Mom Getting Modern Day By Day

Hey, I’m ‘sid’ 20year, My mom is ‘Kajol’ 40year ht 5.4″ figure “34c-28-34″ simple lady mostly wearing sarees only. One day when I get back from my gym, I saw there is 1 pair of unknown shoes outside the main door. I thought may be some guest of us.. And rang the door bell but no one respond that, after few moments mom came and door open she was breathing too fast.. And she said that she did not heard the bell…

And after that she said your friend ‘Tom’ (Ht5.10″ Biceps15”)-(he is very smart and clever boy) waiting in your room, I called my friend and said I’m going to washroom wait for few seconds.. He said ok bro. During I was cleaning my face by water. Some strange (Ahaaa oooo ufff aaaa) noise for a little.. I had shout form washroom that what happened ! She said nothing.. Then I came out and started gossip with ‘Tom’.. And after few hours he left.. After that day he use to came our home frequently.. I had no problem with him he is a very good guy.. 2 weeks later when He was in my home.. My mom was cooking..

Suddenly an another friend calling me from outside so I go outside my house.. And taking with him for few moments.. I get back to my room but ‘Tom’ was not there at my room… And suddenly got that strange noise from kitchen (Ahaaa oooo ufff aaaa) I saw that ‘Tom’ standing beside my mom.. and he get back in the room.. and One day when I came back my home from college I got some noise from door (oooo ahaaa ahaaa), after entering in the house mom said that it was coming from our TV. And I saw back door is opened.. So I didn’t care about it..2 days later when I’m going to had a bath..

I go to bathroom and open the shower at full so it was making lots of sound. And suddenly I got a moan (aaaahh).. I finished my bath and came out from bathroom saw my computer room is opened And tom and mom said they watching some family videos. for few months I heard lots of noise like that.. And one day my mom told me that he wants to join gym with Tom..

I said ok you could thats very good.. She use to spend 1:30 hours at gym.. After 1 month I could see some changes in my mom his figure changed by ’34d-28-36′.. Her biceps are grown with perfect shape.. She said that she want to spend more time at gym and she make that from 1:30hour to 2:30 hour.. And some day later her figure changed by ”36d-28-36dd”.. I can feel some changes in my mom.. Some days she comes from gym very late (4hour)..

When I asked she said she useto have some rest, one day mom said to me that she not feels good at gym with saree so she wanna buy some gym stuf’s, so she took my friend and good to a shopping centre for 8 hour.

When I came back from college I found that moan from our house. I rang the door bell and the sound get off. I surprised to saw tom sitting on the sofa my mom wearing a sports legging that too tight and sports bra.. Her 36dd round shape butt looking really hot. And 36d boobs looking very big.. Looking like a hot model. Mom said its that we buyed today for my gym.. I said its very nice.. After few months her figure status once again changed (36dd-30-38) its smoking hot.. But is perfect round shape..

One day she tell me her styliest friend (Sreya) will make her more stylish so I said ok.. My mom and ‘sheya’ gone to a famous beauty shop. And my mom make her total body care and “highlights straight hair” with lots of colors thats make her crazy hot. Its looks so hot.. She use to wear saree at home when somebody comes to our house they see mom ’36dd’ boobs which is trying to kept by her tight blouse.. One day mom said her figure enough perfect to wear modern outfites..

So tom and mom go to a shop again and buy Rs.20000/- but my mom did’t pay that.. I dont know who.. When she get back to home after 8hour didt knew why..! I found 6 shopping bag. In morning I want to see what things they have buyed! So I open one bag and found a bunch of modern legging that is red, black, blue, lather, Flower printed, skul printed, Tiger printed, and any other hot printed leggings, some of them is looking to tight for her big butt. Another bag is full of ‘tops’ there have some very tight one also.

Another bag I saw 5 ‘skinny jeans’. And another bag ’15 bra’ maximum is ‘cup or padded’ bras.

After return from gym mom started to wearing that things.. Started with a ‘printed legging, ‘red top’ with a ‘big cup bra’.. She was just looking a red hot.. 38dd round Butt and 36dd boobs’ both is coming out from the dress. I have some work at backward of our house so I gone there. While I gone to to back side my house I heard a sound of our door bell. 10min later heard some loud Tv noise(song)..

And then got some loud moan (aaahhh aaahhh aahhh aahhh ufff aaaa) with Tv noise(song).. When I trying entered at house rang the door bell that tv sound is increased more.. And moan(might be) still coming without stop (ooooo aaaa aaaa aaahhh aaahhh ufff aahhh aahhh oooo). 5min later mom come with a ‘lather legging’ her butt was lift very good and black tight tshirt. And said she did’t hear bell cause tv is opened.. A step in my house found my mom that printed lagging at the door step. And got tom shoe at the door..

When I asked she said it was dropped when she coming to open the door.. And at sofa I found that ‘cup bra’ and ‘red top’.. So she kept that to her hand and go to inside the room.. She was looking crazy hot from side and back.. Tom is watching tv inside room so I gossip with him and he left.. Another day mom said she got a invite from one of her friend so she wear a hard ‘cup bra’.. “Skinny jeans” which was very tight with 38dd butt and a yello “color top”..

At night 10pm she come to house she looks more hot, her boobs seems like more big and ass too..One day I coming from gym and somehow I gone to backwards I got moan (ooooo aaaa aaaa aaahhh aaahhh ufff aahhh aahhh oooo) till I rang the bell she come with a towel only.. at sofa I found her ‘skinny jeans and cup bra’.. She said she going to have a bath.. 2 months mom figure is changed ’38Dd-30-40′ just think about it..

One day when I was in my computer room I found some small packets named ‘Manforce, kamasutra’ etc.. Mom said its not our just coming from outside.. I went to bathroom and suddenly bell rang and 10min later came out.. But nobody there.. I saw tv room is closed with too loud song.. When I go at the door got moans again (ooooo aaaa aaaa aaahhh aaahhh ufff aahhh aahhh oooo ooooo aaaa aaaa aaahhh aahh ufff aahhh aahhh oooo).

10 min later they open and said they didt heard that.. Mom was wearing a tight ‘Jeggings’ ‘cup bra’ ‘blue top’. Seems like Assets coming out from dress… I saw that Her ‘Jeggings’ zip is open.. One day my friends said they want to go a new hollywood movie at theater. So I agree. After entering at theater saw very few people were there.

At the last corner 1 couple sitting. At the middle of the movie I could see that couple kissing and hugging constantly. That boy pressing her boobs very heard for 1 hour.. That’s because theater is dark so no problem.. At the break time we didnt find them and when movie is start we saw them again. Seems like girl is very hot have a pair of ‘big boobs’ with is pressing by his boy friend from 2 hours..

Sometimes later we saw that slut girl down to his leg and want to do something wrong.. She open boys zip and sucking his 8″inch big cock For 30 min.. We can hear little moan from girl.. Boy is pressing her ‘big boobs’ again.. The end.. When we at the main gate of cinema hall. I found my mom wearing a very ‘skinny jeans’ tight ‘red top’ seems like inside a ‘cup bra’ her ’38dd’ boobs seems like ’40dd’ more big very pumped and trying to came out from her ‘top’.. She said she had a work beside the theater. So we left from there..

Next part will coming soon…

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