Mom Moved In With Me

NOTE: This is a fictional erotica that contains strong themes of incest.

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I spotted Mom right away. It wasn’t that hard: she was the most beautiful lady on the railway platform that day. She was tall, had long black hair and was definitely buxom. Even her red chiffon saree and matching blouse couldn’t hide the curves of her boobs. Especially when she spotted me and waved at me. Besides, she was my mom, so I was somehow bound to recognize her immediately. It was just before noon on a week day, and the station was fairly empty compared to the other days.

We hugged. “Look how thin you have become” She exclaimed. I had put on more weight, and had been keeping in shape by going to the gym four days a week. I just smiled at her care. Mom had a great smile on her face, but I could see she looked tired and had been crying recently. I didn’t say a thing about it, I just smiled back. I had moved to Hyderabad at the beginning of the year, owing to my work, and I hadn’t been back home since. It was the winter, and I was ready to return home in a few weeks, so I was surprised when mom called me last week and told me she would come live with me from now on.

I sent her the tickets immediately and here she was. We talked over the phone every day, sometimes two or three times since then, and she told me all about how she caught fucking his secretary and wanted to leave him. Mom was devastated. I had spoken to Dad and even he thought that having Mom staying away from him for a while is a good idea.

I picked up her luggage and navigated her through the train station. We hailed a taxi and reached home in less than an hour. I lived in a simple one bedroom studio apartment. The place was practical, not too far from the city center, yet economical for a bachelor. It had one bedroom, an attached bathroom a living room that doubled as the dining area and an open kitchen. I didn’t mind the small space, but with my mom around, it would be a little cramped, but we could manage.

Mom was very excited about finding out where I lived and explored my little abode with a childlike curiosity. She was looking through everything, commenting on how messy everything was, even though I had cleaned the entire place not two days ago. I went into the kitchen and made her some tea. We sat down, near the window, and enjoyed our tea. We spoke at length about my life here, my work and other random stuff. She was deliberately avoiding anything to do with Dad or Delhi.

I asked her to take a bath and get some rest. I had to go to the office for a few hours anyway. I asked her not to prepare anything and that I would bring home dinner.

When I came back home that night, mom looked refreshed. She was wearing a satin nighty and a woollen sweater over it. The buttons of the sweater were open, jutting her boobs out. It was very obvious that she wasn’t wearing any bra inside and I could easily make out her nipple impression on the thin fabric. I tried to avert my eyes as much as possible and also tried to hide my boner. Soon we settled down for dinner.

It was quite funny watching mom struggling with the spicy foods for dinner. She filled up mostly on curd rice and had very little of the side dishes. She vowed to cook my meals from then on until she was here. She had found my stash of whiskey in the fridge, and was quite annoyed. But I managed to convince her that I only drank once in a while when I had friend over.

After dinner, we sat down and got to talking. “It is really strange how you can spend time with someone without actually knowing them” she said. I didn’t say anything and waited for her co continue. “I don’t know what got into him. I mean, I slaved over his house every day, tried to keep him happy in every way possible, and this is the reward he gives me.” I noticed a tear drop form at the corner of her eye. I inched closer to her and held her close. She hugged me tightly, and placed her face on my shoulder, and her boob was pressed tightly against my chest. I had the perfect view of her cleavage and my dick was already growing hard. I was pretty sure I would have to jerk off before going to sleep.

She continued to tell me what an asshole my dad had been, but it was very very difficult to divide my attention between what she was saying and what I was seeing. I won’t lie, mom had been the fantasy of my jerk off sessions many many times. Being a buxom, sexy lady, mom had fuelled my desires many times. But I had never acted upon my urges. And I had never expected to either. Except I had a prime situation just waiting for me right here. I held her closer, crushing her boobs against me some more.

“You’re so sweet baby” my mom lifter her head, wiping away her tears. In a split second she caught me lusting over her cleavage. She immediately covered up and sat up straight. “Well, I guess it is late. We should go to bed” She said, getting up.

“Ok mom” I said, “You sleep in my bed, I’ll just sleep on the couch”

“Nonsense. Your bed is large enough for the both of us. Besides, it is so cold out here.”

I didn’t know if I could slip out in the middle of the night into the bathroom to jerk off. But I agreed to it. We both got into the bed, under the same large razai and went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night. Mom had turned to the other size, and her back was facing me. I inched closer to her, slowly. My dick was hard by then, and I adjusted it to lie flat against my stomach. I gently ran my hands over her back. She wasn’t wearing any bra. My hand moved lower to her ass. No panties either. I was really excited by then. Also a bit scared as well.

I waited a few minutes and heard nothing but her rhythmic breathing. I closed my eyes and casually put my hand around her waist- acting as if I did it in sleep- and waited. No response from her. I moved my hand up her body, slowly and placed it on her boobs. I could feel her nipple underneath my hand. I began slowly caressing it, stopping every now and then checking if she woke up. I soon fell asleep, pressing my hard dick on my mom’s ass.

When I woke up the next morning, mom had already taken bath in the attached bathroom and was wearing her clothes. I peeped at her from the corner of my eyes, getting a clear view of her bare back and her delicious mangoes. She was wearing nothing but a pair of black panties and was tussling with her nighty, thus giving me a clear view of her sexy boobs. They were quite big and I was instantly aroused. Thankfully, my sleeping positing and the thick razai ensured that my hardness was kept well hidden. Those few seconds where I saw her boobs seemed like hours.

I woke up once she was out of the room and took a long shower, jerking off happily fantasizing about my sexy mom.

Mom had prepared a nice breakfast and had packed my lunch as well. We spoke while I ate as there was still time left before I went to work. At one point, she turned towards me and rest her elbows on the table and there was an uncomfortable amount of cleavage on display. I felt myself tense up. God, it seemed like I would have to jerk off atleast three times a day as long as this sexy goddess stayed with me. I finished breakfast and got out as soon as possible.

That evening when I came home, mom had prepared samosas. I had missed them ever since I moved to Hyderabad. Mom seemed more cheerful than yesterday. She was smiling more and had got back to her old self. She had got over Dad sooner than I had expected. As we talked, the topic soon shifted to my love life.

“So, you have a girlfriend?” she asked.

“No mom, not really”

“How come?” she asked

“Well, I am busy with work and stuff. Beside, I haven’t seen anyone whom I find interesting.” I replied.

“My poor baby” she said and sat next to me, she put her hand around me, hugging me from the side and began caressing my arm.

“That’s ok mom” I said, leaning into her, pressing against her boobs. “I mean, I can be a little lonely, but I’m not desperate. I don’t want to be with someone I wouldn’t care for, you know”

“That’s my boy” she said hugging me tighter, which gave me a boner.

I needed to take care of myself. I excused myself and told her I wanted to take a bath. I hurried into the bathroom, jerked off to my heart’s content. But I was still hard as a rock within a few minutes. I didn’t know if mom was doing this deliberately or not, but she was definitely a bombshell and my dick couldn’t get enough of her.

I noticed that I didn’t bring my towel when I came in. I usually forgot my towel. Since I lived alone, it wasn’t a problem to walk to the cupboard butt naked. But now mom was here. And I had a massive boner as well. I peeped out of the bathroom. The room door was closed. After little deliberation, I stepped out of the bathroom, dripping wet and shuffled towards the cupboard. That is when mom entered the room without knocking. And I stopped in my tracks. My hard dick pointing at the ceiling, glistening with shower water and precum.

Mom stood surprised too. Her eyes were transfixed on my dick. I ran back into the bathroom. “Mom, I need my towel” I called out to her, opening the bathroom door a little bit. She took my towel form the cupboard and handed it to me with her trembling hands. I opened the bathroom door a little more, giving her a better view of my hard cock. She stood there looking at it longer than necessary and then she handed me the towel and walked out of the room, flustered.

The rest of the night passed by pretty silently. Both of us didn’t look into each other’s eyes much. I didn’t sleep well that night. Neither did mom. She kept tossing and turning in the bed most of the night. She stopped when I put my arms around her, just below her breasts. “Go to sleep mom” I whispered as if half sleeping myself. She pressed her ass against my dick. The semi hard cock only got harder with that.

The next morning, mom was still asleep when I left for office. I had an important meeting and I was sure I would be late in the evening as well. It was close to 8pm when I came home. It was raining outside and I was completely drenched. Mom suggested that I take a hot bath and I promptly complied. I had again forgotten to take my towel. I called out to mom. That was the first time I had called her since yesterday’s exposure. She came in almost immediately, as if she was standing just outside the room. I stood behind the bathroom door and held out my hand for the towel, and I noticed her trying to get a peek of my dick. She handed my towel and went away.

During the dinner, I noticed that mom had three of her top buttons open, giving me a clear view of her cleavage, most of her breasts and even a nipple was peeking out as well. She started talking about how I was now the man of the house, and how she wanted to stay with me from now on. I nodded, giving equal attention to the food, what she was saying and her cleavage.

I got a call from the office. I silently mouthed “work” and shrugged apologetically. She smiled and said it was okay. My boss wanted me to make a few changes to the presentation I had sent a couple of says back and send it to the client immediately. I assured him I would be on it. I fished out my laptop and got to work.

“Are you done?” mom asked me from behind me.

“Not yet mom” I looked up at the clock. It read 11 pm. It was way past our bed time. “Why don’t you go sleep. I’ll come when I finish this” I said. She seemed a bit upset, but went to the bedroom to sleep. I didn’t take me much longer to finish my work. I shot off the mail and tiptoed into the bedroom.

Even in the semi darkness, I could see mom stir in her sleep. “Mom” I called out softly. She didn’t respond. I slipped under the warm razai next to mom. She had turned away from me and I was facing her back. “Mom” I called out again. No response. I moved closer, slowly and put my arm around her like I did last night. She was still as a log.

The images of her nighty buttons being off entered my mind and passed to my dick, which grew hard in no time. I pressed against my mom’s ass. I wondered, if she still hadn’t closed her buttons. I inched my hand further up, gently grazing over her boobs over her nighty like I was sleeping. I cupped her bottom boob, I could feel her nipple- hard as a rock- poking against the fabric of her nighty. I slowly inched my hand further up, feeling for her buttons. Three of them were unbuttoned. I smiled to myself. I slowly removed the remaining button as well, and placed my hand on the top of her exposed boob. It was soft, warm, smooth and spongy. I waited for a bit. But mom was fully asleep. I put my hand further in and cupped her bare breasts.

I had never thought in a thousand years that I would be caressing my own mom’s bare boobs. Yet here I was, doing just that. I felt mom stir a bit, and I lay still immediately. My breathing was laboured, my heart beat increased and I prayed that my mom wouldn’t wake up.

Mom was still again and I continued to fondle her breast. This was too exciting for me. With my other hand, I pulled down my pant slowly, and took out my throbbing hard dick. I gently, but firmly pressed it against her ass. She wasn’t wearing any panties today either, and the only thing that separated my dick from her ass was a think fabric. I began rubbing my dick against her slowly, while fondling her boobs. I hear my mom let out a gasp and I stopped immediately. “Noo…”’ she moaned, softly, grinding her ass against my dick. I arched up and looked at her from above.

Mom had her eyes closed and had bit her lower lip in uncontrollable desire. I saw movement near her crotch. So I took my hand off her boobs and placed it on her nether region. Mom had hiked up her nighty and had put her fingers deep inside her pussy. I caressed her pussy lips and they were wet as rain. She shuddered when I touched her cunt and let out a moan.

“Aaahhh… don’t stop” she said. I got more excited to hear mom say this. I put her fingers away and pushed two of my own fingers into her dripping pussy. She moaned harder this time. I grabbed her waist with my free hand, pushing my dick between her ass, fucking her over her nighty. “Oh baby” she said letting out a moan, while he pussy muscles contracted and she orgasmed. I wasn’t done yet. I kicked off my pants and I was completely nude now. She put her hand behind her and grabbed my cock and rubbed it erotically. “Oh mom!” I gasped, with my fingers still digging in her pussy.

Mom turned over to me and we both kissed, our bodies pressing against each other. “Oh God! You know, your father has never kissed me like this. It has been years since we fucked” she said, resuming to kiss me. “Your cock is so beautiful” she said, holding my throbbing dick with both her hands. “Let mommy take care of it for you” She said, and got up. She removed her nighty and threw it on the floor. There lay in front of me my own mother, stark naked without a thread on her body, looking at my cock lustfully.She took it in her hand, softly, and kissed the shaft at the base.

Then, she moved upwards, nibbling, licking and sucking until she reached the top. She put her lips against the swollen head, and I felt her tongue flicking against the tip. And then, she engulfed me whole, taking me to heaven. I felt her naked breasts pressing against my thighs as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock. I could see her shapely ass arched up in the air, making me go even more crazy.

She let her hands roam all over my body while she sucked me off like a good mother. She lifted her head just a bit and looked at me, her face radiant with lust. That was the tipping point for me “Ohh mom… I am about to cum” I said, trying to free my cock from her mouth. She pinned me down and forced my dick further inside her mouth, almost touching her throat.

Soon I cummed globules of cum directly down her throat. Mom choked a bit, but continued to hold my dick inside her till a finished. She swallowed every crop of cum and looked at me like an achiever. After she finished milking my cock, licked it clean and gave it a sloppy kiss before admiring the mess I had made. “Wow baby. That was a lot of cum.”

“Wow indeed mom”, I said, still confused as to if it was a dream or reality.

I needed a moment to compose myself. Mom was laying beside me, running her hands all over my body. She took my hand and put it on her mound. “You are so good with your fingers” she closed her eyes and laid back. I figured mom needed more than my hand. So I went down on her, and spread her thighs, giving me full access to her cunt.

She wasn’t fully shaved, but her pussy hairs were trimmed neatly. I parted her wet pussy lips to expose the pink inner lining. She smelled absolutely wonderful. I flicked her swollen clit with my tongue and she immediately let out a squeal. She tasted great as well. I dove right in and sucked on her clitoris, while a couple of my fingers explored her pussy. She squirmed underneath me and put her legs around my shoulders. I went further down and began licking her pussy while rubbing her clit with my nose. In no time, mom came like a virgin bride. I lapped up all her juices.

She relaxed a bit and pulled me up to her. We both hugged each other tightly and started kissing each other. She licked all her juices from my face and gave me a deep French kiss. I moved my hand down and pressed the palm of my hand over her pussy mound. I slid two fingers inside my mom’s pussy and used my thumb to circle her clit. I picked up pace and began to stroke her clit faster. She let out a moan of pleasure that only made me more horny.

I left her mouth and began concentrating on her tits. Licking, biting and sucking on her huge boobs. I loved how her nipples felt against my tongue, and flicked them continuously, making her go mad. My hard throbbing dick was pressed against her abdomen. “Oh baby… I want you inside me” she whispered into my mouth. “But I am already inside you mom” I said pressing my fingers further into her pussy. I knew what she wanted, but I wanted to hear her beg.

“No baby, I want this inside me” he said, rubbing the tip of my cock. I didn’t heed to what she said, and continued to finger fuck her. “Please baby, fucck me” she moaned. “Fuck your momma like a good boy darling” she said planting a kiss on my lips.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I lay her on her back and slowly pushed my dick head into her pussy, slowly until I was fully inside her. I pulled out about half my dick from within her and thrust deep and hard into her. Mom moaned and bit her lower lip. I began a slow stroking motion inside her wet pussy, which slowly developed into deep thrusts. Mom was moaning and sighing like a slut in heat. And I feasted all over her body- from her neck, lips, tongue, cheeks to her boobs.

I put my hands on either side of her face and kissed her deeply, while my cock thrust hard and fast into her pussy. She put her hands on my ass, encouraging me to fuck her harder and go deeper. And then I felt a wave rise in me, I felt mom tense up her pussy as well. We hugged each other in anticipation of what was to come and we orgasmed together. Mom let out a strangled cry as I exploded in her and held me tightly, her nails digging deep into my back.

The climax left us shaking. I plopped my semi hard dick out of her pussy and slept beside her. “God, that was amazing!” she turned to me and gave me a loving kiss on my lips.

“I love you mom. You are the best” I said and hugged her. She hugged me back. “I love you too son.” She said “your father has never made my cum like this before. I am really glad I came here”

“Me too mom” I said and kissed her. It was close to dawn when we went to sleep. It was a Saturday the next day, so I didn’t have to go to work. From then on, we lived more like husband and wife rather than mom and son. Mom went back to Delhi a few weeks later. But we did resume our naughty work every time we met either in Delhi or in Hyderabad.

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