Mom Getting Wild In Wedding

Hi friends, I’m back again with a new story of my life that happened last month end. For those who haven’t read my earlier story wanna tell you my name is Rahul . I stay in Mumbai and my email is [email protected] so all the aunties , girls, everyone can msg me for anything.

So this is the story of my mom and Rihan uncle. My mom as told you is a hot bombshell. She has in fact reduced her figure and gained some weight at proper place. Now her figure is 38-28-36 with the help of gym. With proper curves and shape. Moreover her shopping from Bombay of new lingerie’s had given extra shape to her assets.

So we had a wedding in our home of my cousin brother last month end. It was a destination wedding to mahabaleshwar. It was the perfect place to get married at such a high hill top and enjoy strawberry and blueberry. We were around 45 house members and 40 guest as most of the guest could not come as it was a destination wedding. My uncle had booked a resort there for all the relatives and guest. My father could not join the wedding as he had to go to Dubai for a office visit. So me and my mom went.

From the starting only everyone’s eye was on my mom because of her dressing and figure. As it was a traditional wedding mom had to only wear saree. But in saree also she was killing it as she wear saree below her navel with all deep back blouse.

From the sides her perfect shape boobs could be easily seen. Thus all guys were almost checking her out.

Me and mom had to share a same room in the resort. The resort was awesome with all facility and swimming pool. All enjoyed a lot playing in pool. While all the ladies were busy with mehendi. I was playing with my other cousins while mom called me and told me to come with her to room as she need to take her purse and she can’t open the lock she had mehendi in her hands. But I was so into fun that I told no and told her to ask some one else to help her. She got irritated as there was no one from family girls cos the keys were pinned up in her saree near her belly. So there was an uncle name Rihan.

Now to let you all know about Rihan he is 5’10 quite fit and muscular, fair and friend of my father. He knew mom from long time and thus told Bhabhi if I can help you so she was confused and told him okay. Suddenly my eyes fell on them and I saw that Rihan is pulling the keys from my mom saree but it was not normal he brushed his hand on mom’s belly and then pull the keys. To my surprise mom passed a smile and told him to follow her. I found that there must be something fishy.

So I came out of the pool and slowly followed them. I saw mom and Rihan entered the room and mom was searching for the purse and suddenly Rihan hugged her from back. Mom was surprised and said

Mom: what are you doing ?

Rihan: what I wanted to do from so long…

Mom: Rihan if some one watch us it will be a problem.

Rihan: no one will see everyone is busy. Please let me hug you kiss you crush you and he plant a kiss on her cheeks.

Mom: Rihan please leave me it’s not the correct time

Rihan: leave her and ask when will the right time come?

Mom: you naughty. Tonight. Come to my room after the function gets over.

Rihan: what about your son.

Mom: he will be with his cousins so don’t worry.

And before they come out I leave from there. I was so surprised that my mom got real guts to do things like that there. I thought let it be secret for her and I won’t tell her. I was eagerly waiting for the night to come. In the middle of the function I told mom my head is paining a lot so I’m taking medicine and going to the room and will sleep. My mom told BT you were supposed to be in your cousins room go and sleep there. I told no they won’t let me sleep whole night so I will sleep in our room. I could feel her concern so I told I will be in deep sleep today I guess.

And I came back to the room and slept. I thought if they don’t execute their plan then it will be a problem cos I don’t want that my mom couldn’t enjoy cos of me. But to my surprise they both came to the room. The room had two beds one was double and other was single. I was sleeping in single bed. So when they entered Rihan was surprised and afraid to see me so mom console him that I’m in deep sleep and would not know about anything.

I was waiting for this and I saw them mom was looking hot in her black and red border net saree with deep back blouse. Rihan was in his blazer with a T-shirt and blue denim. Mom was looking gorgeous with a gajra and ornaments on her.

Rihan came and started smooching mom and they both kissed for more than 15 minutes and during that he was squeezing moms ass back and hugging her. Mom took off his blazer.and started unbuttoning his shirt. In few minutes he was in his jeans and then he started to take off mom’s saree. Mom tried to open her ornaments but he stopped her and told keep them wearing and just took off her saree slowly and put her down in bed.

He was on mom and mom was looking sex goddess with just black blouse and black petticoat. He started squeezing moms boobs and licking them above the blouse and started unhooking her blouse.

Then mom was in her only bra which was push up and padded. Then he pulled her cup down and started kissing and licking her boobs. Then he turned her back and opened her bra from back and kissed her whole back. Caressed her back.

Then again turned her front and opened her petticoat she was wearing black panty v shape. It was looking killing. Then he started sucking and kissing her navel and belly button and mom started moaning. She was in immense pleasure. And as slowly slowly he started coming down her moan got louder aaahhh !!! uuffff !!! yesss !! And then he started licking her thighs and also sucked her toe and she was crushing the bed sheet.

Then he came up and took off the panty and omg she was clean shaved and he started licking and fingering her pussy. Mom hold his hair and pushed it hard in her pussy and also wrapped her legs around his neck after 20 minutes of licking and sucking mom shouted I’m cuming and she released a ton of loads which made Rihan face wet.

Then Rihan took her up and made her sit down the bed and he was sitting in the bed and told her to lick his dick and mom while heartedly did that as she was enjoying every inch of his dick. She gave him deep throat and also he has pushing his dick inside holding moms head.

After 10 minutes of nice blowjob Rihan cummed on mom’s mouth which my mom gulped. I was so surprised for this as my mom has crossed all the levels in sex. Then she came back on bed turning back as she wanted to get her ass fucked first so Rihan started to lubricate her ass with licking and saliva.

Then he started putting his dick inside slowly and gave small thrust for 5 minutes and then increased the space with the to and fro motion. Mom was on her fours and also squeezing her boobs. She was moaning aaahhh !!!! hmm !!!! aaaahhh !!! ufffff !!!! And speaking like where were you for this long time I never got a good fuck ohhh I love it when you fuck my ass common do it hard fuck me more make me your slut for the night….

And Rihan was increasing his speed holding her shoulder with every thrust.

Then he turned her front and told to stick to the wall and mom obeyed. And made her one leg up on the bed and fucked her in that position for 15 min while squeezing her boobs and smooching. The most amazing part was mom was in all her gold ornaments and with every thrust the ornaments made sound was in rhythm.

Then he made mom bend down and fucked her from back and pulled moms hand back and fucked her for next 20 minutes and mom cried loud as she was having multiple orgasm. And then Rihan was about to cum so mom told him not to stop and cum on her ass and he obeyed. And then they both collapsed on bed and I guess slept there only being tired and after 2 or 3 hrs when they gained sense they both woke up and got dressed and Rihan left. And mom slept there.

So next 2 days was same they enjoyed in every possible time they used to get. And this way the wedding was successful and my mom trip also. Please give your comments negative positive on my email ID [email protected] and again all girls aunty you are welcomed for any satisfaction if you need.

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