Mom Shwetha Fucked By Two Strangers

Hi, I am Rithesh, a 12th std boy. Me, mom and dad lives together. Mom(shwetha) is very strict lady and a teacher too. Her age is 37. Dad was very friendly with me I like him more than my mom. I never seen such a bold lady in my life. Once one stranger in bus misbehaved to her and she beat him and take him to police station. She is very active and bold than my dad. As a mom she never spoke me with love. Always firing me about not doing homework and not studying. I hated her much. That was the time that I thought my life is over. My friends also tease me for being fearful to mom. That’s the thing I decided to change to a man, I am not a boy who always have fear of mom. In spite of that I tried to make new friends from my coloney. So that people think that I am a man.

I started smoking, drinking with those friends. they don’t know that I am shwetha’s son. I felt like I am a man. I got freedom. During an occasion of drinking party with friends, rahul told “wow, drunk much. Now need a lady to fuck and enjoy. Who is the best lady for that in our colony?” other two friends replied in one voice “shwetha”. I was excited and feared of hearing my mom’s name from them. they continued” yes rahul. she is the most beautiful milf I have ever seen. Her melons, her lips, her hair. God!! I daily shag by thinking of her.we should fuck that bitch once.” My heart beat become faster by hearing this from them. I was like frustrated but I fell a hard on hearing that. I didn’t told anything to them.

I heard lot more about my mom from them even more interesting this time. When I came back to home, I understood what they told is right.

Mom was sitting on the hall waiting for me with a stick and beaten me for became late. I never minded that I was enjoying her beauty. I was checking what my friends have told is right or not. She is an angel people won’t say that she has a 18 year old boy. She is whitish colour, her straightened hair makes her more beautiful, but she is very sharp like her long nails. She was wearing a pink polyester nighty.

Through that I can see her bra and panty line. My attitude towards mom has been changed. But only feared about her boldness. If I misbehaves to her , she will definitely kill me. I am still afraid of her. I was thinking of the next step to do to make her calm. I went to take bath and was thinking of her and the words from my friends, I shagged 2,3 times. That night I was planning to make her calm. It is not possible from me. May be my friends can do. Many days have gone by thinking many nasty things about my mom and waiting for the right time.

One day mom and me went out in our car during a rainy day. Rain and thunderstorm all wherever we went. Mom was driving while returning. One blasting sound came from our car. She stopped the car and checked outside and found the back tyre is punchered. She told me to call someone for help.

As I looked everywhere, there were no shops or buildings near the place, I called my friends and agreed me that they will help us. Shyam, rahul and uday came in a single bike and all wet. Mom a high attitude lady was still sitting inside the car. Rahul told me to take mom out of the car, so that it would be easy for them to change the tyre.

When mom came out, they all went surprised in a single voice 3 people exclaimed “shwethaa”. After that what happened was like a drama. They try to more close with mom. But she was not upto the mark. I was saying inside that there treatment won’t work on her. Rahul saw mom getting wet on her red saree and told “ there is a shed near here, I can accompany you to there so that you can escape from rain” she agreed and followed him. After some time manu also escaped from there. I felt something fishy and tried to find them. It was like a huge forest and I didn’t got ant clue where they went.

Atlast I heard some sound and saw them and hide behind a tree to see what is happening there. I saw mom, rahul and shyam standing and saw two policemen also. I was hearing their conversation.

Police1: do you want me to take you to police station. Or you going to tell what you were doing there?

Mom: hey inspector, nothing bad happened as my car had some problem I called these guys to help me.

Police2: I know these guys sir, well known for their drugs distribution.

Police1: oh!! Is there any drugs with you lady?

Mom: inspector, mind your words I am not that kind of lady, you can check us.

Police 1: shut your mouth bitch, I can take you to station and charge criminal cases on you

Mom: i said you can check us, you cant do us anything till you get any evidence from us.

Police1 went closer to her and grabbed her ass, she tried to slap the officer, but he caught her hand and slapped in return. She fell down and started crying. He went to her and took the pallu of her saree in his hand and laughed. She tried to resist him but it didn’t work, he is such a brave and strong man.he took her in shoulder and went inside the shed. She was screaming louder. Other policeman was taking care of my friends. I went at the backside of the shed and tried to peep through a small window. He was like an animal who was hungry for few weeks. He threw her to a small bed and started smelling her like a dog. She still tries to escape from him but he is not leaving her.

He opened her blowse and began to suck her melons and biting her. He holds her hand and legs and removed her panty and beats her face. Tears came from her eyes as everything happening unexpectedly. He like a dog was rolling upon her to eat her. She stiil have the bra but not in correct position. He bites her nipples and squeezing it. She crying loudly and telling not to do anything. He tied her hand to the bed with her saree and came down to finger her. Wow. So wet pussy. Do your husband tasted this? She didn’t replied anything and still crying.

He slapped her face and then she said in pain “no”. yehaha he laughs and spread her legs inserted his finger. His two fingers was enough for a single cock. He fingers her pussy , she says to stop stop stop and bends like a bow. He didn’t stop and makes it faster. she cums in her hand with a hue load. He was so thrilled. Are you enjoying bitch?? He took his cock and inserted on her pussy. She was still crying and abusing him. Hey idiot, leave me. I will go to court and you will lose your job.

He became more wild by hearing this. He inserted his cock in a full thrust. She crying with pain. And started to fuck her. his sounds doesn’t seem to a moan, its like frustration to her. From her sounds I know that she taking lot of pain. Like a lady during delivering a baby. He fucks her pussy and tore it apart.

He kept her around and this time aims for her ass and fucked up. For each and every thrust she crying louder. My cock got hard and hard its paining now. But that officer still on the same frustration and fucking like a horse on her ass. After shooting 2 loads on her ass he untied her. She was very tired and I felt sorry for her.still tears coming from her eyes but no sounds as before like a lady who bear a maximum pain in her life. He is still strong and went out and called the next policeman inside. Police1 went out and took a bottle of rum and started drinking.

New officer is little old he started with little smooching on her lips and neck. As her energy is no more she resisted her with her tears. He took his cock out and told her to suck it. She turns her face and he caught her face and forcefully fucks her in mouth. For doing a blow she got many slaps on her face.

Her face turned red now her lipstick fade away. Her straightened hair style is now like a mental patient. But still her wheatish coloured body attracts many men. This old man started sucking her finger tips and thighs. After cleaning her whole body with his tongue he took his cock and fucks her. I don’t know whether mom’s body can bear more pain from him too. She lying like she lost everything. Now no loud sound from her no more moanings. Lying like a dead body old man still fucks her and making noise owwwww oww oww owwo oww.

After cumming on her pussy he took that out and made her dress. And told rahul and shyam to take her. I ran back to car and saw uday was waiting inside the car. I checked the tyres and found it is all right. Rahul, shyam and mom came. Mom was standing stable by holding on rahul’s shoulder. Mom entered the car and told me to take the car to home. I asked mom,”where were you? I was searching for you in the whole forest.” She dint replied anything and turned her face and started crying in low voice.

Story continues

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