Mom Fucked By My Teacher

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This is my first story in iss, but I assure you all that I wont let you down.

This is a time when I was studying in chennai. I was not a very intelligent student, because of which my parents were frequently called by my class teacher for discussing my studies. My class teacher’s name is aravind he teaches maths, he is in late 40’s but having a good physique with a mustache.

Now, let me tell about my mom, her name is kaveri and she is housewife. She is 38 years old, and is having a voluptuous figure. Her best attraction is her big ass, which anyone would like to bang real hard.I never looked her with lust till this incident which I’ll be telling now. As I already told you about my parents being called for discussion it was my mom who comes to school every time, as my dad will be busy in his office during school hours.

This time again my mom had to come as I got low marks in all the subjects in quarterly exams, especially in maths. I was in classroom when I was summoned by peon that class teacher had called me to his office. I was puzzled about this, when I went there I saw my mom and took a chair next to her on the other side of class teacher’s desk. She was wearing a yellow saree with a matching blouse and was having a string of jasmine flowers in her hairs long black hairs. Aravind told my mom ” mam, your son’s score is very less in this exams and if he continues like this I dont think he will clear the board exams”.

My mom looked very worried about this statement and was asking him, is there any way to improve my grades. He said that she should give more interest in my studies and teach me maths at home. But she said that is also little weak in maths. Then aravind offered to take special sessions for me at his residence once in a week, so that I could cope up with it. On hearing this my mom sounded very happy and thanked him with a big smile. At this point only I began to notice the way he stares t my mom.

May be I was wrong, but not he was really peaking into her whole body through his lustful eyes. He never bothered to look at me during this whole conversation. I was wondering if my mom knows about this, but it’s little difficult to guess. This was mom’s 3rd visit to him in this year. Suddenly the bell rang for the last time of day and I heard everybody going back home hurrily. At the end of the conversation he said that I should go his home tomorrow after school for session. Saying this he got up and forwarded his hand to my mom, I never saw her giving handshake to anyone in my life, but to my surprise she did a good lengthy shake with a smile. I was beginning to doubt my mom also. But it was too soon to come to any conclusions.

At the time when me and mom came out of the school to a nearby bus stop, it was empty. We were waiting for the bus for a while, in the meantime aravind also came to the stop. Was this a coincidence? Bus also came at that moment and we all boarded it. Since it was evening time, there was enough crowd in the bus. Somehow we managed to get inside to stand comfortably, but it was jam packed. I saw one of my friend inside and was chatting with him. I told him that my teacher is also in this bus only so lets talk little low, when I looked for him I found that he managed to come next to my mom from behind and stood there.

Looking suspicious I continued to watch his move. My mom was holding a the upper bar with right hand and was holding a seat with her left. Taking advantage of packed bus, aravind was rubbing my mom’s back with his shoulders. She was feeling little uncomfortable, not because of aravind but because a tall, man who was standing opposite to her and was looking at her cleavage continuously. She tried to cover it unsuccessfully, meanwhile she noticed the presence of aravind at her back and felt little relaxed. I was also happy to see her face that moment. She didnt resist the moves made ny aravind, which gave him quite a confidence and I was also feeling something in my lower abdominal, which I liked very much.

As the conductor passed her to go to other side, she had to back up, which brought her so close to aravind that he was rubbing his front bottom area to my mom’s back. I thought my mom would not allow this, but she seemed to enjoy it. The tall guy also noticed this and was getting bold from the front side. My mom lowered her right hand, and was trying to reach for aravind. But it was the tall man who grabbed her hand, she suddenly turned towards aravind sensing trouble. Now aravind was rubbing his chest against her boobs and was looking directly into her eyes. They both exchanged looks, then bus stopped at aravind’s stop and he got down. After few more stops we also got down, that night I could not sleep, the images of my mom sandwiched between two men was continuously flashing before my eyes. For the first time, I masturbated thinking of my mom that night. I was looking at her from whole different angle from that incident.

Next day, I went to aravind’s house for special sessions after school. His home was a 2bhk and was beautifully organized. He took session in his veranda. He was very cool in his approach, and in between studies he used to ask me about family especially my mom. He gave me a homework and told that I should bring my mom next week to him home this time, as he wanted to talk to her regarding my future. I suddenly felt excited, even though I should feel angry over him.

Next week I took my mom with me to his place, that time also she was having jasmine flowers in her hairs and was wearing sea green saree. She was wearing it just below her navel and her blouse was also a deep cut one. I was feeling little aroused by that. When we reached there, he asked me to do my homework, meanwhile he will talk to her inside the house. I sat down and opened my notebook feeling disappointed. I was wondering what plans aravind might be having this evening.

I was able to hear their voices, they were sitting in the adjacent room only which had a window which was not completely shut. I packed up a little courage and went near it and started peeping inside. He was showing his collections of book, which she was watching with interest. Then he offered her water, and while handing over to her, he deliberatley spilled some on her and was asking apologies. She said ok and asked for a towel to dry her up.

He took it immediately and he started rubbing it over her shoulders. My mom was speechless with this sudden change of events and stood still. Though she had feelings for him, she didnt make any move. Observing this, he turned her backside and started massaging her back. She started feeling guilty and resisted his moves, she then said she’s leaving and started walking but he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him and hugged her tightly. She started slapping him from back and pulled his hairs but he didnt leave her. He pushed him along with her towards the wall and started kissing all over her neck.

Now my mom was also seemed to be turned on. Throughout this time she didnt yelled or screamed, nut now her resistance was getting weak and she too started hugging him. Then he held her face with both his hand and started kissing her lips, I had a full erection by then. I was enjoying the moment. Then he pulled her pallu and completely removed her saree, on seeing her cleavage he mercilessly pressed her boobs and started sucking the left breast while cuddling the right breast with his hand. She started moaning a bit and started undressing him. He then tore off her blouse and and took the bra. I was amazed to see those big breasts.

He then removed her petticoat and I saw my mom complete naked. I realized that she never wear panties as she was not wearing one. He got down to his knees and sucked her pussy like anything, he inserted his whole tongue inside it and continued it for another 5 minutes. He got up and took her in his arms and went towards the bed. He threw her on it and started removed his pants and underwear. My mom closed her eyes seeing his erect, black, big, hairy penis. He remove her hands from and brought hi penis towards her face and put it in her mouth. She swallowed it completely without any hitch. And was giving him a blow job. I was really shocked to her this new avatar and feeling to the same thing to her.

After sometime he opened her legs wide and started inserting his penis inside the pussy, it didnt go at the first time, but she cried out loud. He immediately covered her mouth and tried again, she started moaning heavily, as he was fucking her. He gradually increased the speed and was telling, kaveri.. Kaveri… I love you, my chellam, I love you….. She was just making noises ” ah aah ……” repeatedly.

I grabbed my penis and started masturbating there itself. Aravind reached his full speed and suddenly collapsed over her. They both were very sweaty by then, he kept his penis inside her for sometime, then my mom came to her senses and hurriedly started dressing. Aravind gave her a another blouse from her wife’s dress, who was in her native place. They both got dressed, when my mom was walking towards the door, he again hugged her and gave her a very long deep kiss and said “I love you kaveri’. My mom said nothing and started walking. I too went to the verandah and pretended to be studying. We both then went home and didnt speak that full day to each other.

Friends, please give your valuable feedback to me at “[email protected]”. I hope u enjoyed this story.

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