Mom Fucks Uncle With My Guidance Part – 2

HiThe last time I left you guys hanging.

After he left me and mom fucked like animals. We waited for next day cock and cum hungry. Now, mom took full control. As soon as dad left mom shook me up and asked me to follow her. I freshened up and went to the bathroom to see her armed with a shaving blade. She then asked me to strip naked. As I did so, she skillfully shaved and smoothened my pubic and ass area. Then she made me wear a silky smooth pantie of her. My half erect cock filled its gusset and its line crept up my ass crack.

Now she dressed in a t-shirt only. I was eating breakfast when she smilingly came near me and showed me her smoothly shaved pussy. Now I was hard but she asked me to hold on. She then carefully took out a sex toy (which I had seen the first time) and lubed it and inserted it in her pussy. It was a plug type and it held its place. Now it was time for my tutor to arrive. Mom opened the door as soon as the bell rang. He came in adoring her legs. Now, mom sat with him and started to chitchat. He was a bit shy type and was hesitant to make a move first. Mom enjoyed it and kept him engaged. His nervous eyes were searching for me too other than staring at mom’s legs.

Now mom spread her legs. The toy was visible between her legs. His eyes traced it and he was shivering with excitement and nervous at the same time. Now, mom moved from there on the excuse of bringing him water. She came to the kitchen and asked me to carry the glass. I took it in my semi-nude condition. He was now shocked at my attire and subconsciously rubbed his penis over his pants. I took my own time and moved in front of him much. At last, I faced away from him and settled the glass on the coffee table, on doing which he had a good look at my panty covered ass.

Now, mom came in and said laughingly ” all his clothes are in the Washing machine, so I put that from my cupboard “.He too nervously smirked and said ” its fine…”

Now I sat beside him and he started the tuition. It was a sham, as everyone was horny. He was checking me out and mom came in to collect the glass, and accidentally poured water on him. His pants were wet. As he got up mom said, ” remove it and keep under the fan, it will dry”.He could not deny and did so. His smooth shiny thighs were inviting. I took the opportunity to touch him in thigh and groin area. His cock was semi-hard and jutted out in confines of his underwear. I asked him to remove it too as it was also wet. Now he hesitated and seeing this mom also insisted. She even offered him to wear a towel if needed. He agreed and mom went to get the towel.

Now I knew he wanted mom but hesitated to fuck with me. As soon as mom came back with a towel, he stripped facing away from me. Mom handed him the towel and took his undies. Now, mom had given him such a small towel that he could barely cover both sides. His smooth hairless ass was inviting. Somehow he wrapped it but his head of the cock was peeking out. Now, mom signaled me to go to the kitchen. I left and mom playfully tickled his cock. He too placed his hands on her thighs. Now, mom straddled him and pretended to check curtains behind him. He put his one hand on her boob and another over her ass. Mom ignored it and got up causing his ‘towel’ to fall. Now his erect cock was twitching and caused both mom and me to lick our lips. Now, mom laughed at it and called me. He was getting bolder and did not cover up.

I went up to mom and stood by her holding her ass cheek, pressing my hard on to her thighs. Mom started to chitchat again as she ran her hand over my cock. This made him stand up shamelessly flaunting his hard on. Mom asked me to ‘search’ for that fallen something down below. As I kneeled down, the level of his cock, I took the opportunity to accidentally rub my face against it. His precum stuck on my nose and forehead and made a string as I came back. His cock was twitching vigorously. Now, mom casually sat down, removed her toy from pussy, and gave it to me. I licked it and kept it aside as he started on. Now, mom asked him to check out my panty, and he also kneeled to do so.

I just jutted my ass towards him. He now caressed me on my exposed ass and once dry-humped me using his cock. Mom now asked me to stand up and as I did so hugged me. I took the cue and caressed both her melons and as we did this, he went out of control and joined us. Mom kissed him on lips and kissed me, transferring the saliva. Now again she kissed him and brought my head near. Within no time we all were kissing each other. Mom took out my cock and stroked it and as it grew, made it touch his penis and simultaneously stroked both while rubbing their heads together. He was convulsing now with horniness and I thought the shyer the person, the hornier he gets. Now, mom took turns to rub our penises to her pussy. Now he removed moms t-shirt and he too got fully undressed. His cock was now clearly visible and I started to lick its head.

He sucked on mom’s tits and she sat on my cock gyrating. Mom saw that we would come soon and stopped everything. Now she asked him to fuck her and asked me to lick his cock after every stroke. This caused us to prolong our crazy fuck session. After many strokes, he came in her pussy. I immediately took it out and took remaining cumshots in my mouth. Then I licked mom’s pussy and fucked her while caressing his smooth body. After two-three rounds, he took bath and got dressed. Mom and I were still boning as he left, promising to come back.

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