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Hello incest lovers, I am here with a true story. This story is about my mom. So hope you would enjoy it.

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So here I begin. My family consists of five members.

Me ROHAN 19, athletic body,

My dad, VISHAL who is a service men ( bank accountant at a private bank), 45

My mom PRIYANKA, 38 but looks 28 as she is regular to the gym. She is 5.5 in height, fair complexion, with a figure of 38 30 38, smooth skin and long thick below waist beautiful sexy hair. A complete sex bomb.

My elder sis, PRIYA 20.look a like to my mother

My younger sis, NEHA ,18 cute and hot as bomb.

I had a crush on my mom from the beginning of my teenage and wanted her but couldn’t dare. Even my relatives stare at her assets. She knows this fact but I think she enjoys this attention.

I live in 5 bhk flat in Preet Vihar, New Delhi. My parents have good sex life. I have heard then having sex many a times but this only decrease my patience to have her.

Its during summer vacation i woke up late. My father had already left for work. Priya was also having her vacations so was at her best friend’s home after her night out last night. Neha was having breakfast with mom. I joined them. Soon after Neha left for her dance classes. It was 11 am at that time.

Mom was doing dishes in the kitchen and i was watching tv.

Then my mom shouted my name.

I went there and saw her right hand had stuck in the washing sink.

She asked for help. I tried pulling her hand out but it was paining her more. So I went behind her and tried pulling her backward by holding her waist. At that time my mind went on her. She was wearing a silk nighty gown. She was looking sex bomb ( as usual ).

Standing so close to her and smelling her sexy body odor was giving me a hard on. I was just in shorts without innerwear so I was scared as hell. But holding her so close and her huge ass just inched away from my crotch was out of the world feeling.

So I dared and stopped pulling her and started to feel her completely. Her attention was at her hand but suddenly she stopped turned back and asked is that your dick at my ass.

These words from her made me mad and i begin to hump her over the clothes. She yelled at me to stop at once and tried pushing me away with her left hand but I was not going to miss that opportunity and over powered her. Pushed her head down and started pressing her ass. She said this is wrong dont do this and was constantly trying to pull her hand out.

I raised her nighty up and took my left hand to her inner thighs and slightly touching and pressing and took it till her vagina. She was not wearing any panties. As soon as I touch her bare pussy slight moan escaped her mouth. She stopped shouting at me to stop and began to moan and was still saying this is wrong but had decreased her efforts to pull her hand out.

She stopped pushing me and arched her back to give me more access to her pussy. I with my left hand started finger fucking her and with right hand pulled down my shorts completely and started stroking my cock. At this point of time she stopped her efforts to stop me and began enjoying the situation and started moaning sexily. Her moans were making me crazy.

She brought her left hand to my dick, raised her head , looked into my eyes with complete lust, moaning from my middle two finger inside her pussy started to stroke my cock. And said with utter softness : YOU ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR FATHER.

With this she pulled my dick to her pussy and said FUCK ME MY DEAR SON. this moment was what I was waiting for.

I pushed my cock in her very wet pussy. She was very tight. She said in between her moans that YOU HAVE A FAT COCK MY SON. FUCK ME. i bent forward and smooched her for ten minutes and then began to give slow and deep thrusts. I increased my speed and she began to moan faster and louder.

I was pressing her ass with left hand and big breasts with right. After fucking her in that position for 20 minutes she had orgasmed thrice and was moaning louder than ever before. Whole house was filled with her moans and out fucking sounds. I was about to cum and said MOMMY IM ABOUT TO CUM, she took her hand to my hips and pulled me more closer and said I WANT YOU TO CUM INSIDE YOUR BIRTH HOLE, I WANT EVERY DROP OF IT INSIDE ME.

Listening to her words i began shooting my sperms inside her. She said you CAME A LOT MORE THAN YOUR FATHER.



I pulled out of her. That was the best orgasm i have had and mom said the same.

Then I pulled her right hand out of the sink and it came in one go.


She then bent down on her knees and with eyes wide open saw my dick covered by her and mine juices and said ITS REALLY BIGGER and began giving me a blow job of a life time.

She sucked that very well. I was hard again. She smiled mischievously, got up removed my t shirt and her night gown. She was more beautiful and sexy than i thought. Took me into her bedroom holding my cock. Threw me on bed and said MY TURN. climbed me facing me. Bend forward and we smooched for a while. Then she raised her pussy up, kept it over my cock. Didn’t took it in but started sliding on it.

It was one of the best feeling i ever had.

Then i said i want to put it in your bug, round and bouncy ass. She refused and said I AM VIRGIN THERE, AND you HAVE A FAT COCK. IT WILL PAIN A LOT. I said THERE’S ALWAYS A FIRST TIME.

After convincing her she finally agreed and that too in doggy style. She was really tight there. I tried inserting my cock but it wont go in. I applied some Vaseline and started with one finger then two. She was enjoying my fingers inside her. After few minutes of finger fucking I applied some Vaseline on my cock and inserted in. It was very tight and it went completely in only after 4 strokes. I started slow and then increased my speed. She was moaning louder than before.

I cum inside after 15 minutes. She really enjoyed with me. Then we both slept then and there. I woke up after 2 hours from the gate opening sound. It opened and priya came in. Continued in part 2

In coming parts i will tell you about how i managed to fuck my both sisters, my foursome experience, how i fucked ladies of my mother’s family. How we involved dad and my gf and her family members too and ended having orgies.

Please comment and any lady of any age can contact me at

[email protected]

Identity will be kept secret.

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