Mom Getting Modern Day By Day – Part 2

When we get back home, mom went to bathroom for bath and been there for 1 hour.. 2 days later I had a work in “shopping Centre” when I get back to home I saw a ‘super bike’ at house of our house. I entered house saw ‘Tom’ gossip with mom. Mom wearing a ‘black saree’ and tight ‘Red Blouse’ and “cup Bra” looking very big her 38dd’s.. Tom looking at her tight big boobs frequently.. Mom said he going to kitchen for making tea.. I went to washroom and when came back heard some noise like (kashh kashh kashh) from kitchen, I saw (hidden) moms 38dd boobs pressing hard & fast by Tom.. Mom was sitting on the kitchen table.. And enjoying that..

He gain his speed pressing boobs with more speed.. Her tight ‘Red blouse’ seems like punching bag.. That can not staying good for long… And started kissing 5 min.. Tom pressing ’38dd butt’ harder than boobs. I could see mom like this very much.. They stop and return back room I saw her 38dd boobs is very pumped coming out from open area of that ‘Red blouse’.. When we sitting from other hand Tom putting his biceps on boobs of mom.. Now days mom figure is sparkling a lot.. That’s makes more hot for an young boy… Next day mom wear a blue “chiffon saree” which is ‘very tight’ in ’38dd round ass’ and a tight ‘printed blouse’ with ‘cup bra’.. Looking very hot.. Her ’38dd’ breast trying to coming out from her ‘printed blouse’.. I was looking at her and getting horny.. Said mom that I’m going to sleep. Mom thought it would be long.

After taking a little snap at evening when I coming out from my room, My leg stuck with that ‘printed blouse’… Suddenly, I was getting very ‘loud moans’ which is male & female voice coming from mom’s room (aaahhh aaahhh aahhh aahhh ufff aaaa aaahhh aaahhh aahhh aahhh ufff aaaa ) I thought that she watching some porn movie in home theater. and seems like ‘mom jumping’ very hard on her bed.. Without knocking the door.. I came out from the house. And gone to a food shop..

1 hour later I get back room I found nobody in house. And I surprised to saw a view my mom’s bed was ‘broken’.. Got her ‘blue chiffon saree’ on the ‘broken bed’.. But beside the bed on the floor there is a ‘bed cover’ and looking like some spam over that bed cover a ‘Man force chocolate condom’ packet too.. But That a new one so I thought its my dads thing.. 2 hour later mom comes home wearing a tight ‘red legging’ ‘red top’ from a ‘Bed shop’ and 5 people waiting to set that bed, they were looking at her 38dd butt.. I asked mom how did it broken, she said automatically….. I asked the price of new bed she said its ‘1 lakh’.. Bed is heavy weight very soft I thought its a bed which is made for having “hard sex”… After setting the bad I saw ‘Tom’ standing behind of workers he wearing a tight jeans and tshirt…

My phone was ringing so I gone for pick that. I could saw from my room. mom and Tom jumped at new bed to try the softness of bed. Tom’s hand touched moms ’38dd boobs’ for two,three times by mistake, Mom looking at him like ‘hungry slut’. And closed the door for ‘5 min’..

When I get back at room (Kashhhh kashh kashhh Kashhhh kashh kashhh) and opened, I saw Tom’s dick is full hard inside his jeans (Size ‘8inch’) His pant zip is open but cock is inside his underwear.. Very frequently mom looking at his pant ( 8inch hard dick) which is very young… And mom said me go to food shop and buy some foods for dinner, I said ok.. When I came out from home.. Mom closed the door very fast & loudly (bharaaaam).. I went backyard and getting a ‘boy moan’ very loud (aaahhh aaahhh aahhh aahhh aaaa aaahhh aaahhh sloww slow)..

30min later I get back to home.. Toms tshirt is cut from some place, and on the jeans near at zip saw few red lipsticks color.. at moms red top looking very much damaged… Moms hair and lipsticks not in perfect place. Mom said to give a tshirt to him.. I said ok. At next day evening ‘Tom-Mom-Me’ watching Tv..

And suddenly electricity supply had gone.. Mom said nothing.. 5 min later In sofa I could feel some vibrations coming. I hardly could see mom hand going to ‘Tom’ lap slowly. (I knew mom is very experienced horny lady a boy cant satisfied her but she like young’s). And in the dark ‘moms’ hand goes inside his halfpant pocket.. They both sitting like innocent to show me.. Mom little pressing his ‘Dick’.. His “8inch Dick” grow hard in ‘few sec’. Mom lost her control to see that but I was there so she cant noting.

So I said I’m going to my room(in dark) and I left, but not, I had gone to backside of sofa and sit on the floor.. I could feel mom is pressing his dick hard now. And he open zip 8 inch dick comes out side. Mom hold and put her hand up and down fast.. ‘Tom’ said stop now ‘sid’ can come any moment.. Mom said forget that disturbing idiot.. He not gonna come now.. And started to sucking very fast.. And I said mom.. acting to come from room.. mom didn’t stop till I sit there cause of darkness. Tom trying to close his zip but mom hold that ‘dick’ and I could see mom hand is inside his pant.

Tom said low voice your 38dd ‘printed blouse’ looking so hot ‘mom’ said that’s only because of your talent.. Which you showing me from last ‘6 months’.. Some times later I can see ‘Tom’s’ hand coming from mom under arm and pressing slow her ’38dd boobs’ over that “printed blouse and cup bra”.. She lost her control once again. Mom said Tom and she wants to go roof…

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