Mom & Son confess their darkest desires

Note: All the characters in this story are strictly above 19. My stories have hardcore, rough, erotic moments. This is a mom-son incest story of mine which I am sharing with you. Read the story till the end to feel the same pleasure I felt.

In this series, the mom and son go through their deeps, including BDSM and rough humiliation. This story happens between the dad, mom, and son. Read the previous part to make a perfect flow of the story.

She was telling me about her desire last night in the pool. I told her to tell me today. I was tired in the pool and felt sleepy from fucking her wildly and alcohol. I wondered what her desire might be.

My Dad was right yesterday. We should have turned on the heater in the pool before we enter. My mother and I feel ill due to a high fever and cold. We have been sneezing heavily in bed since this morning.

We both can not get up from the bed. Both of us. Hugged tightly and slept like that whole night. My milf spoke first.

Mom: Let me go and have tea. Do you want?

Me: Coffee.

Mom: Okay. Take hands off my Breast.

I did. I do not know why my hands always go near her boobs. I squeezed her boobs more than her husband till now. Her Boobs were sagging because of my squeezing. She hesitates my squeezing. But who cares?

My beautiful milf mom went out to make tea for herself, leaving her naked son on the bed alone. My Dad was in the hall and yelled at her loudly, for which my sleep took an end. I went out to find my Dad scolding my mother badly

Dad (to Mom): Are you out of your mind? What the fuck do you think? Why did you not wear any clothes?

Mom (showed me with her finger): He did not let me.

Dad (to me): What are you planning to do?

Me: Leave it, Dad. She looks good without clothes. Isn’t she? Just look at her. Look at those boobs, navel, her white ass. The moment I see her, I want to spank her ass cheeks every time. Why do you deny it?

Dad: Because this is home. And one should not behave like this in the home.

Me: Why? Didn’t you fuck her without clothes? Didn’t you scold her while fucking? Didn’t you enjoy looking at her naked? You scolded her even more badly than me. Every time. And she did the same but a little less.

He was silent for a moment. And my mother was full-blown with my words

Me: I have seen both of your sessions. If and only if you had listened to her for once while fucking her, I would not be developed any feelings for her.

Both were shocked and intrigued by what I was going to say next. I spoke to him while going near my mother.

Me: I saw both of you fucking all night since childhood. That is the only reason I would never want any woman for me except this big boobs eighty kilos milf of yours.

“Chap” I slapped her hard on her cheek and told my father

Me: You would slap her like this while you ride her hard. I don’t know whether she enjoyed it or not. But I do know you enjoyed it a lot.

I kissed my mom, where I slapped her hard just now and licked the cheek clean.

Me (to my Dad): It is simple, Dad. You fucked your wife before me, for which I had to develop feelings for her. If you had not done it in the first place, I would never have feelings for her.

Mom (to my Dad): Told you not to fuck beside children. You never listened to me.

I slapped her again very hard and told

Me: Bloody inhuman female breed you women are.

She was shocked, not because I slapped her. She was used to it. But why, after telling her husband the truth, which she believes?

Me: And what do you women do? You change clothes in front of the children. Irrespective of whether the boy slept or not. No boy would sleep at that time because he blinds himself in your lust.

Me: And why do you always try to behave maturely in front of children? You always treat children like they are just born a day before?

I went near her again and kissed the cheek. I slapped her just now and placed my hands on her boobs. I started squeezing mercilessly in front of her husband.

Me: And you used to masturbate in bed while Dad was out thinking of someone while squeezing your boobs yourself.

My Dad was shocked about it, and my mom was spellbound. I never stopped squeezing my mother’s boobs while my lecture. Boobs are meant to squeeze. I continued

Me (to Dad): And you used to masturbate talking to another woman on the phone when this woman was not home.

Now even my mom got shocked by this. She did not know who this was.

Me (to both): You both did many mistakes, which you should not do in front of your children. If so, the result is me. And the action for the result is to listen to your children when they have grown.

Enough of the bullshit. I am not going to listen or tell what I am thinking anymore. I have told my Dad and mom very clearly

Me (to my Dad): Forget about it, Dad. And listen to me very carefully. It is my wish. I will scold her very badly, abuse her, humiliate her, enslave her, and many more. Do not get involved in this.

Me (to my mom): Do you understand it, woman? Be ready for everything.

Mom(shocked): Yes, Okay.

In this very hot discussion, I felt my body temperature got reduced. I am a little weak and hornier now. I saw my mom, who understood what I was thinking.

Mom: I will wait for you in the kitchen. Come soon.

Me (to my Dad): Just leave it, Dad. I am happy that you are sharing your beloved wife with me. That does not give the right to you to control me. Now I will again fuck your wife in the kitchen. If you want you can join us and see, else I bought many bottles for you. You can booze till you want.

I went leaving him speechless to fuck his wife in the kitchen. I went and saw my milf preparing herself tea and coffee for me. I hugged her from back and placed my hands on her saggy boobs. She prepared her tea and was about to drink. I asked her

Me: Can I sip it?

Mom: Sure! Why not? Take it.

I took the cup above her shoulder and took a single sip. “THU.” I spit in the cup, and little saliva fell on her cleavage and gave her the cup

Me: I am fed up calling you, Mom. I will call you by your name from now on. Now, drink this, you saggy woman.

She did it happily. She is about to mix a coffee for me. I held her hands, taking from her boobs and told

Me: No, this is not the coffee I want.

I turned her around and hugged her more tightly, this time squeezing her ass cheeks very hard.

Me: Let me show it to you.

I threw all the bowls and plates and some vegetables on the stove on the floor and made her sit beside the stove. On it had my milk. I kneeled on the floor, bending my ankles.

I spread her legs wide open till she has pain in her thighs. “THU.” I spat on her unshaven white vagina. I was angry, very much angry.

Me (after slapping her very hard): I told you to shave it many times.

Lata: Please. I did not have a chance to shave it. And you have your bush around your penis too.

“CHAP.” I slapped her more hard this time and told

Me: It is my wish. Who are you to decide it, bitch?

I went and bought my trimmer and shaved her pussy clean. I collected all her pussy hair in a box and put it aside for future use.

Me (again after slapping her hard): It should be like this. Clean. Understood?

Lata: Yes, Raj.

I took the coffee powder and sprinkled it on her shaved white pussy. I started Sucking it. It was odd for her. But for me, I did many things like this in my dreams.

I again took some more powder and fisted her pussy a bit, and poured it into her pussy. I poured till deeps, near her G-spot. I threw the box aside and went into the deep pussy with my tongue, biting every inch of her pussy with my teeth wildly.

She was having n number of orgasms for it. I was squeezing her saggy boobs while eating her alive. She couldn’t control herself and started moaning. I am in no mood to stop her sucking and biting her pussy and her pussy lips, respectively.

In between, my father came for her loud sounds and saw us, to which my mom replied during her excessive orgasm, “Praveen, our son is crazy.” She squirted there heavily. Like never before.

I completed my licking and came up with coffee powder around my mouth. I kissed her hard in front of her husband. I saw my father, who is depleted by now

Me: Stay here and see how I will rip her throat and mouth, Dad.

Now I pulled the saggy bitch down. I went to that place and sat comfortably. She was facing opposite me, looking at my Dad, naked, just like her on the first night with him. Her back is facing me. I switched off the stove, took some hot milk, and threw it on her back. She shouted “Aaaah” in pain.

My Dad kept silent while I humiliated her, and my mother turned around to get slapped again by me.

Me: Stop looking and put my cock in your bloody mouth.

She came, bent a little lowering her knees and bending her thighs toward my ugly big black cock. I took some cold water and threw it on her back. It was red. Her back was red after that. I put my tongue out and licked all the reddish area on her bare back.

Me: Blow me hard, Lata. My dear mom. You were born to get fucked by your all-time horny son in front of a cuckold husband. Do it.

She did. She put my cock in her mouth. Yanking her falling hair behind her ears and holding my dick with one hand, she started blowing me. Every son on the earth must get a blowjob from his mother before he dies. Because it is the best feeling a man can get.

I held her hair tight as it fell on her mouth while blowing me. And pushed her head, holding her hair tightly towards my black dick. Quick in and out motions. This time I came soon because I liked the feeling to fuck her mouth in front of her husband.

We all three prepared the brunch while fuck my mom in between and making jokes about her body with my Dad. He was angry but had no other choice. We all three sat at the table and started having our brunch. And the conversation was like

Praveen (to my mom): What was your desire that you did not tell me but want to fulfil with your son?

Lata(looking at me): That is, that is just…

Me: Go on, bitch.

Lata (to both): Since childhood, I dreamed of marrying anyone and going on a honeymoon. But Praveen never took me anywhere I wished. So…

Praveen: So, what, Lata?

Lata: I want to divorce you, marry our son officially, go on a honeymoon, and have fun peacefully.

We were shocked, and I was happy.

Praveen: But why do you want to divorce me? You can go officially with my permission, right?

Lata: Yes, I can, but I do not have a feeling that I am going with my husband. So I want to divorce you, marry him officially in front of everyone, and go on vacation.

My Dad was depleted again. I was in shock for such a wrecking desire the bitch had but felt happy. I felt happy about marrying her because I had never married my bitch mom in my dreams. But I had many First Nights with her in my dreams.

Me: I will fuck you mercilessly on our official first night, you bloody mother bitch.

Lata: A mother is always ready to fucked by her bastard son. And I have started my period, so you can not have sex with me these five days.

Me: But, surely I can face fuck you all five days. And I am going to pussy fuck you very hard after the marriage.

Praveen: But…

I took my mom into my bedroom while my father was going to tell us an important thing. I regretted not listening to him then.

To be continued.

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