Mom Gets Seduced By Worker And His Wife

This is the story in the year 2010 when we shifted to Bangalore in 2010 in a residential colony. Our family is a small one, me,Suraj, my Mom Sarita and my Dad Suresh. My Mom Sarita is a home maker and a fit lady with mice boobs and ass. I never had any sexual thoughts until the incident I am going to narrate here in the story.

As I have told that we shifted to a residential colony. That colony had around 60 row villas and a small house for a security cum handy man. This security cum handy man’s name was Baccha Singh, he was from Bihar and his wife Roopa, were staying. Baccha singh was very handy as he used to help the colony people especially the one staying in the lane where his house was. His wife Roopa was also helping the ladies in the daily chores. Roopa was also a fit lady with an amazing figure which she used to show in her saaaree.

Our villa was just next to Baccha Singh’s house. Baccha Singh used to work topless only in his shorts most of the time, for any hard work like cutting trees or ,cleaning the swimming pool etc. He has fit body as of a worker. I have seen few colony girls and women ogling at his bare chest many times. Baccha Singh has a habit of drinking every night and then have sex with his wife anywhere after he is drunk.

One night while everyone was asleep, at around 1 am, Baccha Singh came back to his home and was arguing with his wife Roopa, as I was awake I went to my room window and tried to see, I saw that he was trying to press Roopa’s boobs and she was not allowing him to.

Since he was drunk he forcefully, pulled Roopa and tore her blouse. Her huge boobs just came out of the blouse. I saw she was fair and had really nice round and big boobs. My dick started to wake up in my short. Meanwhile he also pulled his shorts down and I saw his huge dick of 7 inches with roundness of at least 3 inches, all erect and want to get into Roopa’s pussy. He then forcefully made Roopa naked and fucked her right there in the front of his house. This was his daily routine of fucking Roopa anytime in the night and anywhere. And it has became my daily routine to watch and shag.

After looking at Roopa, I was planning to fuck Roopa. And started to work on plan. Days passed by. Mean while it was towards the end of the April month. Dad has to go to a business tour and Mom and myself were alone. That night Baccha Singh again at night 1 am came to his house drunk and demanded sex from Roopa. This time Roopa was very adamant to not to give her pussy. I didn’t understand why.

This got Baccha very angry and once again he tore her blouse and her milk cans came out. Roopa started running, she came to our villa and started knocking door and ringing the bell. I was upstairs looking at the happenings from a safe place. Mom woke up. She went to the door and opened, Roopa half naked came inside and started crying she started saying “ Bhabhi mujhe bacha lo, Baccha mujhe chodna chata hai per mere din chal rahe (periods) who peeke hai aur sun nahi rah hai. Meanwhile Baccha also came and started to pull Roopa and said “ chal saali ghar par, madam ke peeche kya chupti hai, aaj toh jam kar chodunga” Hearing this he tried to pull Roopa, who was hiding behind Mom, but mistakenly pulled Mom’s nighty and tore it.

This act made Mom topless with her boobs popping out. Mom became angry and started shouting,” Baccha ghar jaao, Roopa nahi chudwaayegi”, Baccha still drunk said, “toh madam aap chudwa lo” and he lowered his short to show his full erect dick. I saw Mom got stunned for a minute, and then said “ Baccha sadak par tamasha mat karo, anadar aa jao” and closed the door.

Now in the house, Roopa was topless , Mom was topless and Baccha was naked with his erect dick standing. Mom said Baccha tum abhi kuch nahi karoge, tum yahi khade rahoge.main Roopa ko upar le jaa rahi hu. I didn’t get my Mom want Roopa to come upstairs. I quickly moved to my bedroom, lights off, under covers.

After 1 minute Mom came in my room and tried to shake me. I stayed still. Mom went out. I quickly came out and checked. Mom was talking to Roopa.

Mom – Roopa to roz itna bada leti hai

Roopa- haan bhabhi Roz lena padta hai, nahi toh yeh sone nahi deta.

Mom – Roopa tu bahut his sundar hai aur tere gole toh bahut sundar hai

Roopa- haan bhabhi , aapki bhi, kya main chu lu?

Mom – Roopa aaram se chuna bahut naazuk hai mere gole, koi chuta hai toh mujhe chudwane ka mann hota hai.

Roopa – toh bhabhi aap aaj Baccha se chudwa lo na, aapko toh uska lund bhi pasand hai.

Mom – tu mujhe aisa karne degi?

Roopa – Haa, bhabhi, aap kabhi bhi Baccha se chudwa lo, par kisi ko bata mat.

Mom – tu mere gole daabate rah aur chal neeche.

Mom and Roopa came down, Roopa still pressing Moms boobs. Mom said to Baccha, Baccha aaj tu mujhe chodega. And She held his lund in her hand. I was shocked but was excited too. Mom pulled Baccha using his lund while Roopa still pressing and fondling Moms boobs. Mom bent down on Baccha’s dick and started sucking and giving a blowjob. She sucked the dick like a pornstar. Baccha released his cum in Mom mouth which she drank.

Then she lied down on the carpet and opened her legs, but Baccha was in a another mood. He turned her in doggie style position and started inserting the dick in her anal, Mom started shouting to leave her as her anus was dry, but Baccha held her tightly and tried to push his way through. Mom shouted, Roopa jaa tel lekar aa nahi toh main mar jaaungi. Roopa got oil and poured it all on Moms ass and Bacchas dick.

This made Baccha’s dick go inside and he starte fucking Mom in ass. Mom as moaning and was enjoying. Meanwhile Roopa gave her pussy to Mom to eat and sometime she sucked Moms boobs. Baccha fucked Mom for 30 mins and then shot another load in her ass. She looked satisfied, then Baccha was taken back home by Roopa. While watching all this I also shagged 2 times and unloaded my cum on Mom’s bra.

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