That’s it. I am cumming. In a hurry, I took the black panty which she threw away minutes ago to cover my cum.

Fuck! I kept her panty around my dick and came like hell in that black panty while looking at her boob and elevated ass cheeks.  Then I realized that I had ruined the panty with my cum. I panicked at that moment, and at my worse, the mobile was ringing on the dining table, which was just beside me.

Holy fuck! I want to run to my room, but what about the panty? I can’t take it with me to clean it. The only choice is to leave it there! I just left the panty there and ran towards my room. I heard Mom come out. I can hear her anklets sound.

Now, I am scared to death. What if she notices cum on her panty? Will she tell Dad about me? I couldn’t even dare to open my door and see whether she took her panty or not. After 10 minutes of crossing my fear, I peeped outside. There is no panty on the floor. I thought my chapter was closed.

Hey guys. Let’s stop it here. So will Bhargavi Mom notice the cum on her panty? Or will she simply throw it aside? Will come to know in the third part. It will be more exciting. Going to bring Grandpa again. I know you all horny bastards are waiting to see Grandpa in action with my milf Mom.

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