Mom Pleases Dad With A Surprise

Hi, my name is Kunal and this is a story about my mom pleasing dad by surprising him with sweet flavour of her honey. My mom name is kavita and she is a very hot and sexually charged woman of 45 years but looks younger in her late 30s, my dad’s name is kamal and he is 50 years old and satisfies all of mom’s sexual desires. One day mom decided to surprise dad with a great night of pleasure.

So now straight to the story, it was Saturday night, mom and dad went to their bedroom after having dinner; dad was in the bed reading something. Mom went to her wardrobe and took a nighty out and went into the bathroom.

After few minutes mom came out, she was wearing a light pink colour short nighty, till her pussy, that to it was barely hiding, she was also wearing a hot white colour panty, and this getup could make any body’s dick super hard. Dad looked at mom smiled at her and then he kept aside the document he was reading. Mom gave him a sultry smile and came near the bed and then climbed up on him. Mom then started kissing dad; he pulled her nighty up a bit and gave her ass a squeeze. Mom had her arms wrapped around his neck and dad’s around mom’s body. Mom continued kissing dad, while he was moving his hand around mom’s body and feeling her body.

Mom then pulled dad t shirt off and then threw it on the floor, and again started kissing him, dad was creasing and squeezing her ass. Mom now took her nighty off and showed dad her beautiful assets. Dad pulled mom and then rolled over and got on top of mom. Dad started sucking mom’s boobs; he was calmly sucking mom’s nipples and squeezing her boobs. Dad gave equal attention to both of her tits, kissing and sucking them. Dad got up on mom and kissed her and squeezed her boobs. Dad now kissed her neck then boobs then her stomach and got up on her knees and pulled off mom’s panty and took his shorts off.

Mom also came up on her knees, and came near dad. Dad was squeezing mom’s boob with his right hand and her ass with his left hand, mom’s hands were busy massaging his dick. Dad was kissing mom’s neck when she took the charge and started kissing him, dad pulled mom even closer and hugged her tightly.

Mom then laid dad down and then got on top of him, her boobs were on dad’s face and he sucking on them passionately. Dad’s hands were moving all over mom’s body, mom took dad’s dick and inserted it into her pussy and moaned “aaaahhh uuumm aaahhh.” Mom started moving her ass; dad’s hands were around her waist providing her support.

Dad then moved both his hands to boobs and started squeezing them and then down and grabbed her thighs. Mom came face to face with dad and started kissing his passionately. Dad now increased his stroking pace; mom was moaning loudly “oooohhh aaaahha ummm mmm aaha haahh haaaa aaaa aaahaha hahha.” Dad kissed moms neck and shoulder and continued fucking her. Mom was moving her ass in crazy rhythm, dad “ohhh yes kavita ohhh yeeeaah.”

Mom then got off dad and laid flat back on the bed and dad got up on his knees, dad took his dick and started rubbing his dick on mom’s pussy for few moments “oooo ohhh ummm aahhaha kamal please don’t tease ummm just fuck Me.” Dad smiled and then pushed his dick into mom’s pussy, mom “ohhh ummm ohhhh aaah ahaha yyyeaahh.” Dad then started giving mom easy shots, mom was moaning and squeezing her tits. Dad’s hands moved up from mom’s stomach to her boobs and gave a firm squeeze. Mom said “come here” dad got on top of mom and kissed her and started giving mom hard strokes.

Mom started moaning in pleasure “aaaah ahhaha ummm aahhahahahh aaahha aahah ahahah aahaah aaaaah ahhah ahaha ahahh ahaha ahhahaha aaaaha hahah ahaaa.” Mom pulled dad and gave him a tight smooch. Mom and dad were breathing loudly after such an intense and lustful session. Dad was on top of mom his face buried in moms tits resting for a few moments, he then kissed mom’s tits and kissed her neck then came face to face with dad, mom pulled his face and started kissing him in passion .

Dad took his dick out of mom’s pussy and got up on his knees, mom also got on her knees. Dad kissed mom and her neck and shoulder and then mom revolved and placed herself in doggie style position, dad kissed mom’s back and cupped her boobs and gave then a squeeze he then inserted his dick into her ass.

Dad grabbed mom by her waist and started fucking her ass. Mom “uhhhh aaahahhahaa aaah ahah ahaa aaaahh.” Mom was biting her lips and enjoying dad’s dick in her ass. Dad got on top of her and kissed her back and gave a bite on her shoulder, mom “aaaaa aaahh uhhhh ahahh ahaha ummm aaaahhh ummm aaaah hhaha hahhah.” Dad continued fucking mom’s ass for fer more minutes and then came inside her, dad “ohhh yeaaahh umm aahahha aaaahhh aaaah ahhh .”

Dad took his dick out of moms ass, cum was dripping from her ass, mom said “ohh kamal that was a huge load of cum I can feel it warm inside as well as around my ass and pussy.” Hearing this dad gave mom a big kiss, and said “well it was a great surprise as well you gave me a sweet dish without any reason.” Dad laid down and mom was laid on top of him dad was kissing mom’s boobs and squeezed her ass, mom said “you were so great tonight, ohhhh wowww.” Mom and dad slept in each other’s arms naked, mom had dad’s cum around her ass.

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